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This was my 5th shoot with Rachelle and it seemed like ages since we had shot a in person (the last time we had in person shoot proper was Jan 2020 BC (before covid)

Rachelle had asked if I would like to work with her again as she was hiring Two Wei studio for the weekend and so I jumped at the chance to work at this location (definitely a return visit next year)

We got through a few different ideas that I had wanted to try can't wait to edit some more of the image.

Hopefully lets not leave it so long before we shoot again highly recommended by me with out a doubt.

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Shaun Solent

What do you say about a model that has 1637 exuberantly positive references ? Only that Rachelle Summers is an icon and one of the very best models I have had the privilege to create with.

Our journey began nine years ago in Stockport and has had many enthralling stops, the latest being a wonderful two weeks of shooting in the deserts of Namibia.

I was introduced to this wonderful country when, as an 18 year old, I was posted there on military service. I fell in love with the bleakness of its landscapes and have visited it on numerous occasions since, more recently with camera and model in tow.

Rachelle approached me to accompany her and her husband on a scouting trip for their photographic holidays company, Summers Abroad. For two wonderful weeks, I introduced them to the photographic joys of the countries exceptional dessert landscapes. Rachelle displayed her modelling skills is every possible setting, seldom complaining about the temperature extremes, the sharpness of the rocks or the desert sand's propensity to invade every crevice of one's body. Our images are exceptional.

But what struck me most was the thoroughness with which Rachelle investigated every shooting spot in the light of its suitability for both photographer and model. Having seen what I have, I would rate Rachelle's skills as a photographic holiday organiser even more highly than her obvious modelling prowess. I have absolutely no doubt that every photographer who signs up on one of her holidays is in for the time of his/her life.

While you should obviously book a shoot with Rachelle - if you get the opportunity, even better why don't you book a photographic holiday with Summers Abroad. I guarantee the opposite of the disorganised chaos that many of these offshore jaunts proffer - you will love every moment !

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Malc Lander

First shoot with the talented Rachelle Summers, she is so enthusiastic and creative with an amazing "can do" attitude. Add in total commitment, professionalism and a bubbly friendliness and you get the total package that is Rachelle.

Highly recommended.

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Kevin R

Finally managed to get a second shoot with Rachelle on her studio day at Aura Photographic and it was well worth the wait. Despite being the last shoot of a long day Rachelle was welcoming, enthusiastic and creative throughout the shoot. She has a great awareness of light and moves quickly from pose to pose to make the most of the available light and shadows. What's more she is excellent company. Will definitely try and work with her again!

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Ivor TL

Just had a fantastic boudoir session with Rachelle on her Edinburgh visit. I used the opportunity to try out her strip lighting and we created some moody Valentines portraits. She always chooses quality apartments to work from and I was spoilt for choice and got many great images. Thanks Rachelle.

Highly recommended.

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John H

Had the great pleasure in working with the wonderful Rachelle during her Scotland tour . As always this fantastic model brings a wonderful wardrobe and does her own make up to a very high standard . Any time I can I will book Rachelle

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Well I've just had the pleasure of my first ever shoot with the amazingly talented and professional, Rachelle and Eowyn Luna, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while, What can I say, except it was worth the wait. The resulting images speak for themselves. Rachelle displayed a wonderfully professional can do attitude in what was very challenging location.

For anyone thinking of working with Rachelle, I can highly recommend her.

Many thanks Rachelle and I look forward to hopefully working with you again sometime soon.

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Rachelle Summers requires no introduction to the users of PurplePort. A regular of PurplePort’s ‘Front Page Images’ a domestic & internationally renowned model who continues to develop creatively with her ‘Summers Abroad’ photographic tours and ventures.

I have had the pleasure of working with her multiple times primarily assisting on ‘Photoclassic’ photographic experiences and various reconnaissance trips. Her versatility, professionalism and aptitude are undeniable. Often modelling in difficult weather conditions, i.e. wind, rain, sleet, snow (often during the same day, occasionally simultaneously) in remote, potentially hostile and typically cold environments.

Consistently she produces incredible images whether studio or location based taking direction or ‘free posing’ with ease and always looking to improve and work with the theme under discussion. I whole heartedly recommend her.

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Ten years of working with the amazing Smurfette and she still blows my mind as much as she did that first time. This time I had booked Rachelle to work alongside Eowyn Luna on my Winter Nudes in the Landscape Experience. Rachelle and I have been planning this event for a few years now; I think we did the recce for it about four or five years ago! It was to be my second last ever event and I wanted it to be special. I was not disappointed! I booked Eowyn Luna to model alongside Rachelle, with the thought that they are very similar in size and shape and both excel at pulling poses that work beautifully with the landscape but I was absolutely blown away with how well they gelled together in such extreme conditions, despite never having worked together before.

When I first met Rachelle ten years ago, she was starting out on her amazing journey and I was convinced she would take the industry by storm with such an abundance of talent, beauty and imagination. I was not wrong. I am amazed that after all these years, she still approaches every event with enthusiasm bursting from every pore. Her ability to nail the shot quickly makes working with her ridiculously over productive and you end up with more keepers than you know what to do with.

This was my penultimate event before I retire to just enjoy shooting for myself again and I wanted to go out with a bang. After this amazing performance alongside Eowyn, I am really looking forward to our final event in April, when Rachelle will be modelling for my final Art Nude in the Landscape Experience; an event she first modelled on in 2013.

Thanks again Smurfette; you're the best!

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Two Wei Location House

Rachelle is a dream ticket as regards leaving a reference for - she's simply awesome and we sincerely look forward to welcoming her back each time she contacts us to arrange a shoot here. You won't find better!

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Dean M

Where to start with this lady...

Smiling from the start of the day until the end at Two wei.

Rachelle did a Duo Shoot with Angel Black and it's always epic shoot when these two ladies are involved and what a pair they make. Epic is an understatement.

Highly recommended & Thanks for a fun day :)

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Angel Black UK

Rachelle and I have had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions now, outside of work, however this last opportunity presented itself with the chance of a duo shoot at the amazing Two Wei Location House with Dean M, and boy am I glad it was arranged! Rachelle's communications are excellent, well thought out and properly planned, which helped immensely when it came to packing and even when we arrived at the venue it was amazing how much we could actually pair together just out of coincidence! Her travelling suitcase (or 3!) packs everything it needs to and more..

Her ability to free pose is exquisite, she's incredibly fluid and seems to morph from one pose to the next without even thinking! She does however, think incredibly hard when it comes to styling and by using bits of each others wardrobe we created some fun colour pop styling using Two Wei's unique furniture.

On top of all of this, Rachelle is a truly lovely person to be around and this was further proved by the chance of attending a dinner with more friends after our shoot and again, I can see exactly why Rachelle is so successful, she's a truly gorgeous person, inside and out. She has always been lovely to me and it's an honour to call her a friend - looking forward to a games night and another day of work with her this weekend!

Thankyou for a truly amazing shoot, you're an amazing person - don't every forget it!

Angel x

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Recently back from a week in Spain working with Rachelle and have so many fabulous images it's going to be quite a task going through them all (that's the best kind of problem to have from a shoot)

There is a reason I have worked with Rachelle as many times as I have, she is quite simply one of the very best out there. Yes she takes direction well and poses effortless blah blah blah, these are a given when you are working with top level professional models, but you get so much more, infectious personality, creative input, ability to change style and look quickly resulting in time flying by and you just having an absolute ball of a time whilst creating image after stunning image.

Definitely one of those people you meet in life and just love being in their company, if you haven't yet worked with Rachelle then you're missing out on one of the best and I highly recommend you fix that gap in your portfolio and book her up.

As you might expect I'm already booked up to work with Rachelle again next year, certain in the knowledge I will not only get another collection of excellent images, but have a great time in the process, don't think it gets much better than that.

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Rachelle is a great model, a wonderful fixer (planner of shoots) and organizer of social groups. We shot together for most of a week on Spain and each day brought new motifs with new styles in new settings. She works tirelessly and cares passionately about her work a a model. What more could anyone ask for. But she is also a great person to be around. I can recommend Rachelle without reservation to photographer.

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I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Rachelle for the first time on one of her 'Summers Abroard Events' to Denia, Spain recently. I have been aware of Rachelle for some time but for some reason have never seemed to get to work with her. And boy I'm glad I have at last.

She is very professional, enthusiastic, has a great bubbly character, is great fun and poses effortlessly always looking great in whatever she chooses to wear. Happy to pose by herself she takes direction easily and is always open to ideas. A fabulous model.

I look forward to working with her again in the future and is highly recommended.

Thanks Rachelle x

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Fantasy Dabblers

We recently had the pleasure of 6 consecutive days of shooting with Rachelle in Spain. She is always a delight to work with and had found some amazing locations to shoot. Of course, there were beaches and picturesque towns, but there were also private visits to exquisite gardens, little hidden paths and wonderful waterfalls. The final shoot of matching swimsuits at the marina was magnificent. We certainly have plenty of super pictures to work on. We look forward to working with Rachelle again soon.

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Richard Winn

I've lost count how many times I've shot with Rachelle now, but it is always an enjoyable occasion. The latest, was a week long shoot, on one of her Summers Abroad holidays to Spain. As usual, we rpduced some very nice images and I was able to produce some of my favourites with Rachelle to date (not easy considering some of the images we have produced together previously).

As always, Rachelle was a joy to work with, working with some of my idiosyncracies, such as lying face-down on the ground or shooting through bushes, some of which she found quite amusing.

Rachelle is highly recommended for both new photographers and for those with more experience, offering creative input if asked.

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I'm a bit late leaving this reference as I worked with Rachelle on her Summers Abroad trip Spain. I had a great time and got many superb images.

Rachelle is a hard working fabulous model who I would recommend working with wether you are and experience photographer or a newbie.

Thank you Rachelle for a fantastic trip and for looking after me.


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Always a great pleasure to work with the awesome Rachelle. This event was superbly organised and all went to plan. The location and available rooms were spot on for the genre. So many opportunities to capture beautiful people in beautiful settings with beautiful light.

Absolutely delighted with the results from this shoot, everyone involved giving 100% enthusiasm and professionalism.

Both Rachelle and Summers Events deserve full credit.

Highly recommended by me... xx

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Mark Goddard

Had the pleasure of working with Rachelle again recently while she was on her London tour.Was great to catch up again after such a long time as our previous shoot was in Vegas in 2019.As usual it was an awesome and very productive shoot and the 4 hours flew by.We managed to get through many sets on the day and created some great images.

Looking forward to working with her again one day.

Highly recommended.

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