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Helen Diaz

Rest in peace my beautiful friend. Such a kind soul, one of the kindest people I met here. I hope and pray your soul is at peace.

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Hairy dog 🐕

I'm saddened to say that I've just found out that Ceri aka Anodyne passed away just before Christmas 2021

Rest in Peace

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1555113600Did not show up.

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My first shoot since returning to Purpleport was my second shoot with Anodyne. Anodyne helped turn what was intended to be a simple run out to test my new lights into something much more. We ended up shooting a number of different styles and lighting setups.

Was it the most fun I've had on a shoot? Possibly.

Was it the most creative shoot I've done? Probably.

Will I be working with Anodyne again? Absolutely!

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A.Rae Photography

I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented Anodyne for the second time yesterday for a jewallary designer :)

She pulled off some amazing poses and expressions whilst making the shoot super relaxed and good fun!

I’d highly recommended her and suggest anyone looking for a beautifully unique model to book her!

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Terry V

By chance Anodyne happened to be staying in Barry last weekend so I booked a 4 hour morning shoot with her. We'd not worked together for about 3 years (I've no idea why, time flies when you get to my age). Anyway, it was fantastic to catch up with her, find out what she'd been up to and above all shoot with her again. She has great energy and a fantastic imagination that fuels her creativity. We started with a vague idea of what I wanted to shoot but in no time this crystallised into an incredible story which we were going to document in pictures. Thank you for being the being that you are. The magazine has gone to press. We must shoot again as soon as I can come up with another vague idea to start with.

Superb model, highly recommended.

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Jon Taylor

Right from the moment she replied to a casting with a can-do positive approach, and showing that she’d actually read the casting and my profile notes, I had a good feeling about working with Anodyne.

So it proved. Pre-shoot communication was first-rate, and the shoot evolved in dialogue into a night street project, which Anodyne was instrumental in forward-planning around her Bristol location.

The shoot itself was everything you want a shoot to be; exciting, experimental, and achieving outcomes.

Beyond Anodyne’s skills and craft as a model, this talented woman knows her photography, and applies her knowledge to the shoot. This was a truly collaborative session, with Anodyne having some great and very achievable ideas for images. The shoot evolved and grew as we went along, with a real sense of the possible ever-present. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she was truly inspirational.

Add in her vibrant personality (so easy to talk to), her innate beauty, her sense of style, her ready ability to pose and use facial expression, and her daring and bravery with shooting into the early hours of the morning on a street shoot, and in Anodyne you have the complete package.

And Anodyne also digs Yes, Camel, Genesis, and King Crimson, which discovery resulted in a wonderful lengthy post-shoot conversation on all things Prog Rock.

Needless to say, I hope to be working with Anodyne again soon.

100% recommended; this woman will ensure you have a terrific shoot.

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Anodyne attended Paintbox Media's event yesterday and is a fantastic model. Absolute natural, easy going and fun to work with. We hope she continues to attend our events and I'm sure she has a great modelling career ahead of her.

Sally @Paintbox Media

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Andy south wales

What can I say about this lovely young lady which hasn't been said before.

Shes an absolute dream to work with. Needs very little direction if your an amateur photographer and very easy to take up directions if a certain idea is required.

Very easy to get on with and such a chilled out model that I'll definitely be calling on her again for future projects.

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Anodyne was the first ever model that I've worked with, she was great and so easy going, we meet a few moments before the shoot, completely down to earth and I found her incredibly easy going and fun to work with, I highly recommend this model, she's a true talent!!! I would defiantly work with her again!!!

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I absolutely loved working with Anodyne. We did a two hour location shoot and the time flew by all-too-quickly. Communications were excellent, and she came perfectly prepared with a range of outfits and accessories which were ideal for the style of shoot we planned. She is a great model - she poses brilliantly and looks amazing. She is also really friendly - we chatted a lot during and after the shoot, which was lovely! I am delighted with the photos we captured, especially because Anodyne loved them too. I would highly recommend her to any photographer, and I am looking forward to working with her again soon :)

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This was my first shoot with Anodyne and it was an absolute pleasure to meet and work together. Conversation flowed really well and the shoot was made so much more easy as Anodyne moved easily for the camera and needed little direction for posing which made the whole day run amazingly well. Would love to work together again on future projects and would not hesitate in making a recommendation. Thank you so much for making the day the success it was :)

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Fran Minifie

Had my first shoot with Ano this evening and couldn’t wait to leave her a review!

Firstly, good communication, portfolio reflects her well. She’s gorgeous and just lovely. She arrived on time, very well prepared, lovely make up and easy going. Ideal.

Then the shoot - lovely poses. They just kept coming, and on camera the images look gorgeous. Can’t wait to get stuck into them tomorrow! I just hope when I see them on a larger screen I’ve done her justice!

Thanks Ano! Hope to work with you again. Highly recommended!

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Was seeking a model who can just go with the flow and Anodyne was faultless. Stunning in every aspect and cannot thank her enough for what turned out to be a true pleasure from start to end. Highly recommended.

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It’s was great pleasure to work with this fantastic Model. Great personality, beautiful face and fantastic body!! Very professional, and easy to work with....

Definitely highly recommend this fantastic Model to shoot with.....

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I had the great opportunity to work with Anodyne last month for her new headshots and it was a wonderful experience. She's fun, professional and very easy to talk to. I hope to work with her again as she has a fantastic look and an attitude to match.

Highly recommended!

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Had a really fun shoot with Anodyne one rainy evening in Bristol. She is a truly creative talent and full of colour. I highly recommend and I'm hoping for her to pop down to Swindon one evening in Spring / Summer.

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MJA Photography

I have worked with Anodyne for many years on various styles and ideas for shoots. Anodyne is a superb model. She had great character and is very organised. She is never afraid to tackle the more challenging ideas and as a result we have always produced some magical images.

I can highly recommend Anodyne as she is simply a joy to work with.

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Marshon SFX

Today was my second time working with Ceri, the first was 6 years ago! How time flies when you're having fun :-)

This girl is beautiful, with a great figure and a calm, engaging nature. I liked her from the first moment that I met her. She embraces the concept, and does her utmost to deliver it. I cannot fault her ability to pose without direction - she made my artwork look very cool. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.

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I had yet another amazing group shoot with Anodyne at the studio of Photographers with Disabilities. As always her pre shoot communication is top notch and she arrived in plenty of time with several different outfits.

The members had a great rapport with her and the shoot was very fun and relaxed.

We have got some great images and cannot wait to work with her again in the future.

I would highly recommend working with her!!

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