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A great session at Paul's Studio a few days ago with Roseanne. As always, Paul was at hand to help you get the shot you want. With lots of options for lighting and props as well as ideas from Paul, the studio really is a great place to play around with set-ups and themes.

I've worked at Paul's on many occasions and it has always been a great experience and I invariably come away with great shots and a real sense of satisfaction. If you've not used the studio before then I would highly recommend it.

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KB Photographic

Worked with Roseanne at Paul’s Studio a few days ago. Paul’s Studio is always well kept, clean and with great equipment. Paul is always on hand to give a hand with setup, and advice. He is always keen for you to achieve the images you’re after. Was very pleased to see Roseanne back in Paul’s Studio. Thank you Paul for another great shoot.

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Damien J

It's probably been 5 or more years since I last visited Pauls Studio so it was good to pop along and see how the space had changed since then whilst getting a shoot with Nikita Banana on her studio day.

Preshoot comms around details, info on studio facilities and information needed to pass along to the model were all good, plus directions to get there although I had a fairly good memory of where it was.

The organisation of the studio day was so that I could turn up 15 mins before my start time, have a coffee, chat about what I was looking to do and not feel rushed, and that I was losing time.

Paul helped me setup the backgrounds and lights I wanted which made things a little easier as he could adjust the lights for me based on what I saw from the test shots and save me having to go back and forth.

There were plenty of lights, modifiers, accessories like gobos, posing boxes and backgrounds to achieve what I wanted without any stress.

Good quality equipment, varied options to use, great selection of models that visit and not that far from me make it a great option for my shoots :)

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Zoe Arabella

I have visited Paul’s Studio over 15 times. Recently I did a couple of shoots with Paul himself. It was a great experience. Paul is so knowledgeable about all aspects of getting the best image. I feel very proud of the pictures taken.

Thank you Paul.

Looking forward to the next shoot

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Infinity Valerie

Had a great first shoot organised by Paul at his lovely studio. Paul is very welcoming, caring and chilled out, we had a laugh and a very productive shoot.

Paul is certainly a professional at his game, he takes his time with light set ups to get that perfect shot.

I would certainly recommend Paul to any model or photographer, as you will be in good hands.

Thanks again Paul and hope to work with you again soon.

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I have just been to another studio day at Paul's.

As always the studio had everything that I wanted.

Paul always arranges days with amazing models and this one was no exception with Maria26.

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Chris mockett

Having just finished a Training shoot at Pauls studio using the studio lights I must say that with Pauls guidance it gave me a lot of confidence to do my own shoot there and thank you to the fantastic Maria for putting up with me.

Highly recommend

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Another great turnout organised by paul at paulstsudio, I honestly didnt have to put a casting out of anything and he filled up 3 days for me .

Paul has a great loyal clientele who appreciate the practicalities provided by his studio and from the support of his professionalism.

To me , hes like my cool uncle... we dont half have a natter when I'm there and he always makes me laugh ! I do appreciate everyrhing he does and I'd always recommend his studio !

I have never had any issues in all the times iv been there (which is alot haha)


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Barry Davison-Mallard

How many times have I shot at Pauls?

Loads, that’s how many.

He started me off in this obsessive hobby, and is always a safe bet for appropriate models and assistance once you begin to know what you are looking for.

He’s there if you need him, and unobtrusive if you just want to get on with it.

The studio is compact but extremely well equipped, and I like it there.

Paul’s Studio is EASY, comfortable, safe, and although I often fly free now, I keep going back there despite living some distance away.

.... And, with another full day already in the book, I will continue to do so ...

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Irida S

I've officially lost count on how many times have been to Paul's for studio days.

Always very well organised and the studio is well equipped and spacious.

Happy to recommend to others of course :)

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Irida S

The other day, I had a fantastic shoot with Paul from his fantastic studio.

As always Paul is excellent with pre comms and always easy to work with and very professional!

Very happy to highly recommend shooting with Paul :)

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I shot a 4 hour fashion/beauty shoot with Roxy at Paul's Studio and this is a fantastic studio space! Paul was very helpful with setting up the lights and modifiers for me and was on hand at the ring of a bell. The air conditioning was an excellent bonus too! Highly recommended studio :)

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David Bijli

I attended Pauls studio Wales weekend. It was fantastic, the location was amazing with an unlimited amount of sets. The models were of a very high standard and they all worked hard to ensure that we got the shots that we wanted. The event was very well organised and everything went well.

This is the second Pauls Event that I have attended. I would highly recommend Pauls events to both models and photographers. I can't wait for his next event :)

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I am so happy to be a model for Pauls photography events.

His workshops are always well organised with timetables and plans. Pre-comms are fully informative, from what to bring to directions, Paul thinks of everything.

There's a clear timetable of who everyone is shooting with at what times and when the breaks are.

The estate Paul books is absolutely stunning and it's HUGE! There are so many options/places available to explore so no one ever shoots over each other and the quality of images you can take there have such high potential!

This was my 2nd time at the Wales Weekend and it was so much fun, I always have a great time and I can fully relax as I know it's well prepared and organised.

I love meeting the models and photographers who attend and of course seeing people from last year too. It's a brilliant social event as well as a fantastic photography experience.

I would highly recommend

Thank you so much for having me again ♥

Lana xx

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I was booked by Paul for his Wales weekend event, and pre-communication was amazing. He sent through a very detailed itinerary and information about what to expect on the weekend. I felt fully prepared, which is such a relief for an event like that! Paul organised it brilliantly, with a relaxed schedule which set the mood for all the creativity. There were plenty of snacks, breaks, the food organised was lovely. As well as the complex itself being absolutely beautiful and inspirational led to a very enjoyable weekend with so many good images. Would definitely recommend Pauls events to anyone.

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Irida S

Yet another well-organised and extremely fun weekend in Wales with Paul's Studio. This was my second Wales weekend and as expected everything ran smoothly and everyone was so happy!

Very highly recommended of course!

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Dean M

I was lucky enough to attend Paul's wales weekend and it was very well organised and the venue & model selections was absolutely fabulous.

I had a fantastic weekend, thanks Paul

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I have been visiting Paul's Studio for nearly 8 years.

I recently attended one of Paul's Event weekends in Wales.

The organisation was superb. The variety of models was very well considered and the venue was incredible.

Paul works hard at the events and the studio to make sure the models and photographers are looked after and supported. His objective is simple, he just wants to see great images and will do all he can to facilitate that.

Highly recommended

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Miss Class

I was blessed to meet Paul at his amazing studio today and I had the best time

Paul is such a lovely man with such brilliant photography knowledge

I was comfortable the whole shoot and he had some brilliant shot ideas that we worked on and achieved some brilliant images.

I'm so glad I got the chance to work with Paul and cannot wait to go back at the end of the month for My studio day there.

Love love the images we got


Miss Class ❤

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Andy J W

I had a follow-up studio lighting course at Paul's Studio, the model was Serenity, who is fantastic.

Really excellent time. Paul is a great tutor and the studio lighting setup is excellent.

Highly recommended.

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