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Lucy Artmodel

So I recently met Howard on the Summer's Abroad Namibia event we both attended, him as a (fantastic) driver, helper and behind the scenes crew and myself as a model.

Although Howard wasn't attending as a photographer on this trip, we did spend 11 days together and in this time I got to know what a caring, kind, funny and enthusiastic person Howard is! I had such a fabulous time chatting away with Howard in between all the shooting that I know he would be a wonderful collaborator, I've already agreed to doing one of his workshops in the future and I can't wait until we get to work together on a shoot! So although I can't speak for working one on one on a shoot, I can vouch for Howard's wonderful character and have no doubts he will be a great person to work with on a photoshoot too.

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Eowyn Luna

What can I say about Howard? The passion and care and love that he puts into what he does is incredible.

I recently modelled for his "Winter Nudes in the Landscape Experience" in the Highlands, alongside Rachelle Summers. I felt so so well looked after by him, and all of the photographers involved for that matter. I was never uncomfortable (other than not being able to feel my feet once or twice, no fault of his own), and he was on top of his game to make sure we weren't pushing ourselves to freeze too much by almost instantly reviving us with hot soup, and implimenting the most efficient re-clothing system I've ever come across XD

Alongside the wonderful experience I had modelling, Howard was a delight to spend time with and chat to, and I always felt welcome in his company.

And I haven't even mentioned his photography skills yet!

Howard was at constant hand for the photographers who had booked on to the workshop, giving them tips and helping with camera setups. His photography knowledge and skills are invaluable, and I'm certain that all who joined the workshop benefitted from them, as well as his knowledge of locations, which I know so much time and effort had been put into.

If you're umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not to attend Howard's next (and, sadly, last ever) "Art Nude in the Landscape Experience", doubt no more! It is one not to be missed and I can say with 100% confidence that you'll create some of the most beautiful images you ever will create in your life!

Thank you so much again, Howard, for a wonderful and exciting trip :D

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Rachelle Summers

I’ve been modelling for Howard for 10 years (god damn that makes me feel old 🤣) and can honestly say I feel so lucky to have met him and to be able to call him a friend. I think I’ve said it before in amongst the tonnes of references I’ve now left, that Howard and his wife Karen were the only photographers invited to my wedding, which I think says it all for the friendship I have built with them over the years.

But onto work related stuff before I get too mushy… Some of you may look at the frozen landscapes with butt nekkid ladies in the foreground and go WTF 👀?! And trust me I am known for hating the cold to the point that ordinarily I refuse to do location work between October and April because I know it’s not within my capabilities, so I can not vouch enough the levels Howard goes to to ensure his models safety in challenging conditions. When people ask me about his workshops and the stunning but quite obviously difficult locations I have posed in, I always say the same thing - if you want photos of me like that book one of Howard’s workshops 🤣 because in seriousness he is the only person I would ensure those conditions for. Despite it pushing me to my absolute boundaries I know that I am going to be looked after, I know that my time exposed to the elements will be minimal, I know there will be hot soup waiting for me at the end, and I know that despite it all I’m going to be sent images at the end that make my eyeballs pop out with awe and an incredible sense of self achievement. I mean how cool will it be to look back at those when I’m old and wrinkly 🤣

Not only does Howard go above and beyond to ensure his models safety but he is just bloody good company! His workshops are a laugh a minute and just feel like a catch up with old friends, even down to the twisted humour that comes out playing cards against humanity at night haha! I adore modelling on his workshops and this latest one in Glen Coe was no different. Add to that the once in a lifetime photos you will get as a photographer and I can honestly say I would highly recommend his workshops to both models and photographers!!

The only thing that makes me sad is that the next workshop in April will be the last, and I can only be grateful that I get to be a part of it! So unless you have lost all your marbles - GET YOURSELF BOOKED ON! Or you will forever regret missing out on these amazing opportunities!

I look forward to modelling on the April event and future ventures with Howard in warmer countries haha!!

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The real T

What a pleasure to meet and work with Howard. A very warm and welcoming gentleman, very experienced and was a fun shoot :)

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Howard and Karen offered me accommodation for my recent Scottish tour. They gave me plenty of advice and help before my tour to make it as easy as possible for me, during my stay they were extremely accommodating, kind and we had loads of fun! Unfortunately this time I didn't get to shoot with them, but I hope that we will be able to work together in the future, as both of their work is absolutely stunning! Had a really good time, thanks very much for everything!

Highly recommended,

Aurora x

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Keira Lavelle

Y’know what... This photographer gets away with chucking models in bubbling peat pools, suggesting the coldest possible rock in Scotland to park ones naked backside on, using yummy hot tomato soup as coercion material and just generally being a total sarky beggar and just laughing if ever models engage the “Puss In Boots” eyes in a bid to get some sympathy for modelling in the sometimes “nippy” conditions. BUT WE ALL LOVE HIM AND KEEP COMING BACK TO MODEL ON HIS BLOODY WORKSHOPS! Must be something in the soup definitely...

So lower your raised eyebrows at this point: I’m just being an idiot. :P To be fair, I did once get to sit in a nice warm bubble bath when working with Howard on a previous shoot, so I guess it levels out an itty bit. Until the next time we models wish to take our 4am frustrations out on someone, LOL! Basically the tone of this whole reference is going to reflect the totally mad (positively mad) banter that goes on during PhotoClassic workshops. Because even though I’ve just been screaming blue murder about how the torture us... It couldn’t be further from the truth in how PhotoClassic goes above and thereafter to look after the safety, comfort and happiness of models that come to work with him. :)

The most recent madness took place on the Autumn Beauty workshop which was quite a new workshop relative to the classic ones... I was already sold in all honesty before Howard asked me because I had seen some absolutely magical images from the year before; what else could you possibly want in a divine model-in-landscape image than the beauty of Glen Affric? But it doesn’t stop there: PhotoClassic had prepared some amazing themes and garments to enable photographers attending to get something wonderfully unique and story-telling within the vibrant land, as well as the timeless nudes that PhotoClassic are known for. This event really provided artistic variety that was very well thought, even despite dodging the unpredictable Scottish weather that we all know and love... Howard reacted to forecasts with speed and thinking power to jig-up the itinerary and guarantee that delegates still had opportunities to shoot. Planning/knowledge of the site/creative customisation of the looks/group management... He’s a star, genuinely! I had a whale of a time modelling for Howard this time around - as I always do! The vibe from start to finish was just amazing, from looking excitedly through images that the photographers had captured, to the AMAZING food at the stunning hotel that PhotoClassic planned for the trip... Even standing laughing in the patches of sleet/snow/rain until it passed in 5 minutes time (welcome to Scotland!) was a laugh with the obligatory pictures modelling with the frogs that popped out of the foliage. Oh god, anybody reading this is going to be like “what on Earth???” But that’s the sort of randomness that goes down. Massively productive, yet packed with laughs and a really team-oriented friends/family like atmosphere. Just a good crack all round. :)

Reiterating what I said before: Howard is the most professional, safe and respectful person for any model to consider working with. He and his wife Karen put absolutely everything in place that event organisers could (and as an event organiser myself, I know how much workload that is!) But the one thing that remains right at the top of their list of priorities: are the models okay. And I don’t even know why to be honest because we give him so much stick hahahahaha!!!!! Yet alas; tis’ true! Events aside, Howard and Karen also host models at their pad in Aberdeen where I have stayed goodness knows how many times and I always have continued gratitude for the secure and friendly place to base myself when working in the area (whether shooting with PhotoClassic or not!) They are just happy to help make a travelling models life a bit easier and more comfortable wherever they can... Just the kind of people they are.

Howard pinged me some pictures over from the Autumn Beauty workshop and... WOWZER! Snow dusted mountains in the background, what looks like Mediterranean sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to come on a PhotoClassic event! :D

Recommend, Recommend, Recommend, Recommend!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Howard! Until the next adventure which I have no doubt they’ll be!


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Scarlet Jones

At last my first proper workshop with Photoclassics. It was a well-run event with a full run down and brochure given out prior to the event to ensure everyone is informed and the event runs smoothly. Howard and Karen are always such lovely and amazing people to work for. I stayed with them a night each side of the event as part of my tour and was given a nice warm bed and some tasty dinner. During the event, the accommodation was wonderful, great food and comfy beds. On shooting days they were always on hand help and support anyone. They had model safety as number one ensuring that we only shot for a matter of minuted or seconds depending on the client and model ability. They never asked anything too far and always ensured that we could say no if we felt we were unable to do it . I was well looked after, given soup to warm up when needed. I was amazed at how well myself and the photographers have looked after. Even when we had finished shooting a photographer had a puncture but they went out of there way to stay and help him out. On the way back we took a detour and they treated me to some beautiful scenery. This was a wonderful few days and I cannot wait to do another event in April. Thank you so much. Jessica x

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Mike Rhys

Yet another perfectly organised workshop run by Howard and Karen.

Great selection of locations and stunning models as usual.

I'm looking forward to hopefully come back for the Easter workshop.

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Another fabulous workshop run by Photoclassic. Very well organised as always and resulted in some lovely images.

Highly recommend Photoclassic workshops for the personal tips and tuition, as well as the easy-going atmosphere.

Thanks again Howard & Karen.

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Scarlot Rose

I've started to loose count of the times I've worked with Howard now but for some reason, despite being thrown in the north sea, a frozen bog and other things nightmares are made of, I keep coming back! Clearly that says a fair amount about his professionalism, model care/safety and the fact we always have a bloody good laugh!

This week I modelled for the second time on his 'Evening on the Sand' workshop, which was fantastic as always!

I also stayed with Howard, Karen and my favourite Husky for the weekend and felt very well looked after, safe and relaxed!

I can't recommend Howard enough, both to models and other photographers - if you haven't been on one of his workshops you are seriously missing out!!

Thanks again tutuface >_<

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Bobbi Castle

Not a photographic reference but Howard and his wife where kind enough to host me in their home during a recent tour to Aberdeen so I thought it only fair to leave a reference. Two of the loveliest people I know. Always making sure im safe and that I feel at home in their home. If it was for the kindness of people like you two, it would make my my job a lot harder. So thanks a lot to both of you, for the hospitality and for putting up with my winging and complaining hahaha.

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Its hard to put into words how much I admire Howard, as a friend and as an inspirational mentor. It was on one of Howards Art Nude in the Landscape workshops - I believe his first - where I cemented my passion for figure work. Although my subsequent work has been studio based, Howard has rekindled my desire to do more figure work in the majestic Scottish landscape as an upcoming - and perhaps ongoing - project.

Anyone interested in combining the beauty of the Scottish Landscape with the sublime art nude experience would be well advised to treat themselves to one of Howards grand workshops.

Of course, even Howards personal work is executed with the highest professionalism and skill. The results speak for themselves.

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I was lucky enough to be helping PhotoClassic out again this year on his Art Nude in the Landscape workshop. This year he had 4 models on the first session and 3 on the second. Although this workshop was hard work for all photographers and models alike, PhotClassic's excellent attitude and talent for adapting to all situations ensured all photographers went away with some excellent images and all models were looked after and not pressed to go beyond their capabilities in the cold, freezing and wet weather we received, in the very north of Scotland. I would highly recommend PhotoClassic's workshops to all photographers whether experienced or new to the art, his unique workshops ensure a true all round experience giving everyone the best information available including; safety, legal and location knowledge to allow them to go off and arrange their own art nude in the landscape photography, knowing they have the skills and knowledge to look after the models safely in all conditions.

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Scarlot Rose

I'm sure I've left PhotoClassic countless references but this past week has really blown me away. I modelled on the Art Nude in the Landscape workshop that took me, Rachelle, Keira and Helen (plus all the team and the participants) up to one of the most glorious places in the world, the Scottish Highlands.

We did two 3 day workshops back to back and I have to say it's been one of the most challenging weeks of my career, however I'm coming away full of memories and feeling creative, grounded, expressive and wonderful. The week was full of tears from laughter and tears from exhaustion but I'm so incredibly thankful to have been a part of it! There are not many photographers that could convince me to spend a week getting naked in the freezing cold with several 4.30am starts but knowing just how well Howard and Karen look after their models made the whole thing a wonderful experience (and that's not even beginning on the imagery)!

The workshops provided by PhotoClassic are really not to be missed, everything is always so well considered, thought out and executed to the highest quality. They really take care of everyone involved and have such a great laugh in the process.

We spent some time doing image reviews from the attendees post-shoots and the quality of images produced by all was incredible! The whole experience really felt like a huge collaboration between everyone involved to create so much beautiful art! I can't wait to see the outcomes and if you are fortunate enough to be invited to a workshop by PhotoClassic I sincerely recommend you take the offer (both photographers and models!)

Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing this together!

Scarlot :)

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Rachelle Summers

I feel incredibly lucky to have met Howard and his wife, Karen, all the way back when I was 19 (oh god I'm getting old 😂). The last 8 years knowing them has been truly wonderful and I could not of asked to meet better people during my time in this industry. Not only do I class them both as true friends, they have provided me with some of the best moments of my career!

I am so grateful for the opportunities Howard has given me, modelling in the most unbelievably beautiful locations and taking part in many of his workshops over the years. The most recent workshop I did for Photoclassic was without doubt the hardest week of my career, and one that really pushed me to my absolute limits, but it was also one of the most memorable weeks of my career too and one I am very grateful to have taken part in! The whole week from start to finish was a blast - great company and full of laughter - and one I will never forget :)

No matter the conditions you can rest assured you will be looked after like no other shoot you have been on!

Without a shadow of a doubt recommended by me, simply the best!

Thanks for the memories Papa Smurf - here's to plenty more :)

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Amazilia Photography

PhotoClassic's art nude in the landscape workshop had come very highly recommended to me by both models and photographers who had participated in previous workshops. I am pleased to say that this April I attended one of the two workshops run, and both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and just as importantly learned a great deal about my favourite photographic art nude genre.

Communications with PhotoClassic before the workshop were exceptionally good with every question I asked being answered swiftly and most helpfully.

From the moment I was picked up by PhotoClassic in Inverness I was made to feel very welcome and an important participant in the workshop.

At times the weather conditions during the 2 1/2 days were very challenging, as one would expect in the Scottish highlands at this time of year. However, the PhotoClassic Team's years of experience and thorough knowledge ensured that we all got the most possible out of our time.

The locations chosen are simply stunning, and the models amongst the very top of this art nude genre in Britain.

As well as the field work experience , PhotoClassic also delivered a number of interesting presentations during the workshop, which helped to clarify a number of questions that the participants had in relation to this form of photography.

All in all it was a most enjoyable and informative few days, and I am delighted with the images that I secured from the experience. The time simply sped past all too quickly.

I can thoroughly recommend PhotClassic and their workshops to all photographers interested in learning, and in developing their photographic skills.

Many thanks for all your hard work and wonderful sense of sharing (not to mention sense of humour too!)Howard, Karen, Jason and Tsavo (the husky)!


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Keira Lavelle

Another year running on the Easter Art Nude In The Landscape workshop, and another year of enchanting location adventure, pristine team-value, valuable host input and mentoring... And cheesy-as-heck laughs/jokes of course. :P Wouldn't be PhotoClassic without it!

It's really quite emotional that I'm not going to be modelling on next years Easter event actually - I just double checked for clarification and I have modelled for Howard on the Art Nude In The Landscape workshop 4 years running now - non stop! It literally just feels like yesterday when he approached me to do that first one - where the heck does time go! Well they do say it flies when you're having fun ey! :D But, I am under no doubts that it will absolutely rock next year as it has in previous years - I myself, as quite a specialised location model, learned a lot working on Howard's events in terms of invisible hazards, things to think about that you wouldn't otherwise - it does shed a lot of light on how location work requires care and attention to get the best out of it. And any photographers looking to specifically go on to do this kind of model photography in their profession/hobby - I would highly recommend doing one of Howard's events for a highly insightful experience on approaching shoots on location.

This year was a little different to before - rather than just the single weekend, it was the equivalent of two (back to back) events, also at a different hotel/accommodation. Despite the added workload of overseeing TWO lots of delegate groups, looking after models over a longer period and the one-day-after-another getting up before the sun rose itself, getting out and hosting the shoot sessions in the standard challenging conditions, driving non-stop with commutes to locations and doing pick-ups/drop-offs and still finding time to grab top-notch images himself... He was still functioning with the same massively positive aura - I was surprised he was even still able to stay awake let alone still function as the same upbeat Howard that we all know and love! There is a huuuuge amount of mental and physical energy invested into running event's like Howard's, and year after year - Howard has quite literally run on sheer passion for the work he does for the events because he and Karen genuinely don't stop running around like bluebottles. It is quite literally non-stop for them but they are driven by so much commitment, it shines profusely.

It's not just the "active" shooting part of a PhotoClassic event that makes it as good an experience, but it's the whole package with the research, the talks, the being away in the wilderness and making each session work... Yes the landscapes and scenes that attending photographers to Howard's events get spoilt with are quite special. He scouts places carefully and doesn't just offer a lot in terms of gorgeous picture opportunities "on a plate" but also the tuition for how to approach a model shoot in a landscape (or whatever the specific location brief may be) so the times when we gather together and mingle as a group during the talks and image reviews are all part of that epic experience as an enthused artist. As Howard so suitably says: "concept to completion!" It's about the way that everyone connects and works as a team because the end result cannot happen without one or the other person in a creative team - Howard's workshops emphasise this so much, and in all honesty, his approach and care taken to execute his workshops are the very reason why many models (not all who are well/naturally resistant to the great outdoors/harsh elements) will actually agree to take on such a shoot with Howard. Because they know their safety, and contribution in the working process is appreciated and valued.

Howard himself is a very credible photographer who can capture a beautiful moment from a scene - work fast to frame-up, adjust settings, compose relative to the land and pose changes of the model and BOOM. Literally nothing less than a piece of art frozen in time with so many elements of beauty about it. He participates in many areas of photography (from commercial to plain landscapes to wildlife in Kenya and then models) but he can switch into the relevant mode in an instant and see that magic moment. As he sets up the shots - he keeps the models fully informed at all times in terms of what he's planning/what he's visualised so you're all on the same page and can give it your best and nail the images. :) Because that is what model photography is. essentially - you are a tea.

I would like to issue a complaint against Howard however - every time I come stay with him and Karen/model on a workshop of theirs... I end up busting another vital organ from laughing too much. Or getting conned out of their adorable Husky Tsavo for ear scratches!! Definitely conspiracy material I tell you!

Highly recommended as always and ever. Victims... Um - "models" will be well looked after, laugh a heck of a lot, have half a dozen food comas, and a lot of lovely pictures to show for it during the course of a PhotoClassic event/staying with Howard and Karen at PhotoClassic Towers in Aberdeen when touring. :)

Thank youuuuuuuu!!!


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Mike Rhys

Yet another perfectly organised Artnude in the Landscape workshop.

It's always a pleasure to meet Howard and his wife, they know the best spots and book the most suitable models to ensure a perfect experience.

See you guys again in October.

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John McNairn

So Howard and I have known of each other for a few years and we have on occasion met up very briefly to transfer models, etc. This time though I attended one of Howards' well respected workshops, Art Nude in the Landscape, as I expected it was a highly well organised workshop with some of the finest models.

There were talks, practical lessons, early morning starts in fabulous locations, hikes into remote and beautiful areas and locations with plenty of shooting on the way.

It was a fantastic experience that I highly recommend to beginners and experienced alike, the whole workshop was a joy from start to finish. Howard and Karen work very hard to make the workshop more than a bit special and that tells you the level of commitment and quality invested to make sure all participants, photographers and models alike, have the best experience possible. I thoroughly recommend a PhotoClassic experience.

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Cariad Celis

I had the joy of working with Howard and Karen on their Autumn Beauty in the landscape workshop. This is my second workshop them in recent years in Scotland, this time we were outdoors near Loch Ness.

Howard is a great organiser with every detail of our trip planned out meticulously. When working in the cold and sometimes tricky environments it is so important.

To say we were lucky with the weather is an understatement. The locations that Howard chose were off the scale amazing! We had the beautiful autumn colours, a serene landscape with the calm lakes and on one of the days even snow, all the while with sunshine lighting up the colours and textures around us.

Howards teaching to the group for model safety were always priority, he was mindful of us throughout the weekend and how the cold can catch you off guard sometimes. He was prepared with soup on tap, lovely warm jackets and good banter :)

I knew I was going to enjoy this trip but honestly I am was still blown away with both Howard and Karens hospitality and their company. I love working with this dream team!

Definitely a highly recommended :)

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