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Genevieve Sambrook

Had a fabulous first shoot with Toby last week!

We had some amazing results! We started out with some basic images but it progressed into some incredible spontaneous shoots that I wouldn't have expected! Toby is very professional and so fun to work with. He made me feel very comfortable, and was perfectly respectable throughout the whole shoot. Would definitely recommend! Even as a new and young model I felt safe and confident!

Thank you!

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I had an amazing shoot yesterday with Toby which I enjoyed so much! After having a few weeks off shooting myself this was exactly what I needed to get my head back into it.

Everything from pre coms to the actual shoot, in which I also duo'ed with another model were spot on, we all knew what was going on and what outcomes we all wanted individually and within the group.

Toby made me feel at ease from the first second and would recommend him to anyone who wants 10/10 images from beginners to professional models! Would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again!

Thank you!

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Violet Grey

Had my first shoot with Toby yesterday. There wasn’t much planning as we booked it last minute. What amazing results though! Looking forward to seeing the work we have created together and more shoots together in the future.

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Had a great shoot with Toby! He met me on time, pre comms were excellent and we planned what we wanted to do and went over outfits so when it came down to shooting things worked really well! The shoot itself was a real laugh and I recieved some great images! Would definetly recommend! 😁

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Miss Kimberley

Can’t remember exactly when we shot but we got on well he is really nice and a great photographer, the shoot was quite short considering how far I travelled but other than that it was a good shoot and I would shoot with him again in the future. Great communication throughout and quick with sending the images too.

Reliable and work recommend ☺️

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I loved the shoot I had with Toby today,

Communion was perfect before, during and since the shoot. Both knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and went very smoothly and with great ease.

Thank you for such a lovely shoot that was really enjoyable too :) absolutely love the first image too, its amazing :)

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Was a great shoot with toby and he certainly put alot of effort into getting some great image's, highy recommended. Would love to work with him again

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Trish B.

Had my first shoot with Toby about 2 weeks ago and loved it, he's very lovely and fun but also professional, he made me feel very comfortable and we had a lot of fun, love the images we both created and cannot wait to work with him again :)

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Had my first shoot with Toby today. Was only arranged a couple of days before, pre comms were great. Toby was very friendly and chatty and being still a fairly new model I tend to get quite nervous at the start of shoots but he quickly put me at ease, gave good direction and we managed to get some great shots so I was very happy. Excited to see the final images! Toby is a great photographer and I can see why he is so popular and in such high demand! Thank you again and I hope to work with you again in the future :).

KB xo

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Carys Belle

I had my first shoot with Toby today. What a great guy. Very easy to get along with and he made me feel very comfortable.

He had plenty of things for me to wear and try on. He knew what he wanted to shoot and communication beforehand was brilliant.

Great beach to shoot on across from the studio! Just brilliant!

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Princess Legs

What a fab shoot today! I'm still very new to the scene, but Toby put me at ease very quickly, made me feel very comfortable, and is extremely easy to get along with, thankfully! Great directions, ideas and skills, I had a great experience and he took some amazing shots! I look forward to working with you again, thank you!

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We were on a tight schedule but Toby is a total pro, he captured some great shots fast and was a lot of fun to shoot with as well as being very helpful to me regarding travel. Would definitely recommend.

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Great first shoot with Toby! He was very welcoming, easy to get along with and made me feel relaxed :)

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I have now had two shoots with Toby and I will certainly be going for more! Really friendly and professional guy, refreshments on tap whenever we shoot at his home studio - located right on the beach where we have shot some wicked location shoots also! Frequent and clear communication leading up to and after the shoots and he is always prompt with his editing and social media promotion post-shoot.

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Nessi Karlsson

Today was a great shoot!

Toby picked me up at the train station, so as you can tell communication was perfect. Really friendly dude with such a sweet personality. Totally respectful and open to my ideas! We had lots of fun and it was very relaxed.

We shot at his home studio in penarth and a little bit on the beach (right outside his front porch guys!)..

He is a really talented photographer and he’s so warm and welcoming. Great host, great shoot and will definitely come again! Also the walk from the train station was only 5 minutes but it was such a beautiful walk. 10/10 thank you Toby!

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Really happy with the photo shoot and photos would def recommend thank you .😀😀

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Luce Thompson

I had my first shoot with Toby on Monday and honestly can say it was by far one of the most outstanding shoots I've had in a long time! Pre-comms were perfect from first discussing a shoot to then organising a date and time, everything went so smoothly.

I arrived at toby's appartment after recieving all information I needed to find it from Penarth Station, he welcomed me with refreshments and was fully prepared to start shooting. However first he was intrigued to hear what I wanted to recieve from the shoot aswell and was considerable of my goals aswell as suggesting brilliant ideas to help us both get the results we were after :)

Toby let me shoot in the outfits I brought as well as throwing in a cosplay outfit and a branded hoodie which was great as I find it can be nice to shoot in something different than just what you have brought along! The shoot was super professional from start to finish but aswell as being fun and relaxing to ensure I felt comfortable and at ease. I honestly couldnt pick out one fault from working with Toby! After the shoot he then let me sit down and go through the camera picking the images I liked the best which is rare as most photographers would take a while to get back to you with previews! So that was awesome, even though I found it very hard as I found there was so many fantastic images!

I highly recommend any model to shoot with Toby, you will not be disappointed, thankyou again, I will be coming back very soon to work with you :)

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Had a great first shoot with Toby yesterday, after last minute planning. Pre communications were excellent.

We worked together to get a vast amount of different images. I had a fun time & enjoyed the shoot.

Toby started off showing me his ideas/previous work then we went from there. He is a friendly, laid back, down to earth guy. Professional & great photographer! The images so far are incredible.

Will be looking forward to coming back again. Would highly recommend☺️

Sophie x

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yet another smashing shoot with Toby

we concentrated on some epic bath scenes and use of the saunas

he is always fun to work with sends previews over very quick and has exceptional editing skills!

100% recommend ! x

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Had a fun second shoot today with Toby!

his pre communication and arrangements are spot on ..

Time always fly's by when shooting with him, He is a wonderful photographer and a very fun laid-back respectful gentleman

we ran through some ideas and they worked great

lovely little set up music and warm..

Cant wait to see the final results from todays just SUPERB!!

Thanks a lot cheers to next time :>) x

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