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This was my first shoot with Paul and is was great fun. He flew from Ireland to Glasgow and we shot for 6 hours, part in Studio and part in the hotel he had booked for his stay.

Paul is a lovely guy and very easy to get along with. He made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed throughout our shoot. I am 37 weeks pregnant and this was my final maternity shoot and I’m so glad I done it with Paul as he has a lot of patience and understanding.

He has lots of great ideas and even brought a variety of costumes and props to use which came in very handy.

I wouldn’t hesistate to recommend Paul to any model at any level.

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Well what can I really say.

From the start to the finish. I really had a great time working and on the same time getting to know Paul.

He is really nice and approachable, but most importantly very polite and professional.

He looked after me the whole day and we created some amazing images. We both worked hard to achieve the best.

And I can’t thank you enough Paul for feeding me and looking after me. What a great host. :) and a beautiful soul.

Hope to work with you soon in near future.


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Stayed and worked with Paul during my tour of Ireland.

He kindly offered to host me and was incredibly hospitable and easy going, making me feel super comfortable and at home :)

Snacks and drinks were practically on tap so I always felt refreshed and relaxed!!!

Paul is probably one of the most considerate people I've worked with, always checking if you're OK which is awesome.

So we shot around limerick including some cool ruined places.

Paul is always super prepared, bringing hand warmers, a blanket and anything else to ensure I am warm :)

We had an adventurous day throughout Ireland shooting in many cool places!!

Love working with Paul both as a creative enthusiasric photographer and is also an awesome person, chilled, fun and laid back!

We made the worlds hottest stir fry too which is probably the hotter thing I've eaten in my life lol

Highly recommended as always

Angel x

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KatyB (Katex)

If you love a laugh, a shoot where your input is valid and your treated with the utmost respect.. Then I would 100% recommend working with Paul! He booked me for a half day on your Ireland tour when I was coming to Limerick near the end.

I had a problem with accommodation whilst I was in Ireland as my host was banned from PP for more than one report from models, in a panic I told all the photographers I was working with during my stay and Paul offered to host me from Sunday to Wednesday, which was a absolute life saver! He treated me brilliantly, feeding me and making sure I wasnt short of teas and coffees. He was fabulous company, and after the stress of my tour he had me feeling relaxed and continued to make me laugh, we were in fits at certain points! Paul is such a genuine person who obviously cares for mods safety and comfort. We shot for 4 hours together, it was very relaxed and he had lots of new latex outfits which he (and I) couldn't wait to try out! He's brilliant with lighting, with a great set up in his kitchen which had everything he needed to create the images he wanted. He dropped me to the coach on my way back to the airport and made sure I was on the coach safely.

I couldn't recommend Paul highly enough, to any model, new or experienced.

I'm forever in this man's debt! Thank you so much Paul, and I owe you a shoot which I'm really excited to do!

Can't wait till I come back,


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Chelz is that incredibly crazy chick☯️☯️☯️☯️

Humm where do I start with Paul’s reference !!

Oh what a bundle of fun Paul is lol.

We had a crazy mad arse shoot . Which I throughly enjoyed 😊. Paul picked me up and took me back to his . Wow walking into his house is like walking into Aladdin’s Cave . He had props, outfits that would suit every genre possible. 😉

Back to our shoot . As your all aware Erotica is my genre . Paul had never really shot my levels so he took up the opportunity to work with me on my recent trip to Ireland. So with open arms I welcomed him into the wonderful world of eroticism. We decided what props we use. I did ask Paul to get some heavy duty chain so we could do low key he also found some ninja throwing things that I thought would be really cool to use . We did a number of sets as I was with him most of the day . I’m not sure if I shocked him with some of the ideas I was coming up with . I wanted to try and give him a variety of levels of erotica. I felt completely comfortable with Paul . I was happy with hands on approach if I needed help with an outfit etc. Paul is such a chilled out laid back dude. 😉. He’s got a great personality. Very funny Oh yes and he has a secret sweetshop in his kitchen 😊😊😉😉👍👍. I soon found the bag of pear drops.

He takes his photography very seriously and has a real passion to shoot all genres . Hence having everything a model needs in his house . Not sure if that’s disturbing lol haha 😂. On a serious note he just loves to buy things hee hee .

So to sum up our shoot we smashed it . Bang go the fireworks 🎆🎆💥. Crack open champagne 🥂 🍾 to celebrate 🎉 🎊 our successful shoot .

Would I recommend Paul !!!

HELL YES 💯%. . I must of been a good girl all day as I got a wee prezzie from Paul. A lovely bottle of red wine 🍷 that he made 😊😉. Cheers hope to see you in London sometime.

Thanks again

Chels 😊👍😉🍾💥🎉🎊🥂💯

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Natasha AK4790

Always an awesome time shooting with Paul! He is so fun, creative and open to ideas and whacky things to try. We bounced ideas off each other and got some amazingly different pics! I love the photos and look forward to working with him for the third time when I return to Ireland. Highly recommended!

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Miss Blue

I had a third shoot with Paul while he was over in England and had a blast. We shot a variety of sets, with both of us contributing throughout the afternoon. Chatty, respectful and easy to get a long with. Can't wait for the next one.

Thanks x

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I got to work with Paul last weekend for the fourth time and as always he is a joy to work with. He is a wonderful considerate host and looks after you to no end.

He is easy to get along with and we always have a giggle!

On top of that he has already sent me some amazing images.

Thank you! Look forward to next time 😁😁

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I worked with Paul for the first time on my recent trip to Ireland. Paul is a lovely, chilled guy with a creative eye. Paul's pre-shoot comms were great and he helped me out with advice for my trip. He also kindly hosted me for a night, where he made sure I had everything I needed. The shoot itself was relaxed and we worked on lots of cool creative ideas. Paul is very easy to get along with and I highly recommend him to other models :)

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Miss Blue

It was out second shoot together and it was fantastic!

We shot with the drone in the morning and the studio in the afternoon, getting a variety of shots that I am very pleased with. He was very accommodating providing a good breakfast after a run around the town.

I would highly recommended him and look forward to working with him in the future!

Thanks xx

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Second shoot with Paul.

Paul is such lovely person and absolute joy to work with. He was very well prepared for our shoot and had many great ideas.

Paul, thank you so much for our shoot, hope to work with you again.

Highly recommended.

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Bad Dolly

I love Paul. The end.

Ok I'll write a bit more than that but that sums it up! On this particular Dublin tour I was lucky enough to have two shoots with this legend. As always Paul was on time, professional, hilarious, friendly creative and fun. I feel so comfortable around Paul, he really is one of my favourite people to work with. He's so creative he always has new and exciting ideas, he brings fabulous props and always makes time for tea, being English tea is extremely important to me!!

To sum it up I trust Paul in every sense, he is a gentleman and a genuinely wonderful person to be around, I can't recommend him enough and if you haven't spent time with this awesome human being you are missing out! Xx

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Paul is an absolutely epic human who happens to be awesome at being awesome and has a fab way with the camera too!

One of my fave fellas to work with hands down :)

He knows how to have fun on a shoot, always coming up with weird and wonderful ideas that are so very fun to put into practice - this time Myself and Bad Dolly got covered creatively in electrical tape that Paul is epic at - should be an artist!

I can't recommend this amazing photographer to all, he is the real deal, the full shebang, the full monty.....well, he is quite simply cool as and is a DUDE in my book! I hope to work with him when I'm back next year on my lonesome - can't recommend this hero enough ♥

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I got to work with Paul for the third time a couple of weeks ago and as always it was such fun! I travelled from Dublin on the Saturday and he was kind enough act as host so we could shoot on the Sunday morning, he is always a super attentive host which is very much appreciated!

We had a spooky shoot on the Sunday and got some really great quirky images, just in time for Halloween.

I can't recommend Paul enough, he is not only great fun and full of creativity but such a lovely guy too!

Thank you :)

Look forward to many more shoots! :)

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Scarlet Jones

I had a blast shooting with Paul . Paul booked me for a full day on my first tour to Ireland and also provided me with accommodation for a few nights . His pre communications were excellent and everything sorted in a matter of messages.

Paul is full of ideas and enthusiasm for shooting . We talked through some of the ideas and I added my own input to some . It was teamwork and we were able to bounce some ideas of each other. I throughly enjoyed all the sets that we did , on location and in his home studio . Paul is also very respectable and clealry regards his models safety and first and for most . He ensures that you get enough breaks needed and that you are happy and comfortable . He even brings blankets and the snugglest dressing gown ever . It is now my best friend . I was fed and watered well throughout my stay and even allowed to have a power nap :D Now thats how you make your model happy. The communication just continued throughout the day. Especially when we attempted a difficult pose that needed team work to pull it off and we did it :) Paul even left me my breakfast laid out this morning :D as I'm a bit brainlesss in the morning All I can say is that this shoot is the highlight of my Ireland trip. Great photographer , great person , and a great host .

Just amazing . Thank you so much . You made me go from wanting to go home to actually enjoying my trip again :D

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Miss Blue

I had a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with Paul yesterday evening.

We shot a mixture of ropes/erotic and art nude, in which we both contributed ideas to produce some awesome images. He was very easy to work with and I felt relaxed from start to finish.

I hope to shoot with Paul again when I am back in Ireland and highly recommend him!

Thank you x

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Kitty Quinzell

I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Paul, I could tell immediately upon meeting him that he was a really cool guy.

We shot in a very cool indoor location and also at his house doing beautiful art nudes and also a few horror themes which were great fun to act out/model.

Paul is friendly, polite and respectful, feeds his models (bonus) and has an excellent taste in music which always helps!

The images on the computer looked great and I know we got some real corkers.

I Will definitely work with him again when I'm back touring here.

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Had an amazing shoot with Paul today - got a lot done and had a great time!

Would recommend in a heartbeat!

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Aurora Violet

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Paul for the first time on my first tour of Ireland on a location and studio shoot doing some fashion, artistic nude, erotic and soft bondage styles. This was Pauls first time doing a rope style and even though it was quite a simple style he viewed a video whilst tying the rope and had special scissors for releasing me if need be plus he made sure I was comfortable and happy all the way through it and whilst photographing me.

We had a very productive shoot and Paul arrived on time with lot's of ideas and a plan of action, going to an outdoor abandoned location, an indoor abandoned location and then doing a studio shoot at his home studio space. We got some amazing images and Paul is such a nice guy.

He was constantly making sure I was ok, happy, warm enough and making sure I did not trip etc.

His communications leading up to the shoot were superb also and during shooting he was great at directing me plus letting me pose freely.

The shoot flew by and Paul had munchies and water/juice at the ready, plus he had lots of lovely outfits and props which was really fun. I love wearing something the photographer has picked as it is something different to pose which is always fantastic.

He kindly drove me back to the house I was staying at (Kindle Models) after our shoot and he let me see all the images.

I cannot wait to work together with this energetic, lively, creative photographer again and hopefully sooner than later.

Very professional, organised, full of ideas, fun, chatty and just a great guy.

I highly recommend Paul to all, do not miss a shoot with him.

Thanks again Paul,

Until next time.

Aurora :)

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Had another shoot with Paul during my little tour of Shannon, Ireland.

Paul always has tonnes of cool ideas, is funny and so easy to work w8th.

We did some epic shots in an adandoned mental asylum, art nude, harleyquinn and dark angel.

I love the fact Paul always goes all out with his shoots, providing outfits along the way.

We finished with some cool latex and art nude shots at his.

Paul is so laid back and easy to work with it doesnt feel like work at all!

Highly recommended by me and will hopefully work with him again next year!


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