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Met with Paul to do the first part of our Salem witch shoot. My first nude/nude illusion shoot. Paul was really great to work with, put me at ease. Had really great communications prior to plan, and had some great shoot locations. Captured some really amazing shots, and gave me all images to look through, as well as a selection of edited pictures, and made sure to ask permission before sharing any online. Highly recommend

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Had part 2 of our Salem witch shoot tonight. Paul was as great as ever, offered to pick me up and take me to the shoot again. Had some more amazing ideas for shots, making sure to take several of each from different angles and distances to get the perfect lighting and composition. Paul's been really amazing to work with, and I cannot wait for our next shoot together

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Had my second shoot today with Paul and yet again it was such a fun shoot . Lots of great conversations and laughs , made me feel very comfortable with doing my first implied nude shoot, I am super excited to see the photos , and for our next shoot . Many thanks for such a fun day. I would highly recommend him 😁

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Was very professional , very friendly . Makes you feel comfortable and confident . Would definitely shoot with again 😀

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NikGuy - Paul is a legend from Scarborough he's so friendly, makes you feel completely at ease he has been very professional and knows exactly how to guide the model in order to obtain the best images and uses a very special technique which is magic and you need to work with him a lovely day had by all. He is highly reccommended and I look forward to our future work together. Thanks and hopefully see you at the Coast Paul!✌😄

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Paul is a quality fella with clear and beautiful ideas, as well as backup plans :D

We were supposed to do an art nude shoot, but the sheer amount of pesky hikers ruled that out...until we found the bridge and did an impromptu nude shoot :D

His ability to adapt his ideas to certain hindrances or situations is impressive, and I'd definitely recommend him as a photographer overall.

P.S. Good music taste

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I have shot with Paul on so many occasions that i’ve genuinely lost count!

Its so wonderful to be able to not only shoot with someone of such skill, but to be able to call them a friend too is just so bloody wonderful!

Pain is so utterly genuine and plans his shoots so well - you know just what you’re doing and communication prior to the shoot is stop on!

I’ve never had a shoot that hasn’t flown by with fun, laughs, heart to hearts (and yanno, occasionally snapping some images). We have shot all sorts with each other and always up for trying something new.

Here’s to another top shoot, and I’m sure many more!

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Keli Cartwright HMUA

I met Paul on a body painting group shoot yesterday. He was so easy to talk to and we had a good chat in between shooting. Paul had already uploaded images before I'd even got home so I was really impressed with the turn around and they just look fantastic!

I'd highly recommend Paul and look forward to working with him again soon!

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Floral & Lace

I have had my second shoot with Paul today (after nearly two years!)

We shot in my studio. Communication prior was spot on, so getting ready was easy.

He arrived on time and ready to go.

As previous shoot, he's a lovely guy, easy to get along with & talk to.

Respectful of my time & levels.

Had his own ideas but happy to use mine too.

Would love to work with again in the future (hopefully won't be two years this time!) So would recommend to others.


- Floral & Lace

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Georgia H98

It was my first studio shoot today but I felt completely relaxed after the first 10 minutes. Paul really helped me to come out of my shell and made the shoot fun, the time flew by! Super friendly and easy to talk to, never crossed any boundaries and has made me eager to do more.

Would definitely recommend and hope to work with him again.

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Alice Mae

Had the pleasure of shooting with Paul this week at a group shoot at Hull Photographic Studio.

Very friendly, professional and easy going guy with a real talent in photography. Would not hesitate to recommend him to any model!

Thanks again. Alice :)

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Maria Jazmin

Well what a fun day out :)

I have worked with Paul a few times now and it is always a pleasure. Paul and a couple of other photographers had arranged a afternoon exploring a local urban site, along with the lovely farrah faye who also journeyed through to us for the day. So Paul arranged a shoot for me and farrah in the evening. Pre cons where exalent as always.

We definitely had a great time exploring. Climbing through holes and abandoned rooms and having a good laugh. We then had some tea which gave me a farrah a chance to get to know each other before shooting.

On set Paul was a true professional and as always had great ideas. We all had inspiration pictures covering 3 main subjects. We all worked so well together to get the best shots. Paul gives fab direction and has a true artists eye. Paul is always relaxed and enjoyable to work with and knows what he wants to get from the shoot. I know we got some good ones. I do really enjoy working with Paul. Can't wait to get together again and hopefully in the future all 3 off us aswell :)

I highly recommend working with Paul, if you get the chance grab it.

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I've been working with both NikGuy and Farrah Faye for the past week, and rather than leave a reference for every single day, I'm doing a combined one for what we've been shooting.

I loved every day I worked with NikGuy, he was excellent, I was always comfortable when working with him and there wasn't a single time when I didn't feel like that, with the heat of the weather as well he knew it would be tough and took that into full consideration.

I'd love to work with him again and fully and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone, new, old, inexperienced or professional.

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I had the honour of accompanying NikGuy and Key to his Lanzarote shoot this past week.

NikGuy has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He always made sure Key and I were comfortable and safe. He welcomed both of our ideas. From what I can see from the back of the camera, we have all accomplished sets to be proud of from this trip. It was great getting to know him, sharing ideas and planning future shoots. I’m really looking forward to working with him again, drinking some more delicious coffee and having a good old chat.

We all had such a laugh, I had a great time and it’s certainly an experience I will never forget.

I have learnt a lot, including not to assume tiny toy guns are lighters... I received a shock that will have us both chuckling to ourselves should we ever reminisce that moment hahaha! I made a booboo and forgot to bring my trainers, leading to that I also learnt not to climb rocks in flip flops - NikGuy saved me from falling after one of mine broke, a sparkly gold HERO status was definitely earned that day.

I recommend NikGuy 100% and am so happy to have been given this opportunity. He is an incredible photographer and person, I feel I have gained a real friend in him. I can’t wait to see some edits, his port is fantastic I’m very excited to see what he does with our shots.

Thanks for everything, NikGuy.

Farrah xx

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Sophie Parr

Love love LOVE shooting with this particular photographer. Never fail to have a giggle and a natter and more importantly ALWAYS makes me feel extremely comfortable. I trust Paul with my life in his hands. He takes his work seriously and always achieves the best images! I love working with Paul and will continue to do so in the future! We have had many shoots together and the images always come out amazing!

110% reccommend shooting with Paul!!!

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Worked with Paul on Sunday and what an absolute pleasure it was! Really enthusiastic and friendly, the photos I got was stunning and I couldn’t be happier, really made me feel happy in my own skin and confident in what I was doing, super photographer and would definitely work with him again!

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This guy is one heck of a photographer, easy to work with and great conversationist always collaborates with ideas and has great ideas of his own and makes me feel comfortable when in front of the camera. I'll definitely be working with him on a regular basis

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Tyla Megan

I had my first shoot last week with Nik and I really enjoyed myself. He turned up on time and with a very welcoming smile. He made me feel extremely comfortable. He has got fantastic ideas and direction. I can’t wait to shoot with him again!

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Katrina Oceana

I had an amazing shoot with Paul yesterday! He travelled all the way from scarborough to Hull to pick me up. We then travelled Bradford way together to work at an amazing Studio that Paul had hired. It was an excellent choice, the studio was well equipped and had many different sets.

Paul was great to work and travel with, great to chat too and the time seemed to fly by!

I really enjoyed the day and can't wait for our next shoot together!

I recommend him strongly,


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I have worked with Nikguy so many times over the last few years, I cant count them... and I'm not sure I can do him justice here.

The pre-shoot communication is second to none. Clear ideas of what sort of outfits to bring and what we are aiming for as well as assisting in helping you find the location.

When there hes the perfect gent and we always have a good brew ready.

Shoots always flow well (though sometimes we get a bit too into a conversation and have to remember we are shooting)! Hes clear about moving poses and he he would like you to be, but also happy for you to add your own twist.

After the shoot alwaya makes sure you got home safe amd communicates well.

As a whole you need to shoot with him! Now...

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