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Quane was absolutely epic!

Such a friendly, funny and chatty photographer with a brilliant eye and top tier skill.

The back of the camera looked amazing and I’m super excited to see what we produced.

10/10 recommend,

Can’t wait to shoot with him again!

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Sinopa Rin

How lovely to catch up with Alister after our first shoot over 6 years ago! He came to shoot me at the recent Studland Weekender and what a great time we had. We only had a couple of hours but achieved so much, including a duo with Molly-Mae. Great skills, great sense of humour and totally professional - highly recommended!

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I had my first shoot with Alister in years recently! It was so so wonderful to catch up,chat the shoot away and experiment with lighting like we always used to. We got some absolutely stunning shots from what I saw on the back of the camera.

I always love working with Alister and I very highly recommend you shoot with him if you get the chance! Hopefully we won't have to leave it so long until our next shoot and catch up!

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Alex model1

Had a great shoot, he’s professional and really easy to get on with, really enjoyed the shoot, would be happy to shoot again, highly recommend x

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♥ Chiara Elisabetta

Quane is fab!

I had the pleasure of working with this awesome photographer earlier this year at Studland House.. I pranced on the beach, sprawled out over the beach huts, draped myself across windows and elaborate chairs, perched on the end of huge grand beds, danced around in sunlight patterns on the walls.. we pretty much covered everything and the results speak for themselves.

Quane's quality of work is top.. from the photography on the day to the retouching. He has a brilliant sense of humour and is just great company. He is patient and creative and open-minded with great communication skills.. all qualities of which make a brilliant photographer.

Not only all this, but he very kindly put me up at his place for the duration of the Studland weekend, and let me have some images from our day! Wow! Thanks so much x

It would be an absolute honour to get to work with him again one day and I can't recommend him highly enough :)

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Well it was my first time modeling for Alister and I can say it was an absolute joy. Alister wanted sexy erotic shots and that is what I gave him of course at Studland. Alister tried lots of different light set ups and even shot me in some natural light too. It was really easy to model for Alister and he was not taken aback by my crazy modeling style which involves me rolling around like crazy on a bed :)

Alister even picked me up from the station and let me stay at his place the night before the Studland event. I would love to model for Alister again in the future. 100 recommended.

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Alister during one of my recent tours to the area at his lovely home and he very kindly booked me for half a day super short notice which was so appreciated!

From the offset Alister was extremely warm and welcoming, offering the much loved jaffa cakes and green tea! He is a lovely outgoing character, very trustworthy and being the first time working together I felt very comfortable and happy :) There was great banter throughout the shoot and I loved the shots we achieved together- they looked beautiful on the back of the camera! Super hihgly recommended- thankyou for a lovely ending to a mad tour! :) I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future, Helen x

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Eva ray

I had an amazing shoot with Alister. He is friendly creative and great to work with. His relaxed and friendly personality makes him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Alister and would be happy to work with him again.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Alister at the Tallison house in Essex. He had plenty of ideas and the images from the shoot were absolutely beautiful!

He's really easy to chat to, fun and professional throughout. I found him super easy to work with and the hour really relaxed :)

I would highly recommend him and would love to shoot with him again!



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Lucy Lu

I had the pleasure of shooting with Alistair for the first time recently at one of the photographic events I organised/ran, Alistair and great pre-shoot communication, arrived on time and was very professional throughout. Alistair had a great sense of humour and when we shot together this was relaxed and fun, hopefully were get to work together again in the future. Highly recommended :)

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Had a wonderful shoot with Alistair at Talliston House. Alistair was professional at all times, friendly, made sure I was comfortable and generally an extremely nice person to be around. In a short space of time we got through quite a few sets. Whilst shooting Alistair came up with imaginative ideas but also allowed me to have an input into the shoot and pose freely. From what I have seen the results are great. I do hope we are able to shoot again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :)

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Stephanie Dubois

I Had a lovely shoot with Alistair at the Talliston House shoot a couple of weeks ago. He was really friendly and very easy to get on with. The hour flew by! I think we got some lovely images.

Wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

Highly recommended.

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Helen Stephens

I had an awesome time working with Alistair at mine and Lucy Lu's photography event!

He is charismatic, creative and good fun to work with - everyone thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Pre-shoot communications were excellent too.

I would happily work with Alistair again in an instant!

Highly recommended!!!

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Sinopa Rin

I had a great half day at Alister's beautiful home today. Pre-comms were quick and easy and he kindly picked me up from the station. He has extensive knowledge of his kit (including a variety of very cool Polaroid cameras) and we produced a range of beautiful looks in the time. Alistair was great company, very laid-back and even supplied me with jelly beans! I would highly recommend him to others and hope we can work together again in the future.

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Natasha AK4790

I shot with Alistair the other day for the first time in about 4 years! He's a great guy, very funny and easy to get along with. He had some cool ideas and is very creative. Highly recommended.

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Had a great shoot :) Was comfortable to whole time and had fun with the cameras he has!

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MsNB said...

It's been nearly 5 years since the first time I worked with Alister up in Ulapool. Since then we have worked together several times and each and every one of the shoots has been amazing! His work ethic is brilliant. He is always prepared for our shoots, and every time his work just gets better and better! I love our most recent shoot we did a few weeks ago with a boudoir theme! :). Plus he lets me dance about in the buff so it's all good! ;) He really is an amazing man! Could not recommend him enough! ♥ MsNB

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Shot with Alister today after quite a few years since our last shoot due to both always being unavailable. He is the most genuine, professional and loveliest person you could ever meet and I am very lucky I have the pleasure of working with him.

Highly recommended :-)

Emma louise


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I stayed at Alister's new home in Bournemouth for a few days this week. We shot for a few hours on a couple of the evenings. I had great fun as aways shooting with Alister, we shot black and white digital and polaroids. I really love how the shots came out and can't wait to see them scanned in.

I met Alister via modelling/photography and we are now great friends. I'd happily recommend him to anyone and his new place is totally fabby! :)

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Had a great shoot with Alister today at his location... He was professional very easy to work with

I highly recommend to all and I really enjoyed the shoot

It was lovely to meet and work with you today Alister

Thanks Louisa x

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