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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ....

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ....

Added 1527858063 by Photofrenetic.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ....

Aka Double Trouble!

I don't often use on-camera flash but in this instance it was a must. Getting the flash (bounced off the white ceiling) to balance with the outside, daylight lit background took a few attempts to get right, but worked out ok in the end!

YasinYasin said, 1527859563

Gorgeous x

PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1527859404

Thank you for some great modeling Aya. What a team!! :D

AyaAya said, 1527859158

Thank you for the great idea Mike!!!

AyaAya said, 1527858549

Thank you AJ11!!!

AJ11AJ11 said, 1527858441

Twice as good! :)