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Summers Abroad

This was our first time hosting Neil on an event and hopefully won’t be the last!

I had worked with Neil a few times over the years on a 1-2-1 basis so knew Neil was incredible friendly and would fit in well with the group dynamic, and I definitely wasn’t wrong. It was lovely catching up with him after so well and he was a total pleasure to host :)

Happily recommended and hope to see him on another event in the future!

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Rachelle Summers

Had another wonderful shoot with Neil today on my Kent tour!

It was lovely catching up with him as always :)

Neil is a great photographer, and super friendly too so we always have a good natter at the same time! From what I saw on the back of the camera we produced some lovely images yet again and can't wait to see the final results!

Happily recommended by me!

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Hidden Daisy 1

I had a wonderful shoot with Neil back in January (Neil, I’m so sorry for not getting this done sooner!) and I still remember it as being an awesome morning 🙂

Neil is very lovely, fun, easy to talk to and polite, basically the perfect photographer to shoot with in your home (and elsewhere of course!). He is passionate about photography and determined to get the best possible images.

We shot for 2 hours, talked and laughed a lot, and the images Neil showed me off the camera screen were stunning. I can happily and very highly recommend Neil to anyone and would welcome him back here any time 🙂

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Rachelle Summers

Another wonderful shoot with Neil!

We covered a range of genres and from what I saw on the day we got some beautiful images, I particularly loved the ones taken out in his garden :)

Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him and hope to shoot together again in the future!

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I had my first shoot with Neil today and I absolutly enjoyed working with him. He arrived with sample of pictures style he wanted to shoot. He knew what he was doing, very specific ideas, super creative. Very professional photographer, Nice and decent person. He was showing me the pictures quite often so I could check what I could get better and what I was happy with. Pictures was Just great, I can't wait to see them. I would be very happy to shoot with Neil again and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks for today Neil !!

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It was good to meet Neil today and work with on our share-a-shoot with the fabulous Boou.

He drove down to my humble abode and was 100% ready to go with great idea's as soon as the model arrived.

Good idea's, model seemed to love working with him and a really nice guy all round. Both to chat to and work with.


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Bad Dolly

Just finished my second shoot with Neil who is great to work with. Full of ideas and concepts and great in terms of direction :)

Neil is professional and friendly with a great eye for photography and in a short space of time we created some brilliant images at my home. I can't wait to see the results and highly recommend Neil to any model :)

Thank you! x

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Bad Dolly

Today I had my first shoot with Neil and it was great fun and very productive. Neil is really easy to work with and very creative. The weather wasn't on our side but we worked around it no problem. I can't wait to see the results and I highly recommend Euphoric Images to other models :)

Thank you!


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Mike Croshaw said...

Neil attended one of my natural light courses and was an asset to the group. He treated our model ( Zara Watson ) with politeness and respect and showed the same consideration to the other members of the group. It was great to have him along on the course and I would recommend him to any model:)

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Zara Watson

I had the pleasure of working with Neil on Mike Crowshaw's workshop. He was friendly, lovely and very easy to work with :) I absolutely love the pictures he took. Thank you so much :D

Highly recommended and hope to see you again sometime :D x

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Rachelle Summers

I had another shoot with Neil on my most recent tour down to Kent, starting with some 1-2-1 time and then doing some duo stuff with Artemis Fauna.

I throughly enjoyed the shoot and really can't wait to see the final shots :)

We worked through a variety of ideas and Neil let us get really involved in the creative process which is always great :)

Happily recommended and hope to see him again in the future!

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Artemis Fauna

I shot with Neil again on Saturday during my Kent tour. We had some 1-2-1 time and also shot some duo work with Rachelle Summers.

Neil had ideas of his own to work on, but also let us both have a lot of input into ideas on the shoot. We got a lot done in the time and had fun too, which is always nice :) I'm looking forward to seeing the results and hopefully working with Neil again in the future. Thank you Neil! :)

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I worked with Neil for the first time a few days ago on one of trips to kent. We had a great shoot and got some great pics! Cant wait to see them! Would defo recommend him to any model and hope to work with him again soon x

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Neil at Tims cottage in Maidstone a few weeks ago and had such a lovely shoot! Neil is a talented photographer, full of ideas, takes gorgeous shots and is just lovely to work with! He is also down to earth, super easy to work with and makes the model feel very comfortable. Highly recommended and I really hope we work together again soon :) Thankyou for a lovely shoot! Helen x

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Ashley Monroe

I had a brilliant shoot with Neil today, He was very professional and well prepared for the shoot. He had some excellent ideas and knew exactly what he wanted to create. I really enjoyed the shoot and would definitely recommend Neil to other models and work with him again!

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Artemis Fauna

I had a super shoot with Neil a few days ago at my home studio.

Neil was well prepared, had ideas organised and inspiration images at hand- perfect preparation for us to get on the same page.

We took some lovely images in the time we had, making time to chat, collaborate and the time just flew by.

Just seen a few images go up now and they look stunning. Thank you Neil, hope to work with you again one day! :)

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Rachelle Summers

Had a fab shoot with Neil yesterday!

He had example images with him to help me understand what he wanted to achieve and we worked through his ideas at a nice pace during our time together.

He is very kind and considerate, looks after you very well and is very respectful too.

I would have absolutely no problem with recommending him to others and hope to work with him again in the future :)

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Arielle Fox

Had a great shoot with Neil yesterday! he took me to to super pretty locations :)

Neil is so easy to work with and has a great personality I very much enjoyed the shoot the photos were lovely cant wait to see the finished pics. I would definitely work with him again!!!

Highly recommended

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Alex model1

Worked with Neil yesterday on a half day shoot at his home studio, he is professional, laid back and really easy to work with, hes great at giving direction and knows what he wants to achieve. I really enjoyed the shoot,, highly recommended x

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