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Emma Jayne

I had the pleasure of working with Martin recently, he is a wonderful guy and a very talented photographer.

We had a long (ish) day booked but the hours seem to fly by as we chatted and bounced ideas around. Martin has a great energy and a wicked sense of humour; I spent much of the time giggling :) I also felt very well looked after, with regular breaks and Martin kindly provided snacks and hot drinks.

I was also fascinated by his collection of clothing, shoes etc. It would rival many models' wardrobes!

Martin's images are fabulous, he has sent some edits over already and has captured me beautifully. I'm taken aback by the beauty of what we've created!

I absolutely loved working with Martin, loved the results and I look forward to working with him again.

Highly recommended :)

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Working with Martin is joy, personified. We just get on so well, and I literally love spending time with him. I personally think that he is the best photographer at full length that I know he has such a great understanding of the human form. He has the ability to create this amazing art through his brilliant understanding of both the female form in particular and the lighting needed to show it off to its full potential, this is not only a skill, It’s a complete art form of which Martin is at the top of his game for. We did a duo shoot together with James , he was so incredibly kind to us, and we were fed and watered like kings and queens! I adore his supercool taste in music, his amazing stories, what an interesting person he is! And his creativity and understanding of photography is awe-inspiring, I could literally work with him every day! Because it is so fun, inspiring, and educational. I feel that I learned so much on this shoot, especially about doing a duo, which is an area that I am not very experienced at but I found it so helpful, so as ever thank you so so much Martin :)

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James New

I have been excited about this shoot for a while now. I had the most wonderful shoot with Martin (Orson Carter) and Kate Pop.

The location for the shoot was at a village hall. There was plenty of room to get a good distance and depth on the shot. Martin has a great setup here and knows his camera and lighting equipment well.

Martin has such a great eye for art nude and give good direction but was also happy to hear mine and Kate's input. The shoot was a success and I can't wait to see the images.

Martin is very welcoming, friendly, talkative and has a very young, interesting mind that made the day fly by. Lots of excellent stories and funny anecdotes. He made us feel at home with beverages and food. Always asking if we needed anything.

A proper professional who I'd love to work with again. I can't recommend Martin/Orson Carter enough.

Thank you.

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Jasmine High

Today, I had a really great first shoot with Martin. It was a fantastic experience!

All the communication before the shoot was perfect same as during the shoot. Martin picked me up from the station and even checked for me the train times, etc. And was making sure I don't miss the train.

During the shoot he was really accommodating offered so many tea breaks and also got some food for me too:)

We worked through few different sets, his photography and lighting skills are perfect. All images behind the camera looked fantastic!

Martin is a gentleman and he was making sure I was okay during the shoot.

I really enjoyed our shoot and what is even better ? We shooting tomorrow again ! :D

Thank you and see you shortly :)


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I love working with Martin. Thos was our third shoot together. He knows what hes doing especially when it comes to lights. He has great ideas and allows me to test some of my ideas. Pre comms were really useful to get an idea of what he wanted. He brought great outfits with him which looked great on the back of the camera. He is also very friendly and easy to get on with.

I cant wait to see the pictures

I 100% recommend him!

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Shoot number 4 ✔️

I had the pleasure of ending my year with another shoot with Martin. Again pre comms were simple and easy and he once again had some fantastic ideas with some super results (and outfits). This man doesn't give himself enough credit, his enthusiasm is awesome, camera skills superb always shares the progress on back of the camera as we go.

Very knowledgeable gentleman, totally respectful and considerate and all round, great guy with fab energy (-He calls himself an 'old git' yet is really pretty youthful and definitely) a joy to shoot with. Highly recommend!

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Mrs Grey

I was very lucky to have two shoots with Orson! All I can say was it was amazing.

Although new to modelling he made me feel very relaxed and at ease. His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm just made the shoots very relaxed and comfortable. He offered so much advice and guidance, I really appreciated it. He is a very talented man and I would love to work with him again and I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with him.

A big thank you Orson

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Mrs Grey

This is the 3rd time that I have been lucky enough to be photographed by Orson, he had a cancellation and living not far away I was not going to let this chance go a miss, I made sure I got there even though I didn't have a car.

I love working with Orson he is always such a gentleman and always puts his models first. Thank you for a fun day, I hope we can work together again soon.

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Omg what a pleasure to work with Orson finally . Super talented , professional, amazing outfits and just super nice and cool . I highly recommend Him and I hopefully get to shoot with again . If you get the chance to work with Orson then you must ! X

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Mati Matilda

I do consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with Martin for the seventh time.

Not only I like working with him but I really enjoy and love working with Martin.

I always look forward to seeing and working together, as he’s just not talented and professional but fun and joy to work with.

Ah and he’s got a very good style , he really impressed me for good.

Can not recommend him highly enough. One of the best.

Looking forward to our eighth shoot and thank you for being so amazing.

Mati :)

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Jade K

Well my first time shooting with the wonderful Martin, It was a long time coming!

We had spoken about shooting for some time now and when our calendars aligned I jumped at the chance of shooting with him.

I was very excited about this shoot and it did not disappoint I am so thrilled and extremely excited about sharing our images, From what I have seen on the BOC! Well WOW!

Martin is such an incredible photographer whose eye for detail and capturing the perfect shot is impeccable! Just superb! I’m grinning from ear to ear!

He’s also such a lovely guy and was very kind at keeping me topped up with hot drinks and sandwich’s, Very much appreciated, Thank you Martin.

Anyone that hasn’t worked with Martin needs too! I can see why he has so many glowing references and I hope I can add many more in the future :)

Thank you Martin you really are incredible, I can’t wait to share our images and shoot with you again in Feb!

A massive recommend from me always!

Jade :)

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I have been lucky enough to have had 2 more incredible shoots with Martin.

I'm always very excited to be invited to a shoot with him, the day is a lot of fun and just flies by. The pictures we create are absolutely beautiful!

Martin is so creative and very talented! Just wow! If you are invited along then I would highly recommend, you definitely won't regret it!

I do hope I get the opportunity to shoot with him again in the future 🙂

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I, had the total pleasure of working with Orson again (for the 3rd time)😬!! This was our second outside shoot at a stunning location-of his choice. Again, what a fabulous location, pretty good company too! Conversations just flow so easily! I were in owe with the beautiful setting. Martin's pre communication-perfect, informative and punctual. Martin is a very talented photographer, he isn't shy to get dirty for the perfect snap, was very considerate of myself and ensured I came prepared for the weather and the setting- which was actually very mild for the time of year- Martin also came prepared with a sandwich and drink for us both and a few craft tools to assist during the shoot if needed! Very thoughtful! Awesome images were shared with me in no time, the results speak for themselves. The next shoot booked and I cannot wait!! Thankyouuuu. Most definitely recommend!!

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Ballerina Erica Mulkern

I worked with Martin for the first time today at a 1-2-1 session organised by Inspire Studios and it was a true pleasure to work with him.

From the minute he came in he was friendly and his radiant personality shone through. Time really flew by and I couldn't believe it when our time was up! We got through so many ideas in our short amount of time and from the BOC I was very happy with our results. Can't wait to see the final edited images and I do hope we will work together again very soon :)

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Oh what I can say about Martin, clearly Martin is one of most recognisable photographer on pp and I am very honoured we have already had 4 amazing shoots. Martin is a pleasure and a joy to shoot with, it is all due to his very friendly and charming personality, very well-developed technical skills and his overwhelming talent, which is brimming over with creativity and love to what he does. Shooting with Martin is like having the holidays, every time I am very excited and happy about our shoot and my expectations are very well complacent. I am sure all models who had the chance to shoot with Martin, wouldn't miss another one. I can't wait for our another shoot which is already in the diary 🥳

Thanks Martin, 100%highly recommended

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Woo hoooo!

I were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Martin again -this time at his indoor location carefully structured to format a great studio space. Martin has loads of great ideas and also a good sense in style, he provided image examples and accessories to help us create some awesome images which he was super speedy to share. I looove the passion and respect Martin clearly has for photography, models and style. A great sense of humour and taste in music. Really enjoyed creating some tasteful, slightly different images and having the opportunity to expand both of our portfolios. Most definitely recommended. Watch this space 🤪

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Miss L Ginge

So, there is a reason why there is over 450 references, a stack full of amazing images and a tone of respect...because its Martin!

I just love working with him and have been lucky enough to have worked twice with him now. Martin insists on working as a team to create images of a brilliant quality and won't stop until both parties are satisfied with the image...not being difficult with Martin.

I could not recommend him enough! Martin even went to the trouble of remembering my dietary requirements and brought stuff especially, what a guy!

Can't wait for our next shoot. Completely recommended.

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Luna Forrest

Oh my goodness what an incredible shoot!

From start to finish, Martin was professional, respectful, funny and simply an absolute joy to be around!

Provided yummy snacks, plenty of outfits and excellent music. And not to mention, wonderful conversation.

I cannot wait to work with you again!

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Cariad Celis

Such a long time in the making but the time finally arrived! Since I joined purpleport many moons ago I have been an Orson Carter fan! I longed for the day we would get to shoot together and after speaking on and off for over 8 years our paths finally aligned. It was everything and more of what I could have hoped for, Martin was wonderful from he get go, he is really easy to click with and you feel comfortable and at ease straight away.

It was amazing to see how he shoots too, his techniques and precision and use of light is unlike any set up I have seen before. To see the final images coming out too, is incredible I love all of them! Thank you Martin for a wonderful day!

You know you have had a good shoot when you walk away and can't stop smiling, this was definitely one of those days :)

If you get the chance to shoot with Orson Carter, do it!

Highly recommended!

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Had my first shoot with the lovely Martin on Sunday.

It was a really fun day! We had a good laugh and was a privilege to spend a day shooting with him. I've admired Martin since starting my modeling journey so was really excited to get to work together.

We did lots of different styles and used lots of cool outfits and I'm very excited to see the finished images. Which already looked great from the back of the camera! He's a huge talent thanks Martin I had a blast! ☺️

Highly recommended by me!

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