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Eirwen L'amour Creed

Had a brilliant shoot with Paul yesterday, along with friend and model isobella111. And never a dull moment Paul snapped into professional mode and was able to get the best out of both of us He gave really good direction, and also happy for us to be creative with our poses .He worked the space very well .great comms and we were both really happy with the photos he shown us as we went along.I would highly recommend Paul.

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J.S. creative images.

Paul had a shoot and as always a pleasure to have at the studio, always creative and courteous and full of ne ideas, and talented.

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J.S. creative images.

Paul had another shoot at the studio. both Paul and the model had a fun shoot and created some lovely images. Always a pleasure to see Paul at the studio and I would recommend him to both models and studios as you get experience and respect and great images.

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Had my first shoot with Paul and wow! This bloke is awesome, he's so friendly, directed me in the art of posing, we got some great shots which I can't wait to view again. Can't wait for our next shoot.

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BOOM!!! Third shoot with Paul. Blimey we had such a laugh, who knew you could have so much fun with a pepper & a chair?? AND we got some stupendously awesome images too.

Just love shooting with Paul, as I've said before, we get on like a house on fire & I really enjoy the way he works, being able to see the images as we take them & his perfectionism really enhances the shots. And of course it's a true collaboration with input from both of us.

Wowee, I think I need to go lie down in a dark room!

Having said that I'm still going back for more, hope we can do it again soon! Once you've had a chance to recover of course Paul ;-) Thank you so much x

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Wow! Second shoot with Paul - if the first was anything to go by I knew we'd work hard but have a good laugh too & that was definitely the case. Love being able to see the images as they are taken so that we can discuss & adjust poses/light etc as necessary.

Paul is so creative & full of ideas & the images looked fabulous - can't wait to see them.

I just ADORE shooting with Paul & hope to do so again (& again!). A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Came home buzzing :-)

If you get an opportunity to shoot with Paul, grab it! You won't be disappointed.

Thank you Paul :-) until next time x

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Had my first shoot with Paul, and boy did he work me hard! But the results are fabulous and even though we spent the whole day shooting, at the Old Chapel, there was still so much more that we didn't do!!

Paul is very professional and polite and I would highly recommend him.

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Blimey!! I had my first shoot with Paul today & I'm not sure I have the words to describe the experience (I mean this in a good way!)& yes it is an experience, so much more than just a shoot.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent & we chatted through ideas beforehand so I knew exactly what to bring although Paul had plenty of fantastic props, clothes & ideas. He had his laptop so we were able to check shots as we went along.

Paul has a great sense of humour & I felt relaxed working with him straight away, he's incredibly knowledgeable, totally professional, gives great direction & is fastidious about what we needed to get just the right shot & wow did we get some incredible shots!!!

I came away from the shoot buzzing; it was intense, I learnt loads, had lots of fun & laughs & to be honest I can't wait to do it again please Paul! Thank you so much :-) x Oh & yes, very highly recommended of course.

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Tanya Fitness

Had the best start to my day and still buzzing. Great shoot from being to end and plenty of laughs and good conversation in between. Studio was clean and nicely kitted out for models and different sets.

Fine art photography is my favourite genre and we covered a wide array of great poses and takes on classics aswell as our own.

Paul knew what he wanted amd gave good direction as and when needed.

Highly recommend working with Paul. We already have a cpl more planned and I simply can't wait.

Professional, friendly and great results what more do.you want ☺ x

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I shot with Paul and another model Lucy and it was absolutely fantastic! I have never had so much fun on a shoot! Paul made me feel relaxed and at home in the studio! I have never laughed so much! He knew exactly what he was doing and the images that he wanted to create :) Plenty of props and outfits to work with! I can't wait to work with him again on some upcoming shoots!

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Had a shoot with Paul yesterday at Flash Photography Studios and I must say he was a very charming photographer (some might even argue "the most charmingest" :P) Paul made me feel really relaxed during the shoot and even went as far as to sing for me. Warning in advance to anyone who does work with him; he has a rule about saying the word sorry so just be careful.

I would definitely recommend working with Paul and hope to work with him again in the future. :)

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Paul to our studio today. From the start it was obvious that he is as mad as a box of frogs, full of ideas, great fun to watch and work with. He knows what he wants and how to get it in camera.

His experience shines through with confidence as he coaches the model searching for the look and expression he wants.

Whatever you do don't say 'sorry' during the shoot... The penance can be harsh... And funny.

Great time, great photographer and highly recomended to any studio and model. We hope it won't be long before he visits again.

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Joleen Turner

Had a great shoot with Paul yesterday, he knows exactly what he wants to achieve, gives really good directions, and makes you laugh - A LOT! He came with almost as many props as the studio has, and the time just flew by. I really hope I get to work with him again, he has so many fantastic ideas! 100 % recommended. Thank you very much Paul. x

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Dee Dee curvy Model

Had a shoot at Studio Balance it was the first time I saw his new studio :)

Another amasing shoot with Paul today! What can I say.. I had a fantastic time, Paul was as always a joy to work with and very inspiring and energetic throughout the shoot! It is an honour to work with Paul I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I look forward to the next time Can't till next year shoot again with Paul :) :) :)

Happy Xmas Paul xx

Many thanks Dee Dee :) :) :)

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Chris Blanche

Paul had a shoot at my studio today with the very lovely Dee Dee. He had some fantastic ideas. I highly recommend him for any model looking to update their ports.

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Dee Dee curvy Model

Iv work with Paul on a number of times and always grate photos from him :) he is a good laugh and very professional So don't miss out on working with him :)

Dee dee x

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Had a fantastic shoot with Paul!

What a gentleman, very caring and generally a fantastic guy!!

Very professional photographer, A* quality!!

Lots of ideas in a fantastic studio!

Really enjoyed my shoot and cannot wait to see the images.. Also very much looking forward to another shoot, n lots more ideas 😊

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Krystal D

Shot with Paul yesterday, we worked on portraiture, fashion, glamour and art nude. Paul is very welcoming, genuine and full of character :)

Communication before and during the shoot were great, direction when needed was great too.

An amazing shoot and cant wait for our next shoot and the images.

Highly recommend to anyone, your guaranteed a comfortable, fun, professional, and creative shoot .

Thanks Paul :)

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tracey louise sheppard

had my second shoot with paul and i must say he is great very creative and fun to work with and we always have a good laugh

look forward to more wacky ideas next time thank you paul

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

YAY!!! FINALLY, I got to shoot with you. I can't believe it's taken so long to get the pleasure of creating some amazing images with you. I can't wait to see them. You're so genuine, you make sure the model is OK, you make them laugh and to work with you is a joy. See you soon Xx

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