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Hi there!

I'm a young female creator based in Wigan UK. I'm a graduate of Broadcast Media Programme at University of Journalism and Painting at Academy of Art. I have experience
of working in a real TV Studio, preparing, filming and editing news and commercials. When I have a camera in my hands I know no fear.  My approach is to combine artistic reportage with a natural and contemporary style of portraiture.

​I work to capture the emotion and spontaneous moments of your day in a relaxed and unobtrusive manner, creating beautiful fine art images that you will admire forever.I strive to capture memories that reflect your unique personalities in the most creative and artistic way I know how. When people ask me what photography equipment I use - I tell them - my eyes. 

I love taking everyday moments and turning them into art. A picture is a poem without words. I believe in the power of the photograph as a way to freeze a moment in time. Whether this is a look of love during your wedding day or when you hold your precious newborn in your arms, these moments are priceless. Henry Matisse said : ''There are always flowers for those who want's to see them''. I always put the greatest efford in everything I do.

I would love the opportunity to tell your story!
​I want your photos to bring laughter, tears, and lasting impressions.

I am a people person and I have a huge place in my heart for children.
I gave myself the mission to prove to the world that softness, love, innocence and dreams are still there. Attracted by everything that is soft, fragile, innocent, naive but also mysterious. I am trying to catch the beauty, purity and vulnerability of children as every child deserves to be protected, nurtured and loved.

​I really enjoy on  location bridal , engagement and couple sessions- as we can get to know each other , hide in lovely quiet place , where I can focus on your feelings, touches, affection, eyes, details. This moments are marvelous ,magical and only yours.I ensure that the couples who I work with feel relaxed in my presence and that their family and friends accept me as part of the day.
I’m always paying close attention to what is happening around me and work to capture as many quality moments as they unfold by being in the right place at the right time. My favourite style is rustic, boho and vintage.

​I am experienced with portrait and beauty sessions.
​I love helping to empower women to embrace their femininity in a fun, fearless and sensual way. Beauty is the opposite
of perfection It's about confidence, charisma and character – Be you because there isn't nor ever will be someone like you.

​Let’s keep in touch! I will answer your questions with pleasure


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