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Sophie Aurélia Young

Was booked for a studio model day yesterday and Paul was one of the photographers who attended. Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with- very approachable, friendly, fun, and also professional throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with him and would happily work with him again.

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Had an amazing shoot with Paul today. From first communication Paul was professional and courteous without pushing any levels. Everything was up to me even in the shoot. Paul was a true gent and great fun to be around on the shoot. We all had such a laugh which really made me feel at ease. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with Paul again.

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What a lovely shoot! Had a fantastic time and felt comfortable from word go. The studio space was great and I got the photos back so quickly. I couldn’t recommend Paul more! He was friendly and fun and I wouldn’t change a thing. Super happy with what we came up with. He’s really creative as well 🥰

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Photographer Gino Cinganelli

Paul is a great photographer however he is also a great actor. On this shoot I asked Paul to play a character from the 1970’s which he did perfectly but I also asked if he would help other photographers with lights and getting there shots.

Paul was great working in a cast and helping out.

Paul is a lovely guy and a good friend.

Thank you for all your help on Sunday see you soon

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Had a great shoot with Paul at a group shoot at Burford manor. Paul and I had been hoping to shoot for a while so it was great to have the chance to. In the hour shoot we had paul was amazing and a totally lovely guy. We both had a few ideas and managed to do them all. I would definitely recommend any model to work with paul and I can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Thanks for a great shoot Paul ❤️ x

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Had my first shoot with Paul at Rochester Studios this week. Paul contacted me via Instagram and was prompt with replies. On the day he was friendly and fun to work with and gave me good direction. The photographs are fabulous and I'm very happy to recommend him. I look forward to working with Paul again

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I worked with Paul for the first time at a Halloween shoot based off the film Stigmata organised by Gino Cinganelli. He is a brilliant photographer and very friendly person! I would be happy to shoot with him again and would definitely recommend him.

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Mark Davidson

Its such a genuine pleasure working with Paul again, has such a strong integrity with the camera and a good laugh. This man has mad skills and won't be my last time. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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LIly CArtier

I have met Paul in group of shoot at burford manor and we had great time . Paul was very polite and give the model great directions. He’s a very open minded and positive and great photographer. I would recommend Paul to any model whom are professional or just started modelling as Paul can work with all levels.I am very excited to see the predicted images. And would like to shoot with him in the nearest future.

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I had the great pleasure with working with Paul today on a group shoot at Burford Manor. We had arranged a shoot time - which went really well, then at the end of the day I asked if he’d like to do an impromptu session. He’s a really lovely man and Is happy to pose the model and also to let the model do their own thing. He is totally respectful. Very happy to recommend Paul. I’m looking forward to the images and hopefully working with Paul again.

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Tammy Tegun

Been desperately trying to shoot with Paul for ages now and boy was it worth the wait.

Paul is such a sweet lovely guy, knew exactly what he wanted from me and got some absolutely stunning photos, a true master with a camera.

Can't wait to work with Paul again would definitely recommend x

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Paul is a great photographer to work with. I worked with him briefly a few weeks ago at a cancer awareness shoot. He was great to work with and very professional. Made me feel comfortable and also gave me a good direction I look forward to working with Paul again in the near future.

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Today I had the honour of working with Paul for the first time.

I can't praise him enough! He is a superb photographer and you can tell he is a wonderful person with a big heart.

From the moment we began planning a shoot, the communication was regular. From the moment I arrived at the studios, Paul made me feel instantly welcome and at ease. Any nerves I may have had, just seemed to melt away with his kind and reassuring words.

He offered me direction throughout the shoot and took extra care to ensure I was happy throughout with the style/looks we were capturing.

He also took the time to show me the images captured as we went along. I am beyond excited to see the end result as they looked amazing on the camera.

Paul is so friendly and so funny and anyone would be honoured to work with him.

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon Paul. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. You're an amazing talent!

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Paul again and his friend Gino at Rochester studios,this time It was a duo shoot and it was such a fun shoot!

Paul is such a gentlemen and I couldn’t recommend him enough! I always feel comfortable whenever shooting with Paul and We got some great images! Looking forward to shooting with him again :)

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Worked with Paul and six others booked me for a model day workshop, covering a range of looks from fashion to artist nude.

His communication was great he was able to direct me well on certain poses he wanted to achieve and even allowed look back on the camera between sets! Would definitely recommend.

Thanks again Paul.

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Helen Saunders

I've admired Paul's work for a long time, so I was really glad I to be able to shoot with him during a group event at Burford Manor. We shot in three locations within Burford: Paul used flash in one of the darker rooms, harnessed natural light that flooded through one of the magnificent windows, and battled (successfully) with the ever changing sunshine/shade conditions in the garden. I'm thrilled with the pictures Paul took and the edits he's done and I look forward to working with him again.

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I had my first shoot with Paul and at burford manor on Sunday and he was very respectful and easy to work with and the images were amazing! he is definitely a talented photographer and has an eye for what looks good.

I would love to shoot with Paul again!

Highly recommended!

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Managed to spend an hour with Paul shooting at a group event which was being held at Burford Manor.

We had a clear plan of what we were shooting which was essential given tye short time that we had to shoot.

Pre and post comms were great with edited images being received within 2 weeks of a shoot.

Paul was a delight to shoot with. I do hope our paths cross again in the future.


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Abbey A

Finally had a chance to grab a few sets with Paul at a collab event at Burford and had a brilliant time.

Great comms, swift turnaround of shots and really easy to work with and chat to.

Thankyou again! 📸💚

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Photographer Gino Cinganelli

Another shoot and this time Paul played a police officer on a courtroom film for me. Paul is a wonderful guy a very good actor and fun to have on a shoot. He also did all the mugshots on my convicts

Thanks again Paul

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