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Had my first shoot with Stephan and his photography group today and got on really well with himself and the other photographers, the shoot was great we tried different poses and back drops, the pre comms beforehand were good before the shoot! Felt relaxed and at ease with them all.

Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Thank you Stephan for a lovely shoot!

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a great third shoot with Photo Stephan. Communication was great prior to shooting. This time instead of a location shoot like our other shoots we had a session at my home studio.

On the day of shooting Stephan brought some great attire to shoot in. I particularly loved the poncho and the waist coat. We shot a variety of different looks and themes during our session as time flew by.

I think this was definitely our best shoot yet. I was really pleased with the results.

More than recommended! Thanks again for a lovely shoot Stephan.

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really great second shoot with Photo Stephan.

Stephan kindly, collected me and took us to the lovely location that he had scouted that had some great potential for our shoot and some really beautiful views.

During shooting Stephan was professional and respectful. He also reminded me to reapply my Sun Cream too which was much appreciated.

We got through a variety of different outfits and looks in a short space of time. Stephan also kindly gave me a memory sick containing a few images from our last shoot too which was a lovely thing to do.

Recommended! Very thankful he booked me again for a lovely shoot.

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a great location shoot with Photostephan today.

Communication and planning was great prior to shoot and I knew exactly what sort of attire to bring. On the day of the shoot Stephan kindly collected me and took me to the shoot location.

During the shoot Stephan was both easy to talk to and work with. Time flew by and we had a great shoot!

I’m really looking forward to working with him again.

More than recommended!

Thanks Stephan it was lovely to meet and work with you.


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Stephan booked me to model at his Camera Club and I can say having done many camera club's in the past this one was one of the most professionally and respectfully run. Stephan was clear in his pre shoot communications about exactly what he expected of me for the shoot and what he would like me to bring along and on the evening of the shoot I was treated with respect and kindness. Stephan is a great photographer and I really enjoyed my time at his camera club, so much so that I have agreed to go back next month!!

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Jess Harrington

Have been shooting with Staphan for a few years now and always enjoy our shoots at the camera club. Stephan picks me up from the station and always makes sure I get home. He looks after me from start to finish and makes me feel so comfortable I enjoy every minute!

A great photographer I always look forward to seeing the pictures he takes.

I would 100 per cent recommend any model to work with Stephan you will have a great time and get some lovely images x

Thanks again Stephan for having me back again! Always look forward to our shoots :))

Love Jess xx

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I had the pleasure of working with Stephan last night. I approached him regarding modelling for his camera club and we arranged for me to come and model yoga and cosplay. The pre-shot communication was excellent and we discussed all the necessary details. When I arrived, there were five members present. They were very friendly and made me feel welcomed. We started with cosplay and as the evening went on, they were directing me more and coming up with their own ideas. I had a very enjoyable shoot and look forward to shooting with them again.

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I have shot with Stephan many times at Luton Camera club over the years. And yesterday was my first shoot with him outside of the club. He is good with communication and lets the model know what he intends to shoot on location. This makes planning clothing a lot easier and also helps with organisation.

He was on time and he was good at giving direction during the shoot. I would happily recommend him to anyone who is considering booking a shoot with him. I look forward to shooting more in the future with him :)

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Chanel Sophia

Had an amazing time. My 1st time in this type of setting and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. Stephan is a great tog. Made me feep so comfortable and safe. And the pics are amazing x

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Francesca Milano

Stephen and I worked for the second time at the Dunstable Rugby club!

Again, my time working with Stephen and the Photography group was absolutely fantastic. I had a great time, we produced so many wonderful images in the time we had to do so, and generally worked incredibly well together.

Stephen is a photographer that knows exactly what he wants to see in his images and works to get just that!

Highly recommend and cannot wait to work with him again!

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Kirsty king said...

Shoot number 3 with Stephan & Co at their camera club last night!

What a fabulous bunch of guys they are! Apart form being great togs they are all Gentlemen. They are such a joy to shoot with & the images are of the highest quality!

Excellent set up, good lighting, an exception eye for the right images! A GREAT SHOOT!

Thank you guys! Here's to shoot No4!

Kirsty xxx

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Kirsty king said...

Had my second shoot with Stephan & friends at his camera club on Thursday.

When you've recently had a great shoot with a great bunch of guys going back so soon can sometimes be an anti climax. Not with Stephan & Co!!

Fabulous shoot. Pre shoot communications as before were spot on. Everything was prepared & ready & the three hours just flew by. I've seen some images already & the standard is superb!

Highly recommended to models of all levels & experience!

Here's to shoot 3!!!!

Thank you so much Stephan

Kirsty x

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Kirsty king said...

Had my first shoot with Stefan & other members of his camera club in Luton.

Pre shoot comms were spot on. Everything was prepared & ready for me when I arrived & they all made me feel totally at ease!

Stephan & friends were all perfect gents & excellent "togs"

I really enjoyed this shoot. The time flew by & some of the images were/are just WOW!

I look forward to going back there whenever they want me.

Highly recommended

Thank you guys

Kirsty x

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mk_angel said...

Had another great shoot with Stephan and some of the other members of the camera club in Luton. Polite and friendly photographers, recommended to other models. Thank you. :)

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Melanie Ivy said...

Stephan was a pleasure to work with. Great at communicating beforehand, he came to meet me on time, and the shoot was done in a studio owned by a private members club. The studio was large and had amazing props in it. I loved the Japanese screen, parasols and fans. Stephan was professional, easy going and he really knew how to work with the lights and his camera. I love the photos he took of me and I look forward to working with him again :)

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Goldee said...

I shot with Stephan yesterday and he is a total professional...he had many concepts and ideas he wanted to shoot. Good pre shoot communication and very easy to get along with. I felt very much at ease and made very comfortable at the photographic studio which i will be more than happy to shoot again at and with Stephan.

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Pandora Smith said...

Had a really great evening with Stephan and the rest of the camera club. All very polite with lots of ideas flying around and great tea too! Looking forward to the second group now! xx

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mk_angel said...

Had a great shoot with Stephan. I would recommend him to other models. A nice friendly guy. Hope to work with him again soon.

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Had my first shoot with Stephan today, communication before the shoot was good and everything was well organised. Stephen was very professional and also allowed me to have an input. I would recommend him to any model considering working. He is comfortable to work with and provided sugar all is good ^_^

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Anna Ward said...

Have so much fun shooting with Stephan I really enjoy it!

We always get Brilliant results and the images we're looking for. :-D

Can't wait to work with him again!

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