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Sister Of Sinister

I would highly recommend this lovely gentleman, brilliant to work with, great communication before the start of the shoot and fabulous organisation. I have to say you are brilliant mr, wonderfully creative and i felt very honoured to have worked with this marverlous photographer, i honestly had a blast and i cannot wait to do it again soon, rock on!!!! Highly highly recommended :D

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I'm very lucky that I replay for last minute casting call as his organization skills are just incredible. Perfect contact before shoot , I recive all needed information about what I need to take with me , what is topic of the shoot , what kind of outfits are needed, I been picked up from station and lift back (twice course there was 40 minutes to train so Paul offer me one more caffe ) His charming wife made me lunch.

On shoot I have lot of fun , all photographers been easy going and they exactly know what they expect from me . Only think I can say that I cant wait for next shoot :)

Highly recommended tog !

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