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What more can I say about this photographer other than BOOK HIM NOW!! An absolute diamond in this industry and a true credit to this industry. Each and every shoot I undertake with Stephen just gets better and better!!

I initially worked with Stephen on a couple of workshops at EMP Studio a few years ago...bridal and pinup...he was quite new to photography at the time and quite timid and nervous...however fast forward to a few years later...a booking on my EMP Model Day, a booking in Inverness and most recently our 'broken doll' inspired shoot...and wow what a difference, more confident, amazing at what he does and you can tell he has truly worked hard to get where he is today.

Stephen is a joy to work with, he works well with the model to gain the best possible images and I always feel at ease and comfortable working with him. Along with first class communication, a professional approach and manner and an easy going personality, I VERY HIGHLY recommend him to all and am looking forward to undertaking many more shoots with him.

Book him now as you definitely wont be disappointed.

Keep up the fantastic work Stephen, you are doing great!

Jen x

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MissTaarna spfx mua

was pleased when I applied for Stephen's casting and he chose me, as he had never worked with me before,

I really liked his portfolio his images are clear and sharp and he captures models makeup well.

I had worked on a broken doll shoot with him and model jen, and I found him to be very trustworthy and genuine guy, likes to get involved with behind the scenes taking photos of the development of the model looks, the images captured look fantastic.I would highly recommend and defiantly work with Stephen again

Taarna x

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The first time I ever worked with Stephen I was nervous and unsure about myself - very quickly he made me feel very comfortable and I loosened up. Stephen is very confident in what he does; he produces stunning photos and his direction is relevant.

As a person he is funny, lovely and respectful. As a photographer he is talented, precise and is a highly skilled editor.

I have worked with him twice and plan for many more.

I highly recommend Stephen as he will make you feel at ease and produce phenomenal photos.

Keep up the good work :)

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Model~Lyns said...

Ive had the pleasure of working with Stephen in the studio a few times now, he is a fantastic photographer with an eye for detail, he's fantastic at giving direction & is a fun guy to be around, lots of laughs & jokes while producing some amazing images.

I'd definitely recommend Stephen weather your already an experienced model looking for a great tog or if you a first time model building your portfolio you will not be disappointed, he's always at had to offer any help, hints or tips which makes it an overall fantastic experience in the studio :)

Thank you Stephen I feel privileged to have modelled for you & wish you every success in the future :)

Lynnsay ..

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Erin McNeill MUA said...

I extremely enjoyed working with Stephen on a creative TF Project with Model Lynnsay Sutherland, All instructions given were very clear, communication was excellent and he is very friendly and welcoming. It was very clear from the outset the shoot was about ALL creatives gaining something from the shoot which was fantastic, We all had input on ideas and the final results spoke for themselves. I would highly recommend Stephen and will hopefully get to work with him again on future projects with different models.

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