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Randon Photography has 8 references; 8 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Lili Thorpe

had a really nice time with Dan, the shoot didnt go as planned due to weather or unforeseen circumstances but i still had fun and really enjoyed myself. would recommend and cant wait to shoot with him again

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Lili Thorpe

had a good shoot and a great time with Dan, he had lots of laughs and just had fun in general, he offered to picked me up and dropped me off and was a total gentleman. I look forward to working with him again and i would highly recomend

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Jess123 said...

Unfortunate the shoot was cancelled at the last minute whilst on location due to rain being relentless! Dan was very accommodating and I look forward to working with him in the near future.

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Loved the shoot. He showed on time all prepared and ready to go. Very easy to get on with, made to feel comfortable. Would worth him again and recommend him highly.

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Had an amazing shoot with Dan today! He is an amazing guy and awesome photographer. Made me feel so comfortable, gives great direction and has a lot of respect for models he works with. Would definatley recommend Dan, Had a right laugh on our shoot today, was great fun! Cant wait to work with Dan again, and see the photos we created! Thanks again Dan! xx

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Sammie said...

Dan is an absolutely awesome guy! Friendly, genuine, respectful and a brilliant laugh! Spent most of the shoot having a bit of a joke around! Would most definitely recommend working with Dan to anyone, every photographer should work in a similar manner. Would love to work with Dan again :) can't wait to see the finished images :D

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Jodi G said...

had my 1st ever shoot with Dan and so glad it was with him.

genuinely lovely guy. made me so comfortable and confident. produced amazing images/prints and mini port folio very fast.

definitely work with Dan again :)

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Scarlett Devon said...

I've worked with Dan many times and will continue to do so until he sends me away :) I love working with Dan, he is always the gentleman and works hard to ensure the model is well looked after and the shots are going to please both parties.

I cannot recommend Dan enough, his work is of high standard and I'm happy I got to work with him

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