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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 29 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
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Due to the current emergency situation, ALL photo-shoots are CANCELLED until August !

This is a "cas de force majeure" beyond my control !

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I'm Phil.

I immortalise the natural expressions of human beings, whatever their ethnicity, nationality or religion.

I'm not interested in fashion. I'm not interested in make-up.

Natural light is an ever-changing challenge that makes outdoors photography most interesting. Hey dude, look at that magnificent light diffuser there, yes it's a cloud, and it's moving fast, be quick dude! I don't take myself seriously, but I take my work seriously. I don't bite, I don't bark, I don't have fleas, I don't smell bad, but I have a sharply caustic sense of humour. Is your sense of humour strong enough? Then get in touch!

N.B. All pictures in this setcard (except my selfie) enter the category Street Photography. My point here is to break a bunch of clichés about body shape/size, age, fashionable clothes and fanciful makeup. Body language (most importantly, facial expression!) is the key to a memorable picture!

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UPDATE to the MESSAGING DISRUPTION NOTICE : Due to recurrent internet connectivity problems (spontaneous disconnection every few minutes) these last three weeks, a few messages sadly awaited a reply much longer than usual. This situation should hopefully be resolved now. SORRY for any inconvenience!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE to all 500px users:
Following (1) repeated security breaches involving the 500px photographic forum, and (2) confirmed reports of piracy involving pictures stolen from the 500px photographic forum, I have now removed all high resolution pictures previously hosted on the 500px photographic forum.
Anyone hosting pictures there might wish to consider similar protective action.

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