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Had a great shoot with pixman towards the end of last year, Pre communications were great! Had plenty of ideas before the day!

Pixman had plenty of ideas and a range of his own outfits!

He was very friendly and professional.

Plan to shoot again sometime !

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I had my second shoot with Pixman this week and it was as amazing as our first shoot, Despite the bad luck we both had at the start of the shoot with my train being delayed and getting me in a little later then originally planned and his car breaking on him he was still happy to shoot and even wized around the shops to get a few props and some snacks for the shoot themes we had in mind while waiting for my train to get in.

Colin is a extremely friendly person to both be around and work with, Both times I have felt at home and easily relaxed while working with him.

Our first set was a football series of images to go along side the fact that it is football season right now. Our second set was a Army themed shoot where we had used a costume and some beautiful heels Colin was given by a brand where we paired with a few different spots of his studio to use for the idea.

The rest of our shoot was creating photos and video's for my exclusive site, Colin was extremely professional and made sure I was both comfortable and happy throughout taking the photos. He captured so many creative one of a kind angles that I wouldn't of thought of, despite the shoot having high levels Colin made me feel right at home which made my shoot experience perfect and pleasant. Pixman is such a creative talented photographer who I highly recommend all models to work with.

See you again in a few weeks for a saucy duo shoot with another model :)

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After a long time of discussing , planning and organizing a shoot with Pixman we finally got to shoot together and I feel honored I got the chance to work with him.

Pixman's pre commuication before the shoot, during the shoot and after the shoot was both extremely professional, friendly and very informed. Not only was his hospitality both comforting and relaxing to be around even when we were shooting higher levels he made sure that I felt conformable , safe and happy with each set we shot which made me feel at home.

Pixman has a endless amount of set options, accessories and outfits for the models to wear. His creative eye really shows in both the lighting , editing and planning of the shoot ideas which results in outstanding end results.

I highly recommend Pixman and can't wait to work with him again soon x

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Miss Kimberley

I have worked with Pixman now a couple of times and he is a genuine joy to work with always such a laugh!! Makes you feel 100% at ease and so confident, he won’t just take any picture, he will direct you and guide you so if something looks out of place he will make you aware.

He is very respectful and professional, everything is agreed before the shoot to maintain a clear understanding. Colin can shoot different styles and has lots of experience so I know I am in good hands and might even get me published too!

Our shoot was awesome, they just keep getting better everytime and I will be shooting with him again very soon sometime this year hopefully!

I highly recommend ☺️

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Fern Gasson

Always love working with Colin, always good fun and good banter! Makes me feel at ease and always getting great results from out shoot it is clear he has plenty of talent and experience! I would recommend Colin as a photographer to anyone thinking of working witb him!

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Chey Chey

I shot with Pixman last week at the studio in his home in Bristol. The house was easy to get to and there was plenty of parking outside.

Pixman provided excellent communication in the lead up to the shoot and was very laid back and easy to set times and dates with.

Pixman is super chatty, offered drinks and snacks, played music and was respectful of my privacy always ensuring I had the room to myself whilst getting changed. This meant that throughout the whole shoot I felt comofrtable and at ease, which meant we were able to produce some fantasic images!

Pixman has a great editing style, I specifically liked the way he made my eyes pop and glow!

Highly Recommend!

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I shot with Col a couple weeks back. Col picked me up from my home and we drove to his home Studio In Bristol. I was very nervous before the shoot but Col was very welcoming and put me at ease. My chaperone, I and col sat and had a hot drink and cig before shooting and got to know eachother abit more, we had a few laughs and it definitely put the shoot more at ease considering it was only my second shoot. Col assisted and helped me with direction on what poses looked better and what ones not so much, it helped a lot and I soon got into it with all the guidance I was receiving. Col was very professional and the shoot flew by with how much fun and easy going it was. I would recomend col to anyone and would love to work with again.

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Had an amazing shoot with Col yesterday and had an amazing time. Everything from pre coms to getting the previews back was smooth.

He was very professional throughout the whole day and had plenty of ideas that we tried and worked with!

Cannot wait to shoot with him again to make some more fire!

Thanks again

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Had a shoot with colin for the 2nd time first time been with ukcg. Felt so at ease and had a great laugh. pre edits were incredible so you can imagine how amazimg the edits come out. Would 100% shoot with him again one of my fave togs. Also made a few mags and front covers so a very big thank you. Xx

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Louisa Lu

Had a great shooting with Colin today :) lovely person very friendly and welcoming. Picked me up from the station and took me back :) shot some great photos and videos! Made me lots of tea and gave me lots of Jaffa Cakes! Images look great :) definitely recommend! Hope to work with you again soon :) thanks Louisa

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Sophia Marellaa

I met Collin first though the uk calendar girls casting day. He was very professional and a delight to work with!

I then 4 months later had another brilliant shoot with Collin in the waterfalls, thoroughly enjoyed his company and the images were very good quality.

I highly recommend and would book another shoot with him.

Thank You Pixman!

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Becky Lou

Had a shoot with collin at the UK Calendar Girls Casting day in Nottingham, i felt slightly nervous but the minute I got infront of him and his camera I was straight at ease and feeling confident! So so happy with the photos that he took and would love to work with him again in the future! Highly recommend! Thank you collin xx

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Met Colin to shoot for the day in this amazing apartment. Pre comms were excellent, always keeping me updated.

We shot everything from lingerie to nude to some outfits from a clothing brand & some videos.

Colin is a great laugh, down to earth & has such passion for his work. I’m extremely happy with the photos & content we got, he is full of ideas and knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his images. Very professional photographer with lots of extra equipment. Fully attentive and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Would highly recommend! Thanks again!

Sophie x

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Louisa Lu

Had a shoot with Colin yesterday for UK Calender Girls :) very professional and welcoming! Very friendly too! Images looked great can’t wait to see the end result :) Louisa

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Gabriella Knight

Had Another great shoot with Colin! This time we shot Video's for publication! Colin as always was a fantastic photographer. Friendly ,funny and always willing to give directions

Would Love to shoot with Colin again x


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Luce Thompson

Wow what can I say about Colin, he is an amazing photographer! Very talented and super passionate about his work, a perfectionist indeed!

I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot at his assistants apartment, I felt welcomed with open arms as well as feeling professional and comfortable. All the rooms were gleaming, white carpets, beautiful bed and a stunning fireplace brilliant for photos!

Colin was super laid back and understanding when I had to change my lipstick or outfits he patiently waited, which made me feel relaxed and that’s when we got the best results! Different sets, outfits, positions and even some videography was involved, Colin’s so talented and try’s his best to get what your after! Probably the best results I’ve ever achieved, am so so happy with the images thankyou! Can’t wait to work with you again, would defiantly without a doubt recommend Colin to any models :)

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Gabriella Knight

Really loved shooting with Colin. Communication was good, he is a friendly photographer with a professional attitude and he takes beautiful pictures! He is creative, pays attention to details and is so good at lighting. I look forward to our next shoot!

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Robin frost

Working with colin helped me build my confidence up in doing something different. Making me feel safe and having a great laugh on set! Highly recommended and can’t wait to work together again soon

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Toxic Innocence

Had my first shoot with Colin. He is a friendly and professional photographer with good communication, good ideas, talented and so easy to work with too. Really enjoyed it and hope we do this again :)

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Worked with Colin for the first time yesterday and what a pleasurable shoot it was, top bloke with some awesome ideas, we created some fantastic images too! Looking forward to seeing some of them soon :)

Would definitely recommend him to any other models and I hope to work with him again soon in the near future

Many thanks


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