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Stephanie Dubois

I had another lovely shoot with Chris between Xmas and new year. It’s been ages since we last shot so it was fabulous to see him again and catch up after so long!

He met me at my friend apartment where we shot natural light using the big windows and reflective surfaces available. As ever, Chris was super easy to get along with and the shoot time just flew by. He is very conscientious about his photography and I love his attention to detail. I always feel like our shoots are a proper collaboration.

Thanks again Chris and hope to see you again soon.

Highly recommended

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Chris for the first time the other day at my home on a half day shoot and had such a great time! From the offset Chris was professional, very respectful and great company! He has beautiful, high quality photographic work and puts alot of effort into his photography which really shows in the end result.

The shoot was relaxed but very productive and really enjoyable, working through various rooms in the house and different outfits.

Chris is such a trustworthy person and a complete gentleman to work with, I can thoroughly recommend him to all models and would love to work together again soon!

Thankyou for a lovely day and hope to see you soon, Helen x

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Dee (Dynamo)

Had another shoot with Chris over the weekend, love working with him, creative and fun to work with. So easy to work with and the time flies by. We shot alot of natural light which was great as i dont get the chance that often and i cant wait to see the results. Always happy to work with Chris!

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Absolutely loved shooting with Chris, pre comms were brilliant with advice in regards to the locations, different settings and the appropriate styles for each set. e messaged regularly and Chris was really kind when my phone broke en route to the shoot!

As soon as met Chris in person he was a lovely, warm, gentlemanly and full of enthusiasm for photography and other topics we had in common. I thought we were barely going to shoot for the great conversations we were having.

If you're in a tricky light situation Chris is the man to have around, he helped identify areas within our locatons that had the best light, and gave great advice and direction on how to utilise it. Also provided lots of ideas for positions, poses and framing in each setting.

I'm super looking forward to shooting with Chris very soon!


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I had my second shoot with Chris recently. He's easy going and easy to work with which makes the shoot relaxed and enjoyable. We shot on a few different locations and got some great shots. I'd definitely work with Chris again :)

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In spite of the typical English summer (strong wind and rain), combined with walkers seeking shelter in our shoot site it was a great shoot. An over zealous farmer prevented the cornfield element of our planned shoot, :-( despite which we got some great shots before moving to the woods for more feature shots. A very relaxed shoot with hopefully some great images created by a very good tog. Can't wait to see the output and am very happy to recommend - will be back as I still want my cornfield shots ;-)

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Elle Beth

I had a great Second shoot with Chris last week, this time we got to work on location. pre comms where excellent and the locations where planned out which made the session run smoothly.

We got some really stunning photos despite the blazing sun.

As always Chris was a complete gentleman and made sure i felt comfortable at all time.

Highly Recommended!

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Silence Masters

My second shoot with Chris and every bit as wonderful as I expected it to be.

Chris is an absolute joy to work with. So friendly and professional, it's a pleasure to tramp about the brilliant locations close to his base with him while he spies out great places to shoot.

Chris has a real gift for spotting light on location and using it to produce the most gorgeous shots. He's chatty and easy to be with, and looks after his models very carefully (he can hear a dog walker approaching from miles away!)

One of my favourite photographers to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough.

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Stephanie Dubois

Had another great shoot with Chris at Fine and Dandee Studio on my recent Southern Tour. Chris is so lovely in every way and I always enjoy our shoots together. We focused on natural light work both cothed and art nude and Chris was very respectful and our shoot just flowed so well.

Very highly recommended - super guy!

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Scarlett Blaze

Where do I begin?

Chris arrived early at Fine and Dandee studios with bags of enthusiasm, he mentioned he can be shy well if he was it didn't show.

He was talkative and put me at ease instantly as soon as I met him and randomly stroked his face ;-)

He really knows what makes a picture and has a good eye, I was really impressed when he showed me the back of the camera.

I feel we got some stunning pictures and it also really helped with my self esteem since my accident.

Highly recommend!!

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Elle Beth

I had a great shoot with Chris yesterday! We did plan to have a location shoot, mostly nudes and summer dresses, but the weather was very cold in the morning, and Chris took note of this as he stood very cold waiting for me at the station. Chris was very kind to change his plan and booked a studio at late notice instead.

Due to Chris's friendly chatty nature we managed to change our ideas instantly and got some really beautiful shots in the studio and we still had a successful day.

Chris is very professional and pre comms where great, I knew exactly what the locations for the day where and the type of clothing i should bring despite us not actually doing the what was planned :)

I highly recommend Chris to other models, and i hope to work with him again soon.

Elle x

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Peliroja Stephie

I had such a lovely shoot with Chris last weekend. It was our second time working together and our first ever location shoot together.

We spent the day shooting at an old abandoned bunker doing some cool sculptural nude to then frolicking around a beautiful blue bell woods.

Chris as always is an absolute joy to work with, easy to talk to, especially if you're a nerd like me and enjoying discussing the walking dead tv series.

Over all, Chris is a talented guy, very fun and polite and very easy to work with.

I definitely 100% recommend him. :)

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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Chris for the first time in around three years last weekend on my sell out studio day at Fine and Dandy.

We had a blooming brilliant time. Great images, loads of laughing, dressing up and amazing time-lapse videos!! ;)

It was great to catch up and I love the images we got on Saturday. Can't wait to see them go online! Thanks, Chris! :)

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Rara Goes Roar said...

So myself and Chris had been trying to make timings work for a while and we finally got there. At my hotel, we shot all things erotic in the shower and on the bed. It was all amazing meeting a fellow nerd of whom I could chat with about Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC etc and discuss things only we would understand. We got some seriously hot images! Highly recommended and would happily work with again :)


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Silence Masters

Chris contacted me via PP and I'm so glad he did. We had an absolutely fantastic shoot at two amazing locations, and despite it being a cold and blustery day I had an absolute ball (and we made some great images too).

Chris is immensely fun to work with. Polite and chatty, with great focus on achieving the results he is looking for. He gives good direction, but with an easy going nature that instantly put me at ease.

I hope very much to shoot with Chris again (and again). If you get the chance to shoot with him, don't hesitate to accept.

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Lizzie Bayliss

I have worked with Chris several times and every time, it's a model's delight. This time we worked together at my Studio day at Fine and Dandee. Chris is an intelligent, friendly and dynamic young creative, with a professional attitude towards his models and his work. He has an easy-going attitude in his shoots, and relaxes his models with his great sense of humour.

Chris is open-minded to lots of ideas and aspires to create beautiful images, which we produced loads of last Sunday!

During our shoot we shot a variety of styles and genres and I look forward to seeing the images because I know some of them were fabulous.

Highly recommended to all, and hope to see him again soon. Don't leave it so long next time!

Lizzie xx


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Fiammetta 🖤

Chris is a brilliant photographer and a lovely guy. Fun and entertaining, polite, friendly and professional.

We had loads of ideas to go through and his choice of locations are really superb, but we started with some home/studio shots, combining natural light and studio lights.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I loved his drive and passion. He was very hospitable too.

The images are excellent and I am very pleased with them.

I strongly recommend Chris for a shoot, do not hesitate to book him.

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I worked with Chris at my 1st Fine and DanDee Studio day recently and had such a fun time!

He has an amazing sense of humour which had me giggling through the shoot, and a lovely way with the camera, using the available natural light in the most gorgeous way :)

Chris directs brilliantly, his communication was fab so we got some epic images - I can't recommend this professional & fantastic photographer enough!

Em x

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Rachelle Summers

Another shoot with Chris yesterday!

As always it was great fun, it's always lovely to catch up with him too whilst still working our way through a few different sets/styles. He always tries to do something different rather than just sticking the the norm which makes the shoots interesting :)

Pleasure working with him and hope to see him again next time!

Highly recommended!

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Rachelle Summers

Yet another shoot with the ever lovely Christopher at the beginning of the month :)

He is such fun to work with, really chatty guy and have gotten to know him well over the few years we have been working together. Always very respectful and friendly and I really enjoy working with him.

Although next time I see him he is going to get a telling off for changing his name - just took me over 10minutes to find him to give him a reference hahaha :)

Highly recommended!!

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