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Had an amazing shoot with Peter and two other photographers and the photos sent to me were amazing! Thank you for such a great shoot and really hope to work with you again. I felt so comfortable and really got guidance with my poses. Would definitely recommend.

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I have stayed and worked multiples with my friend Peter and it's always an absolute joy to be with him.

He makes everything to feel you comfortable, a lovely and pleasantly chatty personality!

There is not enough words to tell you how amazing you are Peter! Very highly recommended to all models!

I can't wait to see you again!

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Rebecca Tun

I really enjoyed shooting with Peter along with another photographer in a beautiful garden on the Isle of Sheppey. It truly was a magical day, posing amongst flowers and plants, including some exotic specimens. Peter gave great directions and feedback to help me pose in my surroundings. Really excited by some of the pictures. Peter kindly picked me up and drove me to and from the location, so we had time to chat and get to know each other. He was full of useful advice. I'm looking forward to the next time and highly recommend Peter to other models.

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Ivory Flame

I was delighted that Peter booked on to a day at Pipewell Hall, and as ever he was wonderful to work with - pleasant company, professional, enthusiastic and kind. He has a great creative eye, gives helpful direction, encourages collaboration and happily shares the images on the back of the camera for you to refine and improve on if needed. His results looked so beautiful, and I had a very enjoyable and productive time with him. Many thanks Peter :-)

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Cariad Celis

I recently had my second shoot with Peter and much like our first shoot, I came away feeling so happy and full of love for my work. Creating art with kind, professional and fun people is what model photography is all about and I am pleased to say Peter is one of those people :)

Thank you for another wonderful shoot Peter, I look forward to working with you again!

Highly recommended!

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Rachelle Summers

It has been so long since Peter and I had got to shoot so I was delighted when he booked onto my studio day at Burford Manor. We spent a fabulous 2 hours shooting and having a natter and it was so lovely!

I’ve known Peter for so many years and even when we can’t fit in a shoot I try to catch up with him for a curry when I’m on tour haha! He is just such a pleasure to be around, great company and fab sense of humour too!

Highly recommended by me and hope we don’t leave it so long next time :)

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Had my second shoot with Peter and I enjoyed every second of it. It was also great to be back at the same location (Burford Manor) but this time we shot inside the beautiful mansion. As always, Peter was full of ideas so no time was wasted thinking how and what to shoot. I knew the shoot would be amazing as we got on really well the first time we met. I absolutely love Peter's sense of humour and he made me giggle quite a lot hehe.

Thanks again Peter! :)

Highly recommended.

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Irida S

Peter is an absolute legend ! Besides being a very talented photographer he is also kind , sure easy to work with and professional !

We spend the shooting from Burford Manor and from Floraforma's stunning garden ! The day went by so quickly and we created some stunning photographs !

Very highly recommended !

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I had my first shoot with Peter at Burford Manor and I can say that I gained an absolutely amazing experience as a fairly new model (it's one of my favourite shoots so far). The place was absolutely amazing, the weather was fantastic and it was a pleasure to work with Peter. He knew exactly what photos he wants to create and it was super easy to follow his instruction. Peter is very friendly with a great sense of humour. I really enjoyed the shoot and would LOVE to shoot with Peter again so hope we can arrange another shoot.

P.S. Thank you for the dress :)

Highly recommended.

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Jodie Ellen

One of my most favorite photographers is our Peter. Not only do we create incredible content but we have such a giggle doing it.

I love working with people who bring out the best sides in me and Peter is certainly one of those people. He captures images so sensually and artistically I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what Peter produces!

Highly Recommended ♥

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Kelly Hathaway

I had my third shoot with Peter within three weeks - again at Burford Manor. This shoot was just as fun as the previous ones and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The weather was lovely so we also managed to get some lovely shots outside as well as using some more of the rooms inside. Peter was happy for me to film some behind the scenes videos of our shoot and it's great to be able to capture these amazing photoshoot memories as I feel so blessed to be given the opportunities to shoot at amazing venues such as the Burford Manor. I thoroughly enjoy working with Peter and his photos are incredible! 100% recommended by me :D

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I had my first shoot with Peter at Burford Manor! Firstly it’s the perfect location for a shoot! He made me feel comfortable straight away, we took some really strong images & he nicely shared them with me! He’s very easy to work with & talk to! I hope we get to shoot again! Thank you :)

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Kelly Hathaway

I had the pleasure of working with Peter for the second time in less than a week, this time at the magnificent Burford Manor. I had such a wonderful time and I can't wait for the next one! Peter kindly sent me all the information I needed, including directions and what outfits to bring with me. Peter had great ideas and brought along some clothing and props for me to wear and try. We worked at a relaxed yet productive pace and I am over the moon with the photos that he showed me on the back of the camera. Peter gives great direction and is super friendly and easy to talk to.

Highly recommended!

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Kelly Hathaway

I had a fantastic 4 hour shoot with Peter (and MK Photography) at the stunning lakes near his home and in his beautiful garden. Pre-shoot communications were great. I knew what to bring with me and the themes/styles for the shoot. Our time shooting together absolutely flew by and we managed to fit in many different looks and sets in the time we had.

The sun was quite strong, meaning it was quite challenging shooting conditions, but Peter was able to work around this and the photos I saw from the back of the camera were amazing.

Peter gave me great directions, but allowed me to pose freely and input my ideas too. Peter is professional, highly creative, very passionate, gave me encouraging compliments throughout and is an overall joy to talk to and work with.

I highly recommend that you work with Peter if you haven't done so already.

Thanks again :)

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Rachelle Summers

It has been quite a while since I got to work with Peter, so I was chuffed when I saw he was attending Nicole Rayner's Guys Cliffe event last weekend!

It was so lovely catching up and working with him again, it really had been far too long :)

Peter is such a friendly, down to earth person and is so easy to chat too! It really was like catching up with an old friend :)

Highly, highly recommended and hope to work with him again soon :)

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I was very happy to see that Peter was attending Nicole Rayner’s Guys Cliffe event that I was modelling on as it has been ages since we last shot and peter is always a pleasure to work with!

Peter is extremely passionate when shooting and he is always very complimentary and encouraging which of course is always lovely to hear. He is always respectful of course. And is always conscious is safety and comfort on shoots.

What I loved about Peter was that he had very clear ideas of where he wanted to shoot so we really got to use our time together productively. He has a great vision and wonderful ideas which he communicated very clearly. He was one of the few photographers that took the time to look around properly and plan what he wanted to do which I was very impressed with.

And of course - Peter is lovely company and I very much enjoyed my time with him! Do hope we can shoot again soon!

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Had a second shoot with Peter yesterday and what a pleasure it was! I really enjoy working with him, he has brilliant ideas, beautiful locations and knows how to get the best images! I'd highly recommend him and can't wait to see him again :) x

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I finally got the pleasure of working with Peter on my duo tour with Roxy Mendez!

Peter is a lovely, warm and chatty person. He was super friendly and it was easy to build up a rapport with him. We started off with a chat and cuppa and then got onto the shoot.

We covered a number of looks/sets and also shot a really lovely video.

Peter is an excellent photographer and captured some stunning images! The images came out great and it was lovely to work with such a nice person.

An absolute joy to work with - which made the shoot fly by!

Highly recommended and I hope we get to shoot again!


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Roxy M

I've worked with Peter a few times, but this time he came to work with myself and Serenity in London. I always love my time with Peter. He always has great ideas, which always work and are always good fun to do. I know the images/video we got was great and I cannot wait to see any images from the shoot!

Peter is always professional, friendly and respectful. Highly recommended by me to anybody wishing to work with him.

Thank you very much, Peter, for another fantastic, productive shoot! Lets not leave it as long next time.

Regards, Roxy

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Bella Peach

Peter is very professional and accommodating in his home. He is such a pleasure to work with. He takes great pride in his work and it shows. He has some great ideas that we work through and get excellent results. Loved making the video, lighting was perfect. Looking forward to another successful shoot in the future. Take care :) xx

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