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Irida S

Second shoot with the fantastic Stu yesterday and yeet again we smashed it! Stu is simply a fantastic photographer to work with, creative and knowledgable about his craft.

Stu is also one of the most generous and kind humans i've ever come across in this industry and of course he comes very highly recommended

Many thanks for everything,


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I worked with Stu yesterday for the first time at his home studio. This was a duo with Mr NPR, the theme fetish/erotica.

I really loved Stu’s ideas for the shoot outlined perfectly in pre-comms. His cheeky and fun nature made for a really fun and energetic shoot.

The edited images as now coming thick and fast. They really are great I love what we all created.

Thank you so much for a great day I really hope it will not be the last. 100% recommended

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Evening all.

I do apologise for the day late reference.

I have been a busy bee with shoots and travelling.

Any how i had the pleasure again to shoot another duo hired and booked by stu.

As always stu was a very professional and wonderful host upon arriving we was met with a hand shake and a smile as well as a lovely warm studio which was a good send as the weather was awful.

He kindly filled us with Tea / coffee and some snacks.

Stu has invested a lot of time effort and money into his studio which has many props and lighting equipment.

He is very good with communication and requests for any thing specific if needed. Alway's has a good paced working situation nothing is clicked and rushed its very detailed.

Extremely enjoyable shoot experience.

I highly recommend stu to any one who gets the chance to be booked by him.

Till the next one

Thank u

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Josie Lauren

I haven't shot with Stuart since before the first lockdown so was very happy when he contacted me to see if I'd like to do a location shoot in a gorgeous river.

Stuart had everything planned before I arrived and had shot at the location before, so was prepped with towels, water shoes, wet wipes, water, the works! I was well looked after and he even got in himself to take the shots!

Afterwards he allowed me to shower and made me a cup of tea whilst I looked through the shots.

I felt totally at ease and am really happy with the images we got and hopefully so is he!

It's always a pleasure working with him and I'd happily do it all again.

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Had yet another shoot with Stu. This time we did half at his studio and half in a local river which was great fun! We shot some totally different stuff this time and got some lovely shots. I always enjoy working with Stu and will be shooting with him again I'm sure! Recommended as always :)

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Inspire Studios Ltd

Stu came to shoot with Caitlyn J and Ell Mae on their duo day which is a great honour as he has his own studio so I don't see him that often at the studio! Stu is a lovely guy and knows exactly what he wants from his shoots, he understands how to work with available natural light really well and obviously studio lighting too. Always a pleasure to see his and happy to see him back any time.

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I loved working with Stu. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, and was very organised by provided me with the suitable shoes for the river shoot. He’s a gentleman, and helped me when I asked (being pregnant I struggled to sit on a tree branch without his help). Although the weather wasn’t on our side, Stu knows the location really well and helped me make the most of the shoot but directing me where to go in the river. His images are stunning . This is a long awaited pregnancy, after 7 years, and Stu has captured it beautifully. I highly recommended Stu and I hope to work together again

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Another great shoot with Stu at his home.

Stu is such a lovely guy to shoot with and be around. He shoots quickly with little faff and gets great images almost immediately. He plans things well and is very generous with timing and breaks.

I stayed with him and his wife this time and they fed me well and gave me a beautiful and clean room to stay in, after a long time on tour this was most welcome!

Highly recommended

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Irida S

I had my first shoot with Stu on Tuesday the 26th and I hope it’s not going to be the last.

Stu is one of most kind humans I’ve ever met and a very talented photographer.

We worked in so many different sets and time simply flew by creating stunning photos both from Stu’s amazing studio and from outdoors.

A real pleasure meeting you Stu, Gill and the awesome doggy’s :) thank you very much for everything

Very highly recommended:)

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This was the first time I worked with Stu, but I really hope it won't be the last.

We had two completely different shoots in two days. The first was an outdoor dance shoot for a couple of hours in a beautiful, stunning location. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to shoot with him in this location!

The next day we had a full day shoot in his studio.

It's a dream studio, he has pole, lollipop, ballet bar, trapeze and so many tools…

Stu is great with the lights, he adjusted the lights a little for each pose to get the best one.

I really like his workflow: we used every tool, every set, just a few shots. After seeing that we got amazing results, we switched other clothes lights and tools. A surprising number of fantastic images came out of the shoot.

Stu is not only a very talented photographer, he is very friendly and a true gentleman Thanks to him, I didn't miss my flight: as my train was cancelled, he rushed me out to the station to catch an earlier train and hurried me with my luggage.

Thank you so much for the fantastic photo shoot! Hope to see you again soon!

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Robyn Byrd

What can I say about Stu that hasn’t already been said? Apart from being an absolute gentleman and ensuring I felt comfortable and supported at all times, he has three of the most gorgeous golden retrievers that were almost as lovely as him. Stu is an incredibly talented man with a true passion for what he does and his studio provided everything a model could possibly want from a changing room, to a robe to some seriously scrumptious chocolates.

Throughout our shoot we (at my request!) spoke in detail about the lights we were using, why we were using them and the effects that they would produce. He provided direction to my posing that supported the ideas and themes we had discussed at length in precoms and really showed in the back of the camera images.

I can’t wait to see the the final results and set shoot two in stone!

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Candi Liquor

I had my first shoot with Stu today and it was amazing! Such a versatile shoot and photographer, really enjoyed every moment.

Apart from the shoot being a success, ideas flowing and both wanting to work together again, Stu is such a kind man.

I highly recommend and very much look forward to the next time!

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Cariad Celis

I had a lovely shoot with Stu at his very well equipped home studio near Salisbury, he would make most photographers jealous of his set up including myself. Stu has a great array of props and even his own infinity curve and aerial hoop. This small but awesome space has limitless bounds and with Stu taking the photos you are bound to create something beautiful.

Stu was a fantastic host, with the models area provided with drinks and snack and he was mindful of breaks and keeping me warm in the cool spring with plenty of heaters.

Thank you for a great shoot, I hope our paths cross again and we get the opportunity to create together in the future, I really enjoyed our shoot :)

Recommended for sure :)

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I had a wonderful 3hr shoot with Stu today, all the communication was great and clear from the start. I was a little out of my comfort zone with the shoot as I’m normally upside down, however Stu really helped guide me and made me feel really comfortable. There were lots of props to play about with for different shapes and all the images looked amazing with his lighting skills. Stu is really friendly and professional and would highly recommend =]

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Inspire Studios Ltd

Was lovely to see Stu back at the studio and shooting with Artemis and Carla on their duo day. Stu is a genuinely nice gentleman and easy to get on with. He is extremely respectful of the studio, having one himself, he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to lighting or using the natural light in the studio. I happily leave him too it knowing the studio and the models are in safe hands. Would absolutely recommend him.

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Carla Monaco

I had a great shoot with Stu this week, our second time working together. Stu booked on to mine and Artemis Faunas duo event at Inspire Studios, it was a last minute bookings as me and Artemis had a big cancellation for that whole day, so very thankful Stu booked us both for a session.

Stu is lovely person to work with and made the shoot comfortable and productive. Artemis is currently going through a hard time and Stu was sensitive to this situation and it was lovely to work with a familiar face at this time.

We got some super images in the 2hr session, lots of variety, overall a fab shoot.

Thank you Stu.

Carla :)

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Where to start?

Had a 3 hour photoshoot with Stu today and I have nothing but good things to say about this experience.

Stu has an amazing studio with lots of equipment which he uses geniously, he also has lots of props to add throughout the shoot, making every photo as stunning and creative as possible.

I can't begin to explain how comfortable I felt shooting with him, he is very professional in every aspect, which allowed me to dive in even more that I expected. Really helped me boost my confidence, with some amazing tips and guidance we managed to create what I believe to be some quality pictures.

Can't thank him enough!

Would 100% recommend and hopefully we can do another shoot in the near future!

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Avant Garde

I had an excellent shoot with Stu today. Precomms were great, gives you everything you need to know and made me feel very much at ease.

Stu's home studio is fab - a good size, excellently equipped and the thing I love most - warm!

Stu was very relaxed when shooting and in turn it makes you feel very relaxed making falling into poses much easier and fluid.

The day just flew by and the word I kept using when looking at the back of the camera was 'Wow!' He really knows what to do with lighting!

Highly recommended!

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Stu contacted me regarding a duo shoot with Mr.NPR. Pre comms were ace. Stu set up a shoot plan which we could all add to which was fab.

Stu met me on arrival and showed me around his fantastic studio, settling me into the dressing room area equipped with mirror and lighting.

Stu is fantastic to work with. He has great ideas and can execute them perfectly. We worked through lots of sets and achieved a lot during the day.

Stu is professional and a true gentleman. We had a great laugh during the day which seemed to disappear into thin air! Always a sign of a good shoot.

I’ve already seen many of the edits and I’m super chuffed with the results from the day.

Thank you Stu for such a fantastic shoot! I look forward to working with you again soon

Without a doubt, highly recommended from me

Lou ☺️

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Evening all. Just arrived back from my second time at Stu's studio.

Stu mailed before the festive period to see if i was available in the New Year for a shoot idea he had.

Today was that day.

Pencilled in for a Duo shoot with a few themes in mind.

Stu is friendly and welcoming.

Treats his models with the up most respect.

Provides a warm studio with changing facilities.

Fresh coffee and good conversation.

Has many props.

Dab hand with lightning setups.

Had a great shoot.


See you sometime in the future again.

Get booked in people.


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