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Rebecca Tun

Po has done some amazing, creative photomanipulations of erotic photos of me and my partner, taking our images to the next level of artistic flair. It has been a joy to see his interpretations of our work and we're very happy to have had the privilege of collaborating with him.

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Lilith Etch

Po is the best!!!

I feel so safe and comfortable with Po, there's not many people that open minded and non judging as he is, so just having conversations with Po, just hanging out, is an exhale.

Working as a model with Po is great. He lets you do your thing, and helps out when you want to, but there is room for you to really get into those emotions you're looking for.

With Po I made my first erotic shoots ever, and I would recommend anyone to try that genre with him.

I myself have the huge privelidge of owning one of his erotic oil paintings, and it hangs in my bedroom right in front of the bed. 😍

Don't miss out on collaborating with him! He's one of those who really delivers. 🙏

Thank you Po. Hope to see you soon again 😊

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Anna Johansson

It was a pleasure for me to work with Po for the second time. The shooting went very relaxed and we had a lot of fun during that time.

The results are great as well :)

Definitely recommend to work with Po.

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