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Jump into the pose

Jump into the pose / Photography by PGD Modelling and Photography Studios, Model Nico Dee, Taken at PGD Modelling and Photography Studios / Uploaded 7th September 2019 @ 05:39 PM

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Mick EganMick Egan said, 1570620792

Brilliant! Credit to all :-)

ScottRosebrockArtScottRosebrockArt said, 1567882226


PGD Modelling and Photography StudiosPGD Modelling and Photography Studios said, 1567881904

Thank you George, its part of what we do here at PGD #LearnToLight and #GetInspiredByDance also the #StrictlyCosplay group they are all about creating interesting and creative lighting and ideas :) Check out The Photography Social on facebook and see if any events suit you :)

George FfesningGeorge Ffesning said, 1567880649

Brilliantly creative use of shadow