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NJDunn Photography has 18 references; 16 recommended, 2 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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I had been chatting to Nick for a while before we came up with the concept for our shoot. He was incredibly welcoming and encouraging of my ideas, no matter how odd.

I felt fully supported in the entire shoot process. He was extremely caring about my safety and travel and made sure I got to and from the location safely.

I’m beyond pleased with the images and feedback I have received- I would jump at the chance to work with Nick again and would highly recommend him for his professionalism , expertise and kindness.

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Lana Harding

Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1524700800

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Evie Brown

This was the second time I have worked with Nick and I don’t have enough words to credit this guy. Nick is amazing for first time and experienced models, with a very laid back approach; Nick is very well organised. A reliable photographer that puts you at ease and will guide you appropriately. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and will continue to hopefully work with Nick in the future. As we all watch him blossom into a successful and talented young photographer.

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Today was my first shoot with NJDunn in a while; a test shoot to see how some smoke images performed in a woodland setting, plus a gas mask and some PVC. Him and MBJPhotography both effectively communicated what they wanted and hoped to achieve from the shoot. I'm looking forward to seeing if the test was a success.

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Nicholas is chipper and cheerful, yet at the same time, professional and aware of how to direct to get the shots that he imagines. As willing to offer suggestions on how I could improve the pose as much as he was to let me 'roll with it', I am eagerly looking forward to the results of the shoot and am looking forward to working with him again.

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Sophie summer

I had a great first shoot with Nicholas great fun lovely guy easy going good direction and he let me add my own ideas he showed up early to set up I love the images can't wait for a second shoot

Sophie summer

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CatLeech said...

I've worked with Nick a few times and every single time it's been a good laugh! He's genuinely a lovely photographer! He's easy to get along with and would drop anything to come help you out! (I needed a shoot doing within half an hour notice and he was there!)

Overall recommended. Fabulous images.

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Black Lotus

I've worked with nick on a number of shoots, He is one of the most determined, passionate photographers I know! He is very professional, very polite, he is always well prepared and never short of ideas! He was the first photographer I ever worked with and he was just so lovely, I most definitely recommend him.

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Jodie Morgan said...

Nicholas is a great photographer who always wants to improve and is a really nice guy to work with. I have worked with Nic on a few occasions and managed to get some amazing images! Always coming up with new idea's i recommend Nicholas to anyone wanting to work with him, and i am hoping in the future to work with Nicholas again on some shooting idea's we came up with!

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lance anthony

Worked with Nicholas for the 2nd time, we shot together quite a while back, recently decided to shoot again together, Nicholas is a very nice young man with good ideas and a good attitude, he came to our shoot well prepared and we got some great shots together, I feel Nicholas has progressed a lot since we first shot together and will only get better,we have already spoken about shooting in the near future, really good guy 😁😁

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It was lovely to finally work with Nicholas, we had tried to sort a shoot in the past so it was good to finally make it happen. He is clearly a passionate photographer, I've seen a few photos already and think there great and I can't wait to see the rest!

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Beccyamy said...

I had a Greek mythology shoot with Nicholas at the beach & it was brilliant

He chose a beautiful location with great scenery .

He knew exactly what he wanted from the shoot and have direction well 😊

Made sure I was okay& comfortable through out the shoot

Can't wait to see the final pictures

I would highly recommend working Nicholas

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Meg Dobson-Armstrong said...

Always friendly and polite, I always enjoy working with Nick. My boyfriend and I did a couples shoot and it was my boyfriends first time modelling, Nick made him feel relaxed and comfortable when working with us.

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Melissa Wyatt said...

Had a fab shoot with Nick on Friday, lovely, calm atmosphere :) He was very professional and we got some great shots, looking forward to shooting with him again.

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MeganCModel said...

Nick is a very calm photographer, who has lovely work I enjoy working with him as he is easy to talk to and really understanding, I'd highly recommend him as he put up with me and the other models moaning and laughing

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MeganCModel said...

Did a lovely studio shoot that gave me some beautiful photos and I am really pleased with them he is a good photographer who is easy to work with

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MeganCModel said...

Can't actually remember the date for this shoot however, this was my first shoo with nick and for the first time meeting he was a bit unsure as it was wet and raining but other than that he remained calm and we had a good laugh as well as getting some great images

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Not Recommended

Miss Fatale said...

Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1385078400