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Amelia Mary

Always a pleasure to shoot with Pani :-D We went to shoot at a park, nearby his studio (which is super lush, BTW) and all in all it was a glorious day. Sunshine, lots of shade for shooting, beautiful area and Pani is a top professional. Easy going and truly knows his stuff, producing wonderful images, everytime, without fail. Thank you Pani. Ofcourse, highly recommended :-)

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Worked with Pani on a recent group workshop and what a pleasure it was!

He arrived on time and organised. Despite bing many photographers and the team about on the day he made the effort to speak to me, was considerate of others and was friendly & professional throughout. His bubbly personality shone through.

Really pleased with the image I’ve seen and would highly recommend!

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Fantastic pre comms

Great studio

Was easy going and a pleasure to work with!

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Pani answered my casting call last week and I'm glad he did!

Amazing person, great photographer, very professional with high skills for retouching.

Nice and clean studio, very well equipped. Good at giving directions. Results are outstanding.

I would highly recommend Pani.

Thanks for this amazing opportunity, I hope to shoot with you again soon.

Bou :)

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Debbie Hayward Makeup artist

I have had the honour of working with Pani twice now. He has an amazing studio complete with a fantastic area for makeup. He is a very talented photographer who has an amazing eye for detail and creates amazing pictures. I hope to work with you again and highly recommend x

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I had the pleasure to collab with Pani yesterday, and it was wonderful.

He and his team are very professional, he was very very easy to work with and we managed to take some beautiful shots.

I super recommend him, and hope to collab again in the near future.

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I worked with Pani a few days ago in his studio. It's a truly beautiful, well equipped studio. He is a great photographer, he's got a very good eyes for details. He took beautiful shots, can't wait to see all of them. I definitely recommend him!

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Ria Fantastic

My second time working with Pani, this time he had also sourced an awesome makeup artist and a second model (who also spoke Hungarian!)

His lighting and techniques are amazing, he really knows how to get the perfect shot and tirelessly works towards achieving it with minute adjustments on both sides of the camera. Plus, he got us all pizza! :D

We always get great shots so thanks again Pani!


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Rayne Swan

I loved working with Pani today! He has a fantastic studio with all the facilities a model could want, he works fast and has an excellent eye for detail that helped me to get some amazing photos. Pani is so friendly and easy to get along with, and he has great ideas for creative concepts. Would definitely recommend and thank you, Pani!

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Pani kindly invited me over to his excellently equipped studio, after answering my casting call, asking for help to set up and use a new brand of lighting and trigger. A purpose built studio, with a lot of thought gone into it, with great lighting and all the amenities. Pani is a natural teacher and even my silly/obvious questions, did not seem to phase him. I can see why his is a popular photographer.

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I shot with Pani for the first time yesterday on a street fashion shoot yesterday in London, alongside another photographer. Pani's pre-comms were great and he had scouted out several locations ahead of time. We also found a couple of great locations from just wandering around and both him and Christina have an excellent eye for finding unique backdrops. He gives great direction and makes it very clear what he wants to get out of the shoot. I have already received images from the shoot and they are incredible! Both he and Christina were a delight to work with and I had a really fun day. I would not hesitate to work with him again and he comes highly recommended from me!

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Kelly Hathaway

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Panikos who was teaching a group of photographers at a MPA training day earlier this week. Panikos gave great direction but also allowed me to pose freely too. I learnt things myself - including how to pose my hands properly for portraits! Panikos was a fantastic teacher and certainly knows the ins and outs of photography and lighting. Panikos is professional, has a great sense of humour, and the photos from the day are amazing!

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Artemis Fauna

Pani and I booked in a super last minute shoot for today during my London tour.

Snow didn't stop us (thank goodness!) and I am SO glad it didn't! It was a short shoot but SO productive!!

Pani's comms were great before hand, his studio was clean, warm, spacious, his images were superb, working with him was a pleasure! I just wish it had been a longer shoot!

Id love to work with Pani again when I am next in London! Highly recommended by me! Thank you so much, Pani :)

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Tom Kay

I had my first shoot with Pani today and what a pleasure it was! Pani clearly is a master of his art and has a plethora of knowledge to draw from.

Everything leading up to the day was smooth and concepts were very easy to discuss allowing us to create a great selection of images. A large part of this is down to Pani's attention to detail. Everything is carefully calculated and precise to elicit nothing but the best!

I would thoroughly recommend Pani to all!

Thanks again mate!

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Pani was a pleasure to work with and had extensive knowledge about photography, lighting and posing.

I thoroughly enjoed working with both him and Cassandra MUA - both of which were very professional.

I would highly recommend others to work with him and look forward to sharing the pictures!

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Ria Fantastic

Shot with Pani at his home studio (which is the most professional set up in that amount of space you'll ever see). He has every piece of equipment, every photography award, and all the knowledge possible when it comes to his work. It's clear when you shoot with him that he knows exactly what he's doing, exactly how to get what he wants, and exactly how to capture your beauty perfectly. I would be very happy to work with him again.

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I had a shoot with Panikos at the end of October and first off, it should be noted that I contacted him at a short notice before travelling to England. To my delight, Panikos responded right away (which left a very good impression already at the first contact) and agreed to shoot with me.

If you are someone who wishes to learn something about photography, Panikos is the right person—he is a true professional and knows everything there is to know about what it takes to produce a good image. Being from Germany, I happen to know a few interesting (even if mostly useless) facts about photography-related topics, such as for example the fact that Zeiss factory (the biggest and the most known manufacturer of lenses for cameras and microscopes) had its roots in Thuringia region. Imagine my surprise when Panikos knew all of this stuff too—and that in addition to all the technical nuances! Now that’s dedication!

We shot with Panikos in his comfortable and well-equipped studio for about three hours and it was a very pleasant and an informative shoot. I learned a lot, which is a very important aspect for me and I warmly recommend Panikos and if you are still in doubt, just take a look at his portfolio—this is a man who creates masterpieces!

Thank you, Panikos, for the time you have dedicated to me.

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Leda Ogden

I had the most amazing shoot with Panikos and a fellow model, Xenia. Panikos is a master at his art and knows everything there is to know about photography. He puts a lot of care into every shot, provides a variety of valuable advice and is able to adapt every look to its full potential. His communication is timely and his attitude very professional. He also has the most beautiful studio. I feel privileged for having worked with him and would highly recommend him to any model.

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I cant believe I haven't left Pani a ref yet!

Basically he is awesome :)

Amazing photographer with a high skill for retouching.

We shot in his lovely well equipped studio in North London and I had a fantastic shoot.

He comes highly recommended from me.

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Pani was awesome to work with - despite the traffic holding me up by an hour and a half (which Pani was very understanding about!) We got through a lot of stuff and produced some really, really great shots. I'd wanted to do some gels for a while now and Pani was definitely the right person! Really knows his lighting as is apparent from his work. Highly recommended! Thanks

H x

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