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Irida S

I was lucky to meet and work with Phil a few days ago. Phil is fantastic to work with, so easy going fun and captures beautiful photos.

Time simply flew by and we had a very productive and fun shoot even though it was boiling that day haha !

Very happy to highly recommend to all models:)

Ps thank you for the ice cream!!!

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Carla Monaco

Phil joined mine and Adrian's street fashion event around London last Sunday.

Phil was super lovely and professional, he was a great part of the team on the day. Phil was very creative in his styles of shooting and using different angles and working with both flash and natural light for some super results.

I really enjoyed shooting with Phil and I enjoyed his company too.

I hope we can work together again soon.

Thank you Phil for a great shoot.



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Eli Zah

Had a lovely shoot with Phil at rococo farm on a recent studio day. I felt very quickly at ease in Phil's company - he has a calm, gentle and honest air about him. He took a quality over quantity approach, ensuring his lighting was exactly how it should be and knowing that you cannot rush a great shot!

He also understood the importance of a chilled and comfortable atmosphere especially in portraiture, and to get the best out of the model in terms of facial expression and pose.

Phil kept apologising for taking so many portrait shots, but I've no idea why as I feel personally it requires a level of skill to be able to capture a portrait, maybe moreso than some other styles, and he is very talented at catching the most flattering angle for your face.

Phil is not a one trick pony, mind! We also created some amazing art nude shots together. Phil isn't afraid to think out of the box, picking out an unusual part of the decor to pose with, and these turned out beautifully. We also shot some boudoir style lingerie, giving us a real range of different styles in a fairly short time, all whilst maintaining that relaxed creative vibe.

Thanks for a great shoot Phil!

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Rococo Farm

Awww Phil is a such a lovely chap! He came to us for a studio day. All pre coms were spot on and he was so considerate, not minding waiting when he arrived a little early for his slot. He was friendly and the shoot was very happy. He was always respectful of my home, so polite and kindly asking about moving furniture etc...

I'd welcome him back in a minute.

Thank you!

Jenni xxx

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Phil again for a few hours on the last day of my recent tour. Thanks goodness the weather had cooled down a tad for us- the 40+c heat in the studio the day before was tough going!!

We spent the few hours working our way through a great mixture of images- I really love the punchy portraits we took using flash and the kitchen counter and I can't wait to see more!

Time flew by and it was nice to catch up- thanks for coming over to shoot and I hope we can do it again one day :D

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Ria Fantastic

Our shoot was Phil’s first shoot in nearly a year but you couldn’t tell at all. He was chatty and friendly throughout out shoot, keeping the perfect balance between that and getting lovely images. Since he came into my domain (Canary Wharf), Phil let me lead him around and show him all the good little spots. We even found places I had never noticed before together! 11,000 steps later we concluded our shoot, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Thanks so much Phil, I can’t wait to see the images and hopefully work together again! :)

Ria x

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Phil was absolutely lovely to be around and shoot with and let me do my own thing whilst also interjecting his own ideas.

The shoot was very relaxed and fun and I would highly recommend Phil to newcomers and pros alike. :)

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Natasha UK

I had a shoot today with Phil at a group shoot hosted by two lovely photographers Christian and Shaun at Platts Eyot Island Hampton, I enjoyed my time there today, it’s different and unique to not your normal studio or location to shoot in but we definitely made it work, shame about the weather but hey theirs always next time!!

It was great to work with you, I was seeing your profile around purple port quite a lot so maybe it was fate haha

I would like to thank you for coming down, meeting me and shooting with me. You were great to shoot with !!

I got home pretty late but it was well worth it, to work with a great, lovely team! I hope to shoot and see you again very soon!

Thank you once again! I highly recommend Phil for any project or shoot, he had such a lovely personality and he was so easy to work with, which is nice when model and photographer are on same wave length!Thank you also for the business card :D also please get yourself on Instagram you wont regret it ;)



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Phil's second shoot with us in what turned out be a wet one. That didn't deter Phil and he just got on with the shoot. Phil is friendly and easy going too. Thanks Phil for braving the elements. Highly recommended.

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Had the pleasure of having Phil on one of our studio Shoots on Platts Eyot island and he can be summed up in a few words friendly, artistic, keen eyed and talented. Phil was a pleasure to work with and look forward to working with him again. We,d recommend Phil to anyone without hesitation.

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Artemis Fauna

I got to work with Phil again (properly) the other day! Yay!

We shot for a couple of hours and took some stunning portraits in the natural light. We got so much done in the time but chatted away too which was lovely. Images look great!

Thank you, Phil- I hope we can work together again some time soon :)

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Rose Magdalene Child

Phil came along to a duo studio day I was apart of with Artemis Fauna at her home in Bedford. Poor Phil got stuck in some traffic along the way and ended up a little late and I could tell he was a little unsettled on arrival. But as soon as we started shooting he relaxed and I could see that he was enjoying the shoot and the images we were getting. Phil is a really friendly, approachable person and I felt comfortable working with him. I can highly recommend him and only hope we get to shoot together again sometime :) The images are really beautiful Phil, thank you

Tillie x

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Artemis Fauna

I only got to work with Phil for about 20 minutes on my duo day with Tillie Feather recently which was a shame as I don't feel I had enough time to show him what I was about! We worked together and fitted in as much as we could though :)

Despite how short our little shoot was I can see we got some really nice images from the time and I hope it's made Phil want to come back again :)

Hope to see you again, Phil :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Phil at Tims Cottage is Maidstone, Kent. He is an absolute gent to work with and the 2 hour booking went so fast as he was very pleasant, easy going and genuinely great to work with! Highly recommended and lovely to talk to. Hope to work together again! Best wishes, Helen x

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