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Cat Paws 🐾

I enjoyed working with Peter. We had to dodge the rain on part of the shoot which was outside and then a gym shoot. The gym wasn’t easy to work with as the lighting wasn’t great and equipment was tired but we managed to get some good shots. Communication was good, we had fun and the results were great. I would work with Peter again.

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Eva Mengling

A great shoot with Peter. He is very encouraging for my artistic expression while giving me clear structure and guidance on his vision. It is very comfortable shooting with him and we had many wonderful results.

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I had my first shoot with the wonderful Peter yesterday at my home and garden - what a truly lovely person! Thoroughly polite and respectful throughout and I felt 100% comfortable and at ease in his presence from the moment I opened the door, as he is not only a proper gentleman but his passion for photography shone through immediately, making it very obvious that he takes photos for the right reasons!!!

He also happens to be very funny, easy going and kind and we hit it off like a house on fire. Peter knows what he wants to achieve from a shoot but also knows when to step back and let the model ‘do her thing’ which made my job very easy indeed.

A truly wonderful person with bundles of talent, creativity and kindness - Peter is welcome back absolutely any time and I recommend him 10000%!

Jenny xxx

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I first became aware of Peter (Optima Photography) when he responded to my recent casting for an automotive themed shoot.

From the outset Peter was very open and articulate in sharing his thoughts and ideas on what props we could use, potential locations and his availability. From this point agreeing a theme for attire and time was relatively straightforward.

On shoot day itself, Peter was at the location ahead of time and fully prepared for the sunny conditions. Having already assessed the landscape Peter had ascertained which shooting angles would work best for what we were hoping to accomplish.

As shoots go this one was very efficient with the opportunity swifly being taken to maximise the surroundings and props that the beautiful Bath street had provided us with.

Within a couple of hours we had amassed a fine collection of first class images which were edited within a week.

This was a very successful collaboration with Peter. He has a great passion for photography and it was a pleasure to both work and converse with him so he is highly recommended by me!

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Pete was a lovely gentleman - kind and respectful. I had a lovely shoot today with him in Bristol.

I had so many great ideas - we shot some really fun fashion ideas as well as lingerie. The time flew as we went through lots of different ideas and sets - I throughly enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to seeing some of the edits and look forward to working with Pete again in the future.

I highly recommend.

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Got to work with Pete during a group shoot and what a lovely shoot it was!

He is so relaxed and lovely to shoot with he had some lovely creative ideas too! And was more than happy to hear my ideas too!

Cant wait to see the final images! And would like to shoot again soon!

100% recommended 👌

Katrina x

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Allie Tyler

I worked with Pete on a group shoot last week and it was a pleasure!

Pete is so chilled out and easy to talk to. He was very respectful, professional, polite, and made sure I was comfortable - kindly checking in regularly.

All the final images I've seen so far are lovely, and I would absolutely shoot with him again - recommended!

Thanks Pete,



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Heavenly Headress Bespoke and styling

I arranged a small group shoot at a castle ruins with dresses and headdresses I supplied and Peter asked to come along. His messaging was on point and he was very polite and respectful. He turned up to the shoot and even though quite quiet he worked really well with all the models , directed where needed and was a welcome addition to the group. I’d be very happy to have Peter along again and totally recommend him.

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Tia Marie

I had a fantastic first shoot with Peter at my land today.

Great pre communication making it easy for me to prepare, he arrived ontime with all necessary lighting equipment and more.

Despite the recent storms we were lucky enough to choose a dry day allowing us to work through the looks we'd planned.

Peter is really easy to get along with, he's respectful, professional but also really relaxed, the time absolutely flew by!

Peter comes highly recommended by me!

Thanks again

Tia x

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This afternoon I had a terrific time shooting with Peter. It was very easy to communicate with Peter both before the shoot and during the shoot. He had some great idea and together I feel we got some brilliant shots! Peter is a very kind welcoming man and i would love to work with him again.

Highly recommend!

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Ava Grey

Amazing shoot with Peter yesterday.

Pre-comms were easy and professional.

We shot at his house which was absolutely stunning snd a great place to shoot!

Peter made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot and was an excellent host too.

He had props ready to get some awesome shots and I’m very excited to see the final results.

Would absolutely recommend for any models looking to boost their portfolio.

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I had a great shoot with Peter today working out on location around Bristol. His pre shoot communication was very clear and efficient, he was very easy to work with and very pleasant company. Despite it not the best weather to be working in, we had a productive and very enjoyable shoot, thank you and 100% recommended.

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kayah louisa

Had a wonderful shoot with Peter on Friday.

Pre comms were brilliant and I knew exactly what to expect on the day.

I've only seen the pics in the back of the camera but I'm sure there are some brilliant ones there and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

I definitely recommend shooting with Peter if you have the opportunity :)

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Had a wonderful time with Peter yesterday. He is such a lovely man and was delightful to work with. We tried a few different outfits and got some great images! After we wrapped things up we got to hang out for a while before I got my coach back, we drank tea and went through the days images and I got see Peter's other photography work! He made sure I had snacks for the ride home and waited with me in the dark cold and rain to make sure I caught my coach. Bless you!! Excited to see the final results. If you have the chance to work with Peter, 100% go for it!! Thanks again 😊

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Romany May De'sire

I've worked with Peter a few times and he always gets some fabulous shots. As well as being a skilled photographer he is also professional, courteous and a lot of fun to work with.

Highly recommend.

Thank you Peter.

Hope to work with you again in the future.

Romany May

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Bella Kathleen

I absolutely loved working with Peter, I highly recommend him to any model. I am very new to modelling and he made me feel very comfortable for the entire shoot, we got some amazing pictures and I am very happy with them. He has a great personality and is very easy to get along with. Very highly recommended!

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Lydia S

Had a fashion shoot with Peter today in Bath. Communication with Peter was great, and he was friendly and professional on set. I enjoyed the shoot as well as getting to know Peter. Looking forward to the results!

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Had the delight in shooting with Peter (2nd shoot) he came to my home arrived on time, perfect comms in run up. This was the first time for me shooting in nude/erotica which is exactly why I choose to do it with Peter, we get on really well such a lovely gentleman, very open minded and makes me feel totally relaxed. Peter and I worked really well together and created some hot images on an already steamy hot day. Thankyou Peter :)

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Had a great first shoot with Peter!

We shot in his home which was a beautiful space for shooting in

We managed to get quite alot of looks done really quickly.

Peter was polite, professional and friendly, we had a good laugh during the shoot.

Really looking forward to seeing the results!


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Had a great first shoot with Peter!

We shot in his home which was a beautiful space for shooting in

We managed to get quite alot of looks done really quickly.

Peter was polite, professional and friendly, we had a good laugh during the shoot.

Really looking forward to seeing the results!


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