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TM Media

Had my first shoot with Rascal and her partner Electric Nymph and it went really well. They both helped with ideas and have a great chemistry working together which made the shoot even better. Both are very friendly ladies and it was a lot of fun to meet and chat with them both. Highly recommended and I'm sure I will be wanting to have another shoot with them in the future. Thanks again for an amazing shoot :)

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Another shoot with Rascal333 and Electric Nymph: this time at Myk G's studio, so we could use crosslighting and dark backgrounds.

I can't add to what I've said and what others have said - if you want real chemistry that delivers eroticism that is tasteful and genuinely, sweetly touching, book these two ladies.

And, as well as delivering the pictures, Rascal is a lovely conversationalist. For a friendly riot in the studio, book the pair of them!

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Myk G

Rascal came to my studio today along with Electric Nymph to work with john Duder. Well was i ever in for a treat what a great couple of models the magic between them was awesome and best of all so natural. Rascal along with electric are the photographers dream models, stunning sexy and professional, creating fab pics with ease. It has to be said that although I wasn't supposed to be shooting I just couldn't resist asking to be allowed to take a couple of frames ( not something I would normally do )and im lucky enough that the girls and John allowed me to. The couple I took I absolutely love. I enjoyed seeing them work together so much that before they left the studio I had booked a shoot with them for May.

I highly recommend Rascal to all togs of all levels and studio owners.

fantastic model and so is Electric Nymph

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Great shoot today with Electric and Rascal, there is real electric between them.

Pre shoot comms good, easy to organise and very open to suggestions whilst being extremely able to pose without direction.

What are you waiting for? Book them!

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A wonderful shoot with Rascal. As always, excellent company and fun to talk to whilst being a consummate professional in front of the camera. Rascal just gets better and better. A total delight from start to finish; great communicator, great model, wonderful lady. Not only that but Rascal kept me well watered throughout the shoot with frequent offers of coffee. Highly recommended (as always). Thank you Rascal.

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Photographed two beautiful friendly women In Rascal and Electric for a girl/girl shoot in Birmingham. They had so much adorable chemistry between them. It was a pleasure to work with them and witness true sensual beauty. They are also the friendliest women you could meet.

They were just so into the photo session that I just snapped away and let them create the loving images I got. One of the best experiences I have ever had as a photographer.

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the welly man

So this was the first time working with Electric and Rascal, and what a joy! To start with the coms were excellent. My shoots aren't the norm but this didn't phase them they got in to the job and actually brought a Whole new dimension to my work that a may pursue in the future and i would defo call on these 2 beautiful ladies if it does. the time spent with them went by so quickly they are so easy to get on with, and a great laugh. They are both totally professional and very concerned that the shoot brief is being fulfilled totally.

highly recommended waiting till the next time

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A girl with a beautiful warm smile, with the looks of an English Rose.

Our ideas bounced off each other combining an innocence with a mischievous personality.

Working in the beautiful Shropshire countryside we created a whole series of imaginative images based around a medieval barn, a buttercup meadow, abandoned furniture and a pool.

A very talented model, able to take direction as well as contribute her ideas.

I will definitely work with her again, as well as her partner.

What a beautiful way to spend a summer afternoon.

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Just a quick note to say thank you for all of the hard work and artistry Rascal333 brought to our shoot at Studio X in Oldbury, West Midlands on Tue 8th May.

Working with Electric Nymph and GabrielleMakeUpArtist under the direction of Martin Billings, Rascal333 brought vitality and fun to a new and interesting take on Caesar and Cleopatra. Her work helped transformed the age old story, thereby helping it grow into something more.

A great model who deserves all the success she achieves, and with whom I had great fun working.

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M a r t i n * B i l l i n g s

When photographic creativity requires a cast of models et cetera, the input of other like-minded people is a great help, this was the case with a specific photographic project and shoot I had recently, In planning it, I had no hesitation to contact Rascal333. Without a pause she accepted the challenge of my idea with enthusiasm and even excitement. Communications were effortless, and a good sense for thinking outside the box to bring about success provided excellent results not just for herself, but for the rest of the team; a robust joyful, talented group of people is an asset. Throughout the shoot's progress she was professional, entertaining with her friendliness, and worked with boundless energy. No photographer could ask for more. Would I work with Rascal again? Oh yes.

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Rascal was part of a Duo shoot with Electric Nymph. Her enthusiasm for my concept was awesome and she was a great assistant during the Shoot was brilliant, helping out with styling, wardrobe and set management as well as playing the part of groupie in the shoot.

A real pleasure to work with and really looking forward to working together again

Highly Recommended

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I had my first shoot with Rascal and Electric Nymph yesterday at their home. They are a lovely couple, easy going and we chatted for about the first hour over a coffee. They work wonderfully well together and I managed to get some great shots in various genres. We are already discussing our next shoot in the Spring and will be arranging that very soon. Thanks again for a lovely relaxed and enjoyable shoot.

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I had the opportunity to shoot with Rascal333 and her partner Electric Nymph and what an amazing experience it was. First off they are a wonderful and loving couple who were very welcoming in their home where we conducted the shoot. They worked flawlessly together and their obvious love comes through in the duo shots that were so effortless yet so beautiful.

We went through several different set ups over the course of the day shooting each of them separately, as well as together, with each set up flowing easily into the next thanks to both of their experience and talent as models.

Would undoubtedly recommend Rascal333 and her partner Electric Nymph and I for one hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.

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First shoot with Rascal & Electric Nymph & it was really fantastic! :-)

So welcoming, very friendly & chatty & an absolute joy to work with.

The time just flew by & we were able to create lots of great images.

Being a couple certainly helps avoid any nervous tension as they are obviously so comfortable & relaxed working together.

Definitely will be booking another shoot soon, they are awesome! :-)

Oodles of thanks to you both for being so lovely to work with, see you both again soon! :-)


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Danny B

Had a first shoot with Rascal and her partner Electric and we had a really fun and productive shoot. Rascal had answered a casting I made several months ago and am so pleased she did.

Pre comms were great although we all ended up with 'road closed' troubles however we all arrived ready to shoot.

I had planned something much different to what we shot as weather was being kind to us (although a little windy) we found a lovely wheat field to shoot in both Rascal and Electric were really flexible and we ran through a number of scenarios including dressed to nude and messing with sheer material.

Rascal is like a little ball of fun brimmming with enthusiam. She has a great look and poses without effort. She gives 100% to get the right shot.

She and Electric work brilliantly together we got some great images in the field. They both listened to what I wanted and gave a great take in what I had asked.

We tackled art nude, erotica and even a little comic strip work. There were lots of smiles and lots of laughs!

You can tell Rascal really enjoys what she does and this comes across in the images taken.

They are both lovely ladies to work with and before finishing we discussed a next location shoot!

Thanks Rascal you are a star :) x

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Even though I've worked with Rascal and Electric 3 times in less than 2 years, we've built up such a good rapport that it feels like we've worked together for much longer.

Needless to say, the shoot went brilliantly again and planning it was no trouble at all. Rascal's friendly nature is equally matched by her enthusiasm.

Just like the previous times I'd worked with Rascal, I recommend her 100% without any reservations and I look forward to our fourth shoot!

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Had a great shoot with Rascall yesterday and her partner. She was brilliant, enthusiastically attempting anything I threw at her with ease. She had some fantastic ideas of her own as well and was lovely, making the shoot really enjoyable. She has a great figure and a beautiful face which look great on camera. Highly recommended.

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Rascall & Electric visited my studio today for our 3rd session shooting together. As I expected from previous shoots, it was productive professional & lots of fun.

Due to poor weather Plan A & B were put on hold, and plan C in place. Again we got through lots of creative stuff and I'm over the moon with the results. Great to work with these two fun and talented ladies today,they brighten the dullest of rainy days. Recommended, oh yes. Shoot 4 already in the diary. xxx

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Easy and fun shoot as usual. Rascal and her partner were on time and took the shoot seriously. We had a lot to do but got it all done, so I am quite happy with them :)

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Gunge TV

Shot with Rascal today, along with Electric Nymph. Absolutely wonderful to work with, full of energy, bubbly and very eager. I would recommend Rascal to any photographer, takes direction well and was a pleasure to work with.

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