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Had my first shoot with Nik and what a fantastic guy.

He didn’t know the location that Xzara had chosen for our shoot and as soon as he saw the location, (like a pro) took a look around at the environment and almost immediately know what shots would work well for our shoot style, he and Xzara communicated so well with each other (as I listened and learned) that the day went by so fast and smoothly.

Nil is a great guy to work with, I can’t wait for our next shoot and if you haven’t already worked with him I would highly recommend you do.

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I worked with Paul for the first time today and he was brilliant, I felt comfortable and the time flew by! He's so easy to work with and he is chatty and friendly! Cannot wait to do more shoots with him in future! Highly recommended❤️

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Georgia Brown

I was booked by Paul for a duo at my home with Miss April and it was a pleasure to host Paul at my home and create some awesome images - we worked through some great sets and used the space well, I would very much much recommend and hope we have the pleasure of working together again in the future, thankyou!

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I was booked by NikGuy for a duo shoot at Georgia Browns home. He was so polite and we had some lovely conversations. Between the three of us the images we created were nice and soft, and were beautiful. I highly recommend NikGuy to any model! Thank you very much for a wonderful shoot x

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I always have a fun and enjoyable shoot every time I work with NikGuy. I have known him for so long, it’s like seeing an old friend.

NikGuy took a chance on me, and helped me to kick-start and build my confidence in the Fine Art genre. I will never ever forget our trip to Lanzarote. So many laughs. I hope we return to Lanzarote one day, I can almost imagine our faces when we see how much we’ve improved 😍

We have always gotten along so well and I think that’s why we work so well together.

I think the images we produce get better and better every time. Our last shoot at MainShoot studio, we had this awesome backdrop & light set up. It’s so refreshing working with a photographer and literally almost every single image you think to yourself oh yeah I love that, that’s a keeper! I want that on my portfolio. Well, that’s what it’s like working with NikGuy.

Thank you so much for another amazing shoot.

Lana xxx

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Midnight Gunkygoth

Great shoot with Paul, very warm hearted bloke he is and the weather didn't ruin the shoot as we got some amazing shots but shame the time flow by too quick and forecast wasn't great... I'll be looking forward working with him again, he was so easy to got on with so I absolutely appreciated working with him :)

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Katie's Port

Myself and Nikguy planned a distanced shoot over at the Spa. We got some great shots sadly the wind was very harsh and nippy! Communication is great, very responsive. Detailed in our planning! Overall very fun and easy to work with! Hope to work more with NikGuy on my project

Thank you for being my first shoot since covid!

Katie x

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It has been a long time coming but I finally got to shoot with Paul again!

It's never a dull day shooting with this one. He's an awesome photographer, he's so easy to work with and he captures me so well. I'm really looking forward to sharing our images.

Paul and I did fashion, which is a style I very rarely shoot but I think we got some cracking shots, I'm really happy with the results.

We had a day out in the town shooting on location which we have only ever done abroad - so this as well was a different setting for us, and I loved every moment of it! I wish we had shot for longer :D

I can't wait to shoot with Paul again, I hope this blooming corona would calm down so we can get back in the studio my faaave haha

Thanks for an amazing shoot again Paul, it's a pleasure as always

Lana xx

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Met Nik at a group shoot , very easy to get on with and we got some great images , first time met him and would like to work with in the future , chatty , laid back , professional .

Reccomend 100%


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Miss H L Model & MUA

Met Nik at a group shoot for the first time on Saturday. Very professional and he captured some great shots. Would like to work with him again and i recommend him to any model.

Miss H L

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Pandora Belle

I worked with Paul for a second time now & both times we have worked together it’s been heaps of fun on top of creativity after creativity! He’s got a really down to earth sense of humour, he’s really got an amazing eye for photography & on top of all of that, I absolutely LOVE working with him. In talks of a beach shoot next so guys if you haven’t worked with him yet, I highly recommend that you do!

Pandora xo

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Yesterday I had a great shoot with Paul.

The location was tricky to get too, and trying to climb rocks was a challenge for me and luckily I had the help so I didn’t have to miss out on the opportunity

Paul had clear ideas and together with mine we got some great shots. Definitely recommend and would like to work with him again

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Bou Bede

Had a second great shoot together. We went in with an idea we'd discussed previously and it worked really well despite the fact that I completely got the start time wrong and arrived mega late! Paul took it in his stride and adapted so we could still do what we wanted in the time frame. I was much appreciative of his flexibility on this as I was very embarrassed that id got it wrong.

The shots are great as they were on our first shoot and he sent them over to me quickly and easily.

I enjoy working with Paul, he has super creativity and lots of good ideas and his use of lighting is superb.

A great team we make!

Thanks for another enjoyable shoot 🙂

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Bou Bede

I met up with Paul primarily to discuss ideas and collaborations in the future, and we ended up talking for 3 hours straight! Lol

Just shows how much enthusiasm he has for photography and what he wants to achieve from a shoot.

He's incredibly easy to talk to and get along with. I can get anxiety with photographers sometimes but Paul's so relaxed and chilled that you really cannot feel anxious round him at all.

We ended up having a quick impromtu shoot at 9.30pm and he's already sent the shots through and we have the moody vibe we wanted from them so I think that we will work very well together in the future and I am very much looking forward to producing some great stuff together.

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Scarlot Rose

Paul joined myself and Will Newton at York Photo Studio recently for our duo acro day (which actually turned into a trio with the assistance of Jake!)

Paul was lovely to work with, very respectful of everyone involved and also very considerate in terms of how tough the shoot was on our bodies. He captured some incredible images that I'm super proud of and was a really lovely person to shoot with!

I'd love to shoot together again and am happy to recommend him to others

Scarlot :)

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Pandora Belle

What an amazing shoot I had with Paul! He’s so lovely, very bubbly & chatty & it was so easy to work with him. I instantly felt comfortable working art nude together & he knew exactly what he wanted from the shots. He was very good with direction & he had some amazing ideas.

He travelled all the way from Scarborough to shoot together which shows true dedication! He has some amazing work & im blessed to have been apart of that. I can’t wait to work with him again & I can’t recommend him enough 💕

Pandora xoxo

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Paul was as ever a delight to work with. I (foolishly) decided I wanted to shoot naked under a waterfall in mid autumn, and Paul supported me the entire way through, constantly checking if I was OK, and working out the best solutions to achieve the shots we wanted without me freezing too much. On the way too and from the shoot location he helped me across rivers and down valleys to make sure I was OK and didn't slip in. I would highly recommend him, and can't wait for what shoots we plan next

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Another great shoot, Paul finds some stunning locations, always puts me at ease and always takes beautiful shots, 100% recomend!

Can't wait to shoot again!

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Had my second shoot with Paul, another great well planned shoot, Paul is brilliant to work with puts me at ease, finds great places to shoot and is totally professional.

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Just had a really lovely first shoot with Paul, totally professional and really easy to work with, he gave me great direction, had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.

I hope I get a chance to work with him again.

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