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Paul is one of my favourite people to work with, he is extremely easy to shoot with,there is always lots of giggles as well as beautiful results guaranteed!

Thank you so much, look forward to the next shoot!

Highly recommended! 😊

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KatyB (Katex)

Paul was once upon a time, my saviour!

He helped me sort out a very horrible situation once id landed in ireland a few years ago, and from then i had a feeling he was a pretty good guy... and after coming back from ireland for the 3rd time, i can 100% honestly say he is a great guy!!

Paul is spot on with pre comms, and is super helpful with navigating (irelands coaches!). After the small issues i had on my way to ireland, it was great to be back in a familiar space with a familiar face :)

He kindly picked me up from the closest stop the coach dropped me off to, the room was ready, clean and comfortable.

Paul has to be one of my favourite photographers to joke around with, which means my ireland tour always have a hell of a lot of laughs involved! Hes very thoughtful, and i feel so "at home" when he hosts me, which is the best feeling.

He just keeps going!!!! I love how his portfolio has changed and how by attending workshops etc i can see how hes progressed, how hes zoned in on certain techniques (he loves that lightplay!) and has still made it *his* image. He has a million ideas and its so great to be with someone else who has excess ideas/costumes/wigs! The day flew by with a good few sets changes, easy conversation and a warm comfortable space to shoot in. He kept me fed throughout a long day shooting on saturday which meant we had a shorter day of shooting on Sunday. I've always felt more than safe when shooting with Paul, whether its a location shoot or a shoot in his well equipped home studio. His home studio has so many possibilities, many backdrops to chose from, so many props at hand and many lighting options.

Not only do i enjoy shooting with Paul and our lazy evenings watching tv and doing admin, but the other benefit is the awesome images hes kind enough to let me use for my portfolio and social media afterwards. The editing is absolutely spot on and i know he spends time to edit the image and make it even better than what we shot originally. Ive learnt alot about photographry since working with bhim, which is a huge bonus in itself.

I cant find a bad word to say about Paul, hes extremely welcoming and wont fail to make you chuckle! An absolute dream to work with and create art with and im chuffed when he chooses to work with me.

Highly highly recommended, an absolute star to work with.

Thanks Paul, keep being you!

Looking forward to my return to Ireland,


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I had my first shoot with Paul and Bryan and wow what a shoot that was!

I was travelling down to Limerick, at first when I arrived I had such a warm welcoming and felt relaxed straight away!

Paul had so many ideas, which he wanted to try and the day passed I don’t even know how. Paul is very friendly, kind, welcoming and fun person, but also professional and gentlemen too. I felt great the whole day and I didn’t even get tired 😀

Pre-communication was excellent and we had really amazing results I’m so happy I’ve got to meet these two ☺️

I would highly recommend Paul and would definitely work with him again. 😊

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Natasha AK4790

I had the best weekend at Paul's in Limerick! It had been a couple years since we shot and I was glad to be back. Paul is always fun to shoot with, has great ideas, is creative, a great laugh and also open to ideas too. We got so many great shots during the weekend and I can't wait to come back!

Highly recommended, thanks Paul :)

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Tink Kaos

Love working with Paul, he's bloody hilarious and excellent to work with - I went over with my partner Natan, stayed over at Paul's place for a few days, and shot over a couple of days with him and Bullets. A rather cool mix of low key fashion and headshots, long exposure colours, with some highly enjoyable pagan duos - absolutely loved this shoot. The pictures are incredible too!

Paul is respectful, artistic, good company, super genuine, patient and lovely. Would highly recommend him to all creatives and models, a safe and wonderful soul.


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Travelled down to Limerick to work with Paul last weekend and as always had a blast!

Working with Paul is easy totally chilled atmosphere with lots of laughs.

And we always take awesome photos!

Thank you so much and excited for our next shoot! 😊

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I have worked with Paul many times and as always we got amazing results and had great fun!

He is a super kind and generous, looks after you throughout shooting and is full of wonderful creative ideas!

Thanks so much Paul, can't wait for the next shoot!

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Our second shoot with Paul went very well. This time we also went outdoors. He had an exact plan where he wants to shoot and he found the best location so we had a chance to figure out what kind of dresses would be the best there. I love the results we have from the shoot. I can only recommend him.

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I don't know how many times I've worked with Paul but it's always such fun and so easy!

This was our first shoot after quarantine and I was very excited.

Awesome creative theme and loads of fun was had!

We always get great shots and have a giggle.

Thanks so much Paul

Look forward to the next! 🙂

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Olivia Livewire

I shot with Paul and his friend Brian during my road trip in Ireland and WOW, what a fantastic pair or humans!

I felt so welcome, so at ease and there was great communication about the shoot. He has a great sense of humor and the two days of working with him just flew by.

The results were fantastic, we created some beautiful images, both in amazing locations and in Paul's home studio, which is an excellent set up.

I really hope I get to work with Paul again, he was so accommodating and lovely. A million percent recommend.

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Genuinely love working with Paul so much! He is always full of bizarre creative fun ideas, is probably one of the most easy going people I've ever met and is super fun too.

He is so hospitable, offering to pick + drop me off at the airport, letting me stay with him and feeding me amazing food!

I may have split one too many gin and tonics but hope I wasn't too much of a terrible guest :D

The results of the shoot were awesome too, he is always so quick at editing the shots!

We went to some beautiful locations as always. It never feels like work working with Paul and hopefully I can return to ireland soon!

10000% recommended

Angel x

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Natasha AK4790

Paul is honestly one of my favourite people to shoot with! He’s funny, creative, easy going, respectful and we always get awesome shots. We always try new techniques which keeps it interesting! Highly recommended.

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Paul is a great person with a good sense of humor! I enjoyed our shooting so much!

We worked in a very small room, but he prepared really well lighting and he is soo good in editing, that everyone thought it was a big studio.

He is so creative, and he had everything for a cool shooting!! Aerial rings, more dresses than I have, a the talent!

I’m looking forward to shooting with Paul again!

Highly recommended!!!

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Tink Kaos

Had my second shoot with Paul, at his Limerick home studio, with Bullets (Brian) - what an amazing shoot it was!

Paul hosted me the night before, super comfy spare room,and made sure there was lots of food and herbal tea available during the shoot too, he's an excellent host and awesome soul. We started shooting some colourful gel lighting set ups, a few different outfits, the images are utterly beautiful; then went on to clamshell style lit portraits, overhead lit nudes and implied reclined. The pictures are just stunning!

Paul is an awesome human, very respectful, funny, extremely creative, and cool company to be in - would highly recommend this fellow, he's a top gent.

Tink x

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Paul is one of my favourite photographers to work with, he is a wonderful host and always full of cool creative ideas.

I can't recommend him enough!

Thank you!

Look forward to our next shoot.


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Tink Kaos

My first shoot with Paul (How is it only the first???) earlier this month, doing a split shoot over two days - was arriving from a long train journey, two flights and a bus, so was pretty tired but Paul made sure I was comfortable, fed and watered before shooting that evening. Bullets also came along for the shoot, and we got some incredible portraits, some moody shots, projector shapes, an edgy latex set, so many incredible photos! And the banter was brilliant, had such a laugh!

Paul is lovely, very chilled, artistic, great to chat to, and was kind enough to let me stay at his house for a few days - a cool soul, can't wait to shoot with him again!

Thanks again man, until next time.


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Natasha AK4790

Absolutely love working with Paul! He’s hilarious, creative, open to ideas and has millions of his own. It’s so much fun working with him and he’s a gent too! We’ve created loads of awesome photos together and had fun doing it. Can’t wait til the next time :) thanks Paul! Highly recommended.

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Love shooting with Paul, he had me along to 2 Photoshoots where he organised absolutely everything when models were travelling over to Ireland and he was hosting them. we did a shoot with 2 great very harworking models on the 4th, 5th, then 7th 8th.

I can see the more times I team up with Paul and great models that I'm becoming happier with my photos each shoot. I'm seeing my own photography improve trying different things, the Last shoots we tried loads of stuff! my favorite images where when using his Gravity Hand-painted canvass backdrop with a 1 light setup. There was also projectors, Gels, Latex, urban stuff, loads of outfit changes....so many different setups we went through.

He recently upgraded his home studio and it looks awesome now. New flooring, loads of backdrops and equipment means you can do lots of different setups.

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Did a shoot with Paul and his friend Bullets in Pauls private home studio. The studio offered various backgrounds, as well as lights. Paul was very professional, easy to work with, chatty and made sure im comfortable. He had plenty of pictures for me done only in space of couple of days, and i absolutely loved them. Cant wait to work with Paul a d Bullets again!

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Stephanie Dubois

Paul is a lovely person who very kindly hosted me also. We had a short but sweet shoot on one of the evenings i was there and i found him to be really creative. We shot quite a few sets in a short space of time with lots of variety which is always fun. Paul is a great host and a lovely guy. Many thanks and i hope we get to work with each other again. :)

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