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Rose De Porcelain

Pre shoot communication was excellent and upon arrival, Derek made me feel totally at ease.

Throughout the shoot, Derek was patient and very good about allowing me to see the back of the camera to see if I too could see room for improvement.

Derek was also very good in providing mood boards for different shots and looks he wanted to explore. This made my job easy in what sort of mood and shapes he was wanting to create.

Professional and kind, it goes without saying I would highly recommend this gentleman.

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Helen Stephens

Derek is lovely! Despite me having a cold and feeling a bit rough, I really enjoyed our shoot together. Even though I was not feeling on top form, he still managed to get some beautiful, flattering images. He was so patient with me and made sure I was comfortable and continuously supplied with coffee!!

Derek's creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring, even if you are full of cold, his charisma made the shoot easy for me to keep going. He had lots of fun props and outfits for me to play with too.

I would happily work with Derek again in an instant!

Very highly recommended!

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Rara Goes Roar said...

I had my first shoot with Derek on my Newcastle tour and he was an absolute joy. I have always admired Derek's work and love the style so when I got asked to shoot with him, I was so excited. He had me jumping in meadows, picking flowers and sitting on stumps but we created some epic photos.

Highly recommended from me!

Rara x

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Ivory Flame

I just had my second location shoot with this fabulous photographer. Again Derek was easy going, friendly, humble and lovely to chat with. I admire his shooting style and ability so much, and particularly loved preparing outfits and accessories to suit our ideas, from fairy in the forest to mermaid styles by the river.

Derek captures things with such a magical look, the images we reviewed looked stunning and no doubt we be even more beautiful when edited.

If you get an offer to work with him I strongly recommend you take it up!

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Derek whilst on my Scottish Tour at his studio and had such a fantastic three hours which just flew by! Derek is super talented- not only a photographer but a very talented and skilled photo manipulator and artist,which is evident as soon as you come into his studio, with all of his stunning work on the walls of the studio.

The studio space is a good size, was lovely and warm and Derek was extremely considerate to work with, keeping my energy up with green tea and marshmallows from his sweet drawer! :)

Derek is fantastic with lighting and we achieved some beautiful photos which I am really looking forward to seeing. A lovely creative spirit and I really hope we get to work together again,highly recommended, Helen x

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Marla Pandora

I had a shoot with Derek when I stopped in Newcastle during my recent tour. Derek was fantastic to work with. He is extremely talented and full of creative ideas. We had planned to do location work, but due to weather conditions we shot in his art studio instead. The time just flew by, I was well looked after and he made me plenty of coffees (which always keeps me happy!). He also showed me the shots he was taking on his computer screen as we were going which always helps. I'm looking forward to see the final images and I would highly recommend Derek to any model. Thank you Derek for a fab shoot. Marla :)

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Ivory Flame

I had my first shoot with Derek recently, whilst around Newcastle, the end of June 2014. We worked for a half day on location at a beautiful, large area of woodland, meadows, streams and rivers.

I found him to be very professional, polite, friendly and considerate throughout... we shot for fairly short bursts in the different backdrops, altering angles and outfits to suit each set, and we were blessed with some lovely sunny mild weather.

I really enjoyed the natural surroundings and fresh air, feeling confident, creative and at ease, chatting at we worked, with Derek capturing some absolutely wonderful images that have such a gorgeous look and magical feel.

For me it was an extremely productive and rewarding shoot, and I would be very happy to work with him again.

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Miss Delirium

Worked with DerekB recently and he was lovely to work with. Considerate, passionate, professional and talented.

I would definitely work with him again and I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to work with him.

thank you Derek

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ShannonLouise93 said...

I shot with Derek recently at a fab location he knows. Took a while to get there but was more than worth it. Just received a selection of photos from the shoot (thanks Derek) and can honestly say i'm over the moon. Great photographer, very nice person. Would love to shoot again.

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Natasha AK4790

Had a nice morning shooting with Derek on my recent trip to Newcastle. He is a lovely man and an amazing artist. Although it was incredibly windy we managed to get some nice shots! I totally respect what he does and would love to work with him again. Highly recommended :)

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Raphaella WithLove said...

Derek: A delightful, digital genius!

We had the find opportunity of working together on my most recent north-eastern stint, and how very lovely it was.

We shot in the most beautifully lit of locations, covering so many of Dereks otherworldly visions.

A very kind man indeed; courteous, respectful and a real giggle to share a morning with.

I would be delighted to work with Derek again and the next given opportunity.

Highly recommended.

With Love Raphaella x

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Chinatown said...

Had a brilliant day on a location shoot with Derek last week. A charming gent full of ideas and produced brilliant pictures. Pre shoot communication was in depth and very useful. Would recommend to anyone and would definitely like to work with Derek again in the future :)

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Amy Beloved

Second shoot with Derek and it was a location shoot.. He is friendly, easy going and always respectful.

Derek is very creative and I love his work and ideas. Really enjoyed the shoot.

Thank you x

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Kayleigh Lush said...

I had a great shoot with Derek on my recent trip to Newcastle, where we worked on some dance nude and images for photo manipulation. Derek had lots of great ideas and inspiration, was well prepared for the shoot, and very encouraging. I was very well looked after on the day, collected from and dropped back to the station, fed delicious sandwiches and biscuits, and plenty of tea! Very much looking forward to seeing how Derek progresses with the images we took! Recommended to all! x

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Amy Beloved

Had a great shoot with Derek, communication up to the shoot was good, he arrived on time and had put a lot of time in to preperation and ideas for our shoot.

I was impressed with Dereks abililities as a photographer and love the images from our shoot.

Highly recommended,

Thanks Derek and hope we can work together again soon.

Amy x

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K H S said...

Worked with Derek this morning,, shoot went great.

Derek made me feel at ease from start to finish, he has some fantastic ideas from pose's to editing Derek talked me through exactly what he wanted to achieve.

Hope to work with Derek again in the future.

Thanks Katie

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Fizzy said...

Had a great shoot with Derek last week. He very kindly picked me up from the nearest Metro station and was kind and considerate throughout (he even brought biscuits for me to eat). He gave great direction and was lovely to work with. Thank you again.

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Rosydoll said...

Worked with Derek a few months ago, he is AMAZING!! Never before have I had such a quick turn around on images that are so skillfully created.

Derek has my highest recommendation and I really, really, really hope to work with him again soon! :D


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Emi Rose said...

Worked with Derek today and had a lovely shoot! Great photographer and a really nice, decent, genuine guy. Thankyou for having me Derek :)

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