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Pauls-Studio has 266 references; 264 recommended, 2 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 2 no-show.

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Another reference for this wonderful studio owner!

One of the best studios out there!

As always, Paul is very helpful, kind, chatty and the best host.

See you in a few weeks

Debbie Leema

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Wel , Paul always has some trick up his sleeve doesnt he? nothing is ever mediocre .. is it .. wow ! the manor house !

What a privilege to be hosted as one of his models !

Paul is and always has been an excellent business partner and friend, hes not a bad photographer also haha ! When he feels like it haha ..

Since iv known him, i have always found him easy to work with , very accommodating , very organised and super tech savyy !!!

Hes like uncle paul he is ! awwww... stand out character and will appreciate his input for the rest of my days !

Now dont get crying when you read this paul haha !!!

Just joking


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David Bijli

I was very lucky to get a last minute cancellation for Paul’s Mansion shoot.

The event was fantastic and exceeded my expectations.

The location was perfect for such an event, the Mansion had a number of different rooms all providing different looks and vibes we were free to move furniture and set up as we wanted. There was lighting in all the rooms that we could again set up as we wanted.

The models were all exceptional. It was again testament to Paul for being able to source a collection of great models. They all looked great with their hair and makeup done to a high standard.

I would highly recommend this event and I will definitely attend again.

Thanks to Paul and all the models :)

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Jeff B

I was fortunate enough to get a place on Paul’s Studio 30th year celebration shoot at the Manor House; a stunning location with 6 of the very best models - Rebecca, Iris’s, Debbie, Nikita, Melissa and Ashley.

Great organisation and planning meant that by shooting in pairs, we got to shoot all six models in various rooms throughout the Manor. Great fun, great shots and refreshments as well; an excellent time was had!

Thank you Paul and thanks you ladies, and thank you Dave, who I shot with, for all your help - it was a pleasure to shoot with you.

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Irida S

I was so lucky to be one of the models on Saturday the 13th of November for Pauls-Studio Manor House Event !!!

First of all , Paul is one of the most well organised event hosts I have come across! Everything rams so smoothly always and makes sure that we all have a great time !!!

Paul is hard working , professional and always enjoy his events !!!

The Manor House is stunning ! Full of natural light opportunities with huge windows and spacious bedrooms!!!

Book your space to his next event now , you’ll have a great time meeting some professional models and other photographers too !!!

Highly recommended

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Paul is the best event organiser I’ve come across during my modelling career.

Paul is a lovely gentleman and I am honoured to work with him.

I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve work with him now, but every time just gets better and better.

Very accommodating, always looks after his models, especially on his events. Lunch, refreshments etc…

Too bloke!

Thanks Paul, see you again very soon

Debbie Leema

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xxmrmthxx - Melissa Tongue

Another wonderful event at the Manor house with Pauls studio. As always very organised, pre comms were perfect and the day ran smoothly. Paul was on hand to help and always made sure things were sorted if needed, nothing was too much to ask. The location is wonderful, full of natural light but also Paul provided all the lighting kits needed too.

Thanks again Paul for letting me be apart of the 30th year celebrations and I couldn't of asked for a better event to shoot at on my own birthday!

If you see the Manor house event up then get booking as it's so worth it!

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Terry V

A big thank you to Paul for a brilliant afternoon at the Manor House with 6 excellent models and the opportunity to shoot all 6. It was to celebrate his arranging such shoots for the last 30 years. Not that there was much time for celebration and congratulations - we had to get and shoot these models in rapid succession - a bit like a photographic version of speed -dating (I guess!). It was quite a challenge especially with models new to me but well worth it. While I'm here, It was about 12 years ago that I had my first model shoot at Paul's Studio - he taught me the basics and I've never looked back.

Many many thanks Paul.

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I was so lucky to use Paul's studio for my first studio experience alone. With the fantastic model Lou1111 and Paul's great studio, the road was easy for success :-) Paul is also a very pleasant person and helped to change backgrounds when I needed it .. no stress here in the yard! Thanks Paul.

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Kelly Hathaway

I've done several studio days at Paul's Studio over the years and they have always been very well organised and a huge success. Paul is very welcoming and is a brilliant host. He is always on hand for helping to set up backdrops and lighting set ups. Paul is friendly, respectful and very helpful. Highly recommended by me and I look forward to the next one :D

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Raven Photographic

Pauls studio is excellent nothing is too much trouble very helpful and the studio is well equipped thank you paul for a great few hours with you at the studio highly recommended

I’ll be back


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Irida S

I’ve been working from Pauls for years now ! Countless of studio days from Pauls place !

Always professional , super fun and good people are coming to the studio days !

Highly recommended of course !

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Mansoor Ali

Some days ago I had my first shoot at Pauls Studio. Paul is a friendly and very helpful person. He helped me with the camera settings and was always available to help with the studio settings. I enjoyed the two hours I spent & I hope to do more shoots there.

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Jade K

Shot at Paul’s yesterday with himself and then with a photographer who booked a few hours and is a regular to Pauls.

All pre comms as usual spot on I knew what shoot style clothing lingerie to bring with me and had an awesome shoot plan.

Paul is a great photographer and also a lovely guy I’ve known for quite a few years now he always is so welcoming and always makes sure I’m comfortable throughout the shoot and provides me with lots of tea and coffee top ups ;)

We shot some art nude plus some implied and lingerie the time flew by.

I will be recommending Pauls studio 💯 Thank you Jade

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Rebecca Ray

What a gem Paul is! Paul contacted me about working on the Wales photography trip and doing a few model days at his custom built studio, and i'm so glad i said yes!! Paul is fantastic... he is friendly, a talented photographer and makes shooting feel even more fun! The wales trip was in the most fantastic location, the food was amazing and i had so much fun working with all the photographers and models. Paul's custom built/garden studio is one of the best studios i've ever shot in, you can tell a lot of thought and consideration has gone into making it a versatile photoshoot space, and he was always on hand to help with lighting or set up for every shoot and i loved all the photos everyone captured! i wouldn't hesitate recommending him, or his studio! Look forward to hopefully shooting with you again :)

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black cat archive

I had my first ever studio shoot at Paul's Studio today with Rebecca Ray. Paul has an amazing set up, giving huge flexibility to the photographer. Paul is clearly very knowledgeable and was super helpful in giving me a clear introduction to studio lighting.

I'm really looking forward to attending further model days at Paul's.

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In Search of That Perfect Shot..............

Had a shoot with Tanya Modele and Ella Ray at an event in Wales organised by Paul's Studio. All went well - was very organised and everyone who attended was respectful of Covid rules. Tanya was awesome as ever and Ella - my first shoot with Ella and hope it won't be the last! Thank you to everyone involved it was a lovely day. Best wishes Jann :)x

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Andrew Matthew (aka acameraman)

After 15 years of shoots at Pauls the pleasure of visits there could have diminished. Not so today, once again Paul chose a fantastic model, LunaLuna, for his Studio Day. He also set up lighting to mimic natural light from a window which looks fantastic. I came away having had great fun and with a treasure trove of wonderful images. Luna is magic in front of the camera. Thanks both. Andrew

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Had great work at the Paul’s studio, for couple days. Paul is very nice, welcoming and always smiley. I like that about him. He meet me from the station and always was very helpful no matter what I asked he always been here for me. I think it’s amazing host and amazing person! Feel grateful for meeting Paul and working at his studio. Can’t wait to work there again! 😊

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I attended a recent studio day at Paul's.

Everything was well organised, the studio was well equipped and most importantly of all, I was made to feel welcome from the start. Paul was always around to offer help if needed as well.

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