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Sandra & the Cephalopods (Bonnie & Clyde)

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Sandra & the Cephalopods (Bonnie & Clyde) / Photography by Photofrenetic, Model Sandra Blu, Post processing by Photofrenetic, Stylist Photofrenetic / Uploaded 25th February 2018 @ 12:01 PM

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Sandra & the Cephalopods (Bonnie & Clyde)

Member Comments

LeafLeaf said, 1532255187

Oh YES!! I love this! Very well done indeed. I made a nice stew with the octoptus I posed with - I hope these two weren't wasted - they are very tasty! This image really suits the monochrome. Great work, both! ♥

freespiritfreespirit said, 1527704021

Cool work. Stoical model.

Big Shot StudioBig Shot Studio said, 1519689359

Crazy stuff but brilliant :)



AJ11AJ11 said, 1519562786

Fantastic....This one is really growing on me. :)

Shutterbug01Shutterbug01 said, 1519561537

B/w is the perfect medium for this....fantastic!

Jenni JJJenni JJ said, 1519560597

Every girl should use an octopus to hide her modesty! These photos are really making me smile xxx

Sandra BluSandra Blu said, 1519560578

I like this one too a lot.