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Sandra Blu

Another shoot with Mike this time at my place in Central London. I TFP with Mike a lot and I had a few ideas in mind I wanted to shoot on what is an old Victorian Central London apartment that is about to be refurbished and wanted to make the most out of it before it gets turned down while achieving some nitty gritty art nudes. Shoot went great as all my shoots with Mike, we seem to have similar ideas when it comes to creating images. We did some strange bathroom pictures and mike brought some latex mask that nicely blended in the nitty gritty old bathroom. It was not a long photoshoot but (as usual) we managed to get some interesting stuff. After the shoot we went to the pub and discussed about life over a bowl of chips. Another great day. Thanks Mike!

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Julie Ling

Mike is a very amazing photographer! Before you photoshoot with him , definitely take some time to read his amazing photo book ! Is inspired me a lot with the pose and create with him !!!!!

Especially the way he photoshoot for Body Project it is AMAZING!!!!!! I love it so so so much 😍😍😍😍🥰😍😍

Also his personality is super outgoing, really enjoy the time to photoshoot with him 🥰🥰🥰

Would absolutely highly recommend to work with Mike !

Thank you for the amazing day 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Irida S

I was incredibly lucky to meet and work with Mike on a photographic trip to Iceland organised by Roger Moore and Helen Diaz.

Mike was a delight to work with from day one. Easy going, professional, hard working and fun.

He also very kindly sent me copies of the edited photos which are stunning!

Thank you very much for a fantastic trip Mike


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Helen Diaz

RogerMore and I organise and host Icelandic Dreams photography trips and we have just returned from another amazing week away with Mike! (Mike was MAD enough to agree to another trip with us!!)

Due to the pandemic this was the third reschedule! We had hoped that this was our "third time lucky" but due to the mania of airports in 2022, despite being 2 hours early for our flight... the long queues and security held us all up and we missed our gate closure by minutes (no announcements)!! (Mental note; in 2022 post pandemic: arrive at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight-minimum!)

RogerMore came up with a genius plan B and a rescue plan and we finally arrived in Iceland 15 hours later to meet Mike and the rest of the team... (plus our second flight was also delayed twice!)

Phew... what a journey and many hours waiting at Luton airport (Luton airport, as the famous "One foot in the grave" series states "where no one can hear you scream!").

Thankfully a member of airport staff gave us all (Roger, IridaS and I) permission to use the "prayer room" section of the airport to rest which was a blessing a half!!) After our manic journey, together; IridaS, Svala (Icelandic Selkie) and I modelled over the Icelandic landscape during the course of the week, venturing to the North of Iceland, staying in a beautiful retreat in Dalvik.

We hosted six photographers and three models in total over the course of the week shooting art nudes in the stunning landscape and the weather was absolutely beautiful, with sunshine every day (very unusual for Iceland!), raining only on the last day that we were leaving. It was the summer time in Iceland in late May-June and much of the day was beautiful sunlight making for the perfect conditions for photography.

It was so lovely to work with Mike again, who is a much loved friend of ours- we have shot together lots over the years, both home and away! :)

Mike is such a thoroughly lovely photographer and friend - kind, professional and respectful to work with, with such a fantastic sense of humour!! Over the years I have affectionately referred to Mike as "Daddy Mike" and he humours me! :P

I really look forward to seeing the photographic results and loved the work we achieved together over the week!

It was certainly a very memorable trip...one I will never forget!!

Thankyou Mike for a lovely week, I hope to see you again in the future my lovely friend,

Highly recommended to all,

Helen x

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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

Sorry Mike, taking me this long writing this, carried away with time off :)

Had another shoot with Mike at my flat couple few ago. Again it was great fun and lots of trying new thing. Mike is always fun to work with. Generous and very fast with process if images.

Highly recommended and will surely shoot again soon.

Thanks Mike. T

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tanya modele

Oh Mike! What can I say, you already know how much I enjoy your company and shooting with you. Not only do I creat some of my best images with Mike, he takes you on the most amazing adventures! A very talented with tons of experience behind his back which definitely shows. Mike is not only one of my favourite photographers but now a true friend I cherish :)

Mike stayed with me at my house for 4 days in my spare room. Always professional and respectful, I could trust him with with life! Haha can't wait for out necy adventure 😄

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Sandra Blu

Another great TFP shoot with Mike at my place in central London. We had some concepts/ ideas in mind but as is usual with "creative minds" other ideas popped up and we ended shooting something completely different. We got so carried away with the new ideas that we decided to leave our "initial ideas" for some other day. This is usually what happens when you're having fun and have no agenda but to create interesting images. Like me Mike is really open to experimenting and doesn't blink an eye when it comes to the model wearing a rabbit head and popping balloons. He did get a little jumpy with the last exploding ballon and thought it was his new light, luckily it was just the summer heat playing a prank on us. He did explain me the physics behind it but I didn't understand it. Oh well.

Thanks Mike for the great images! Sandra

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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

Another fab shoot with Mike at Lavender field after long lockdown.

The day was hot and busy day but we managed to find a spot for few hours shoot.

Again Mike is great to work with, fun and easy going. The best thing was I got Mike to dance for my Tiktok thats bonus 😆😆

Thank you Mike, nice to see again and will see again for sure 👍

T. X

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Mike at his lovely home the other day during a recent London tour and had such a blast! Mike is an absolute sweetheart and someone I truly see as a good friend. He is always so welcoming and kind to work with- so laidback and equally productive! I absolutely LOVED the projection work he did which gave a bodypaint effect! It was so realistic and fun to see! Mike also had a stunning electric guitar for me to pose with loaned from a friend of his- which was a real treat! I fell in love- such a beautiful piece! I really look forward to the photos and will see Mike soon on the Icelandic Dreams trip! Highly recommended to all, Helen xx

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Worked with Mike for the first time which was a bit long overdue after having to reschedule but totally worth the wait as we had a great shoot in which we worked on various different sets including body projection which I have never done before but it was really good fun and the time just flew by!!

Highly recommended from me, and hopefully we get the chance to work together again sometime.

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32nd shoot with Mike!!!

As he said in the comment on one of the images from this shoot, we decided to take studio to leaves rather than bring leaves into the studio. We checked the weather forecast in advance and chose the best time in the day so it was a slightly early start for Mike than is normal, but his passion and enthusiasm towards photography made this happen and resulted in gorgeous images. Mike is always conscious of his models, if we are comfortable, warm enough, etc. He brought a pot of hot coffee for the woodland shoot and also offered a nice pub lunch afterwards.

His eye to spot the most suitable area to shoot and best angle are brilliant. I have already received plenty of edited images from the shoot and they are beautiful!!!

Highly recommended and looking forward to our 33rd shoot which has already planned for early December.

Thank you for the brilliant shoot as always!

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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

My 3rd shoot with Mike. We get along really well, always fun and laugh and Mike made me feel really comfortable to work with.

He is always professional, kind and generous man. We shot at his home studio which we have created something that we are happy with. Good music of course which made me dance along as usual haha.

Thanks Mike for a great shoot and always lovely to catch up. Highly recommend. T x

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the wonderful Mike again recently on my passing tour to London and had an absolute BLAST! I had first met Mike on the Icelandic dreams trip I had organised and hosted in October 2019, so it was such a pleasure to catch up again!

Mike is one of a kind- a very kind, respectful gentleman. I really enjoy his company and honestly could talk to Mike for many hours! He is just such a wonderful man and great company.

We had a wonderful quick 2 hour shoot in his home and I was made to feel so welcome with lots of cuppas and a very spontaneous (and delicious) meal afterwards which I really appreciated as I was so hungry! :) Mike is so kind and thoughtful.

Mikes home studio is an excellent set up and has everything you need as a model with lighting and backdrops provided. I really loved the results- especially experimenting with the large Autumn leaves Mike had collected - which were BEAUTIFUL to pose with and such vivid colours. The smoke machine was also alot of fun and the images were beautiful! I really look forward to seeing the uploads!

Mike is a wonderful person for any model to work with and comes with the highest recommendation and a firm friend. Thankyou Mike and see you soon, Helen xx

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Mike for the first time, on my most recent "Icelandic Dreams" trip along side a large team of creatives!

We had 6 photographers, a second guest model (the sensational Pippa Doll) and an amazing Icelandic model I had booked especially for the trip (Johannsdottir) which I had kept as a surprise for later in the week, working alongside Icelandic Horses!

Plus two designers who very kindly lent their stunning designs to me for the trip! Added to this, we were staying in a luxurious Villa which was a real treat!

Its always nerve wracking organising such an event and trip, especially going into the deep end together on a week long trip, but Mike is SUCH a gentleman, so kind and such a sweetheart! I feel so fortunate to have had such a lovely group of people, all of personality types! Mike was very much the Daddy of the group (!) so calm and fun to be around!

It was an extremely challenging and cold trip (mentally and physically) for the models, modelling in minus temperatures on ice, snow and water- but we were very fortunate with the weather later in the week and even saw a beautiful display of the Northern lights three days running!

I really enjoyed working with Mike and could highly recommend him to all creatives. My only wish is that I had more time to natter in the evenings rather than sleep after such intense model days! Smile I would love to work together again in the future!

Thank You so much for being our guest and hope to see you again soon! Helen x

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I just came back from 4 days brilliant shoot trip to Devon with Mike. Mike arranged everything including accommodation, transportation, foods, where to shoot and all went very well although the weather forecast was not very kind to us.

The first day he picked me up from the nearby station and drove all the way down to Devon. The second day the weather forecast was terrible but we manages to do shoots at a couple of beautiful locations between rains and luckily we even had a shoot of gorgeous rainbow!!! The third day the weather was kind to us and he took me to the ancient forest where I had never seen the similar atmosphere before. The forth day we managed to do waterfall shoot on our way back home just before lots of people arrived. His organisation was perfect and resulted our shoot trip really successful.

We also enjoyed Devon cream tea time after the shoot and beautiful scenery of Dartmoor.

Mike is always friendly, enthusiastic, talented, well organised, fun to work with, very relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot trip with him.

Thank you very much and really looking forward to seeing the final images and also next chance to work together.

Highly recommended!!!


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Worked with Mike again for our second shoot such a gentleman friendly creative looking forward to sharing these soon to :) We got a great variety of stuff for our next project which I am so very much excited about it.Thank you for a lovely shoot highly recommend and hope to work with again in the near future thank you Mike :)

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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

Had my second shoot with Mike. We went down to Dartmoor for whole weekend and stay in a very cosy beautiful cottage.

We thought the weather would spoiled everything but turned out great. We hit ancient Forrest and the beautiful beach in bigbury on sea on the way home. My first great experience as travel modelling.

Mike was an amazing photographer, experiences and looked after me for whole weekend. He event drop following me back home as my car played up and didn't to see me broke down. What a gentleman.

Love images, quick processing and defo 100% recommend Mike, grab before he retire he told me 😁. Thanks Mike for great weekend away.

T x

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tanya modele

Always late with my references as mike is surly now aware lol

I had the up most pleasure of spending a delightful week in Mallorca which turned out to be ‘siiiiiickkkkkk!’ ;) lol

We shot at some amazing locations and created some epic work!

Mike was an absolute dream to be around aswell, such a calming nature and a joy to be around with ‘no stress’ lol and didn’t panic when I left my passport behind before departure either haha...

All in all any model who spends a week away in some exotic location with mike is very lucky indeed !

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Had a great shoot with Mike today friendly creative got some awesome stuff for his body projection work project! Great at giving direction & amazing ideas as well as a variety shot today! Excited to get my edits through now! Highly recommend and look forward to working with again!

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tanya modele

I had the absolute greatest pleasure of going to Cape Verde with mike! What an amazing experience!

I’d met mike at a pervious shoot a few year prior but as I have a memory of a gold fish I couldn’t remember who mike was! 😂😂

that being said I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Mike is an awesome down to earth guy and very talented at that, I could spend 24/7 with mike and not get bored! Amazing stories to tell I couldn’t of wished to be tagging along with anyone else!

Both me and mike have the same artistic eye when it comes to photography, we both created some epic images at Cape Verde and I’m still buzzing from the trip!

Can’t wait to venture out with mike again to another exotic trip abroad!

Would recommend to any model....!

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