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Rachael is a great model! And we had a great time shooting together a couple of months back. Easy to talk to, got the shot quickly, bought some great stuff with her to shoot with. I'd love to work with her again!

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I had a great shoot yesterday with Rachael and her MUA, Helena.

We had been planning the shoot since Rachael first joined PurplePort when I approached her because of her striking appearance. Throughout that time her communications were excellent. She arrived on the day with all the outfits that we had agreed and many more!

Rachael poses with ease and also responds well to direction. Together, we made a great team and produced some stunning images. We ran out of time, so I am hoping to arrange another shoot in the New Year, which says it all.

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Rachael and I shot together earlier this week with Larissa (doing both MUA and modelling).

We chatted beforehand and had a good idea of what we wanted and , on the day, it all came together. As ever, we went off at a bit of a tangent as ideas came up, which is all about imagination and creativity. I can thoroughly recommend Rachael - she has a great look and terrific work ethic.

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