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**** Saturday 2nd November Irida S Studio Day at Ollie's Studio  *****

***** Saturday 16th November Jessie12 studio day at Ollie's Studio, East Sussex ****

New Boudoir Set

******* Ollie's Studio Now Has Extra Space *********
I have been carrying out some building & decorating work on the other half of the first floor of the barn. This will double the space to 660 square feet. The new space is equipped with a boudoir set to give photographers more variety of sets.

Hi, welcome to my site & thank you for viewing my profile. I am Andy Oliver & I run Ollie's Studio - a small but friendly & well equipped studio in East Sussex. More details of my portfolio can be seen under my Purpleport photographer profile (Andy Oliver).

Ollie's Studio is located in a converted barn on a farm near Polegate, East Sussex. The studio is 660 square feet and fitted with 5 Elinchrom BRX  & 2 Elinchrom 500 Pro HD studio flash units with remote triggering. The studio consists of 2 identical size rooms measuring 5.62 metres x 5.37 metres or 18' 5" x 17' 7".

Room 1 (Currently being re - fitted - previous pic shown for reference only)

Room 1 includes a model's changing cubicle and a black leather sofa. The oak beam (shown) is at a height of 2.03 metres or 6 ' 7' so does not really interfere with shooting. The flooring is oak laminate & there is a partitioned off changing area for models complete with a Hollywood style illuminated mirror.  I will be working on some new sets for room 1 in due course but currently it is a work in progress!

Room 2

Room 2 is now the main shooting area & includes the new boudoir set. For backgrounds, you can choose between white Colourama paper background rolls (operated via a pulley system) or a black crease free velvet type material background, which is great for absorbing stray light. There is also a Lastolite reversible stone / brick collapsable background (see the pics of NJr in my portfolio). There is also some available light from 2 Velux roof lights.There are a selection of soft boxes including a large Elinchrom Octobox, a snoot, boom arms, beauty dish, a Tri Flector, black & white Polyboards and also a reversible silver & gold reflector with stand. I have fitted 4 Manfrotto boom arms on the oak beams, which has freed up more floor space - updated image shown below. There is a black faux leather chaise longue, a posing stool & various sizes of black posing tubs (with white covers if needed).            

There is a wind machine, which is great for portrait images of long hair blowing in the wind.

Studio hire from 1st September 2019 is  £20 per hour (minimum booking 2 hours) or £75 for 4 hours, a £25 deposit will secure your booking. An invoice can be emailed to you if required.

If you are a new model looking for help with a portfolio then feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. My Purpleport photographer profile is Andy Oliver where you can see details of my references & more of my portfolio images.

Detailed instructions on how to get the studio can be emailed to you on request. The venue has on site parking or I can collect you from either Berwick or Polegate train stations if you are using public transport.The studio is fitted with 24 hour CCTV surveillance for security & insurance purposes.

Now that I have sucessfully finished studying for my HND I will have more time available to promote the studio including studio days on some Saturdays.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to pop in & have a look at the studio over a cup of coffee.

**** My Purple Port calendar is up to date until Christmas 2019.****

I hope to see you soon.

Andy Oliver / Ollie



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Saturday 16th November Jessie12 Studio Day at Ollie's Studio, East Sussex
Polegate BN26, UK

Irida S Studio Day at Ollie's Studio, East Sussex
Polegate BN26, UK


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