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Had my first shoot with Nick today. So much fun. So easy to work with. Open to the ideas and great with directions and details. Totally trust him! Really professional. Highly recommending his services. Thank you for today. Eva

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Bad Dolly

Today I had a lovely 2 hour shoot with Nick who was a pleasure to pose for. Nick was on time and made fabulous use of the natural light, he gave brilliant direction when needed and a good eye for shape and composition.

We shot 3 or 4 sets and worked together to create the best images we could :)

Highly recommended from me and look forward to seeing the results!

Thank you! X

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Nick's pre-shoot communication was absolutely first class to make sure we get the most out of the shoot. He is easy going, knows what he's doing, always trying out new ideas and a professional.

I highly recommend working with him, thank you for a great morning, we managed to pull off a smashing shoot even if the weather tried to work against us.

Thank you,


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Angel price

I managed to only got an hour shooting with nick at the barn studios yesterday but it was a very interesting and nick was the perfect gentleman ...

Nick is obviously very talented as a photographer and obviously wants to push himself in learning new lighting techniques and it was an honour to sit for him while he tested out some new concepts ....

I'm so glad I got to work with him and it would be great to work with him on a longer basis next time but I highly recommend him to work with and I'm looking forward to seeing the images he was trying to produce .

thanku nick

angel x

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Jade Eleanor

I had a lovely shoot with Nick last weekend. He was very professional and courteous, and was also friendly and chatty which made him easy to get on with. The location we shot in was fantastic and he had some great ideas about how to best utilise it. I am confident we got some great images and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Jade.

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I shot with Nick for the first time yesterday at solo studio. He is a lovely photographer who I found easy to work with and I really enjoyed the time shooting with him.

I would recommend working with him.

Akari x

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I had a great shoot with Nick yesterday in a local-ish studio.

He arrived on time to pick me up and we shot for almost 4hours achieving hundreds of great images which I look forward to seeing.

He knows what he wants from and photo, gives good direction if needed and has good ability to set up various lighting.

Hope to work with you again Nick.

Gemma Louise

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Matthew Bridge-Wilkinson

Nick is a great guy and a great photographer. He really is selling himself short in saying he is an amateur, great understanding of lighting and posing.

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