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I had a great shoot with Neeve, when she was visiting Wiltshire.

Neeve has always been one of my favourite models to work with.

I have shot with her many times now.

She has a fantastic look, and is always wonderful to work with.

We got some good pictures, and the time always goes too quick.

I would certainly work with her again.

Highly recommended

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Hair to die for, and highly recommended!

Having wanted to work with Neeve for a little while, I finally got the opportunity for a short first outing on location. I’d never have known that she’s been away from modelling for a while. Her presence and expertise shines through the moment the lens is raised, and before that Neeve is great fun and super professional. I’m already plotting for our second go! Book her whilst you can.

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Wonderful Third Shoot with Neeve.

As my local studio is moving to a larger location I felt it would be great to have one of my final shoots with one of the first models I worked it.

I learned so much working with Neeve and it's great to once again work with her to see how far my images have come.

Neeve hadn't modelled in around a year but like riding a bike, once you know how, you don't forget. She fell back into the work so easily

Perfect comms, always easy to bounce ideas of and work towards a common goal.

One of my favorite models. Hopefully we can sneak another shoot in Future.

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I've worked with Neeve a few times and as ever, is an amazing model to work with! I put her in a beautiful wedding dress in a beautiful location in hot weather and she was a consummate pro. I love the photos we got together and I look forward to working with her again!

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Owen Clements

Neeve and I worked together for an outdoor winter fashion shoot in January. I'd met Neeve previously on an Andrew Appleton workshop and thought Neeves amazing look with sensational hair would be ideal for the shoot we had in mind.

Neeves communication up to the day was excellent and as a new photographer to this genre she really helped collaborate on the day to ensure we produced some great work.

On the day Neeve had thought of a number of great outfits and we worked together in a couple of locations, she's a great conversationalist and we had some hilarious conversations that really helped set the scene for a fun 3 hours.

Bearing in mind we were shooting on location in January (I might have to re think that next year), she never complained about the cold.

A great professional model, I highly recommend working with her, and look forward to the next time we collaborate.

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The Photographer Brian Harris

Met up with Neeve at a Studio 33 group shoot organised by iulia david.

Neeve has a great look and is very capable. Hope to shoot with her again in the near future - Highly recommended

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Worked with Neeve whilst she was in the area on a chilled out studio shoot with multiple concepts and she rocked them all!

From clean fashion to gels, wind machines and ethereal!

She is a lovely human with a great sense of how to pose and emote and I had a really fun time as well as snagging some amazing shots which I can't wait to edit!

Would recommend and hope to work with again!

Thanks girl!

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I had a really enjoyable and productive shoot with Neeve. She arrived ahead of time, made up, and ready to shoot. I probably over-directed the poses as I had precisely previsualised the finished images in my mind's eye, although I could see that I was cramping her style and she was bursting to add her own ideas into the mix! Neeve is every bit the kind of professional model that you would hope to find on Purpleport. I thoroughly recommend her to professional and inexperienced photographers alike and look forward to shooting with her again when she revisits the area.

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Ian Pattenden

My second shoot, out on location, with Neeve; I loved every minute, and I hope we'll be able to do it all again soon.

The weather was cold and the light was far from ideal (grey and cloudy, then far too bright) but Neeve made the whole experience absolutely perfect. She's the most wonderful person to spend time with. I really appreciate Neeve's professionalism, enthusiasm, energy and creativity as a model. I loved talking with her; she's witty and funny - and captivating to listen to. I'm very fortunate to have met her.

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Ian Pattenden

It was wonderful spending a morning shooting with Anna. She was extremely interesting to talk with, intelligent, funny, fun, kind - a truly lovely person. We discovered that we have lots in common, which made the experience even more special. I've already booked another shoot and I'm really looking forward to meeting her again.

Anna has absolutely stunning red hair. So I was slightly anxious about asking to take simple black and white portraits, but she was very enthusiastic about the idea - and I really like the resulting pictures.

I totally love Anna's beautiful hair and face, her energy and enthusiasm. I really admire her modelling creativity, imagination and professionalism. I feel so lucky to have met her. Highly recommended - of course!

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Well what a weekend I've had a really fantastic time. I signed up to work with Anna at her modelling day at The Bodyline Studio in Nottingham.

Anna is such a professional easy to work with taking in ideas and making them work with an ease and offering plenty of her own. She works with minimal direction but can take direction when needed to be honest though she hardly needed them. She managed to achieve 7 costume changes and took them all in her stride.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anybody.

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Craig Hall

Had a lovely shoot with Anna last week.

She's very friendly and easy to work with. Great posing and suggested some ideas and things to try as well.

Thanks Anna! Hopefully we'll cross paths again at some point in the future!

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I can't praise Anna enough, she was amazing and suggested some brilliant ideas for some perfect shots. I'm so glad she chose to use Bodyline Studio as it has an assortment of areas for anyone to incorporate their creativeness. We started with some boudoir and did some shots in the burnt room, which she executed beautifully. Definitely recommended, will not disappoint.

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Anna was fantastic to work with, even though we didn't have a lot of time together I got 4 sets for my year long fashion project that I'm very happy with.

She's a very diligent worker and a great beauty, with a great attitude towards the work.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

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Brian J Davies

This was my second shoot with the delightful Anna, though my first solo shoot with her. Anna arrived exactly as arranged, following excellent pre-shoot communications. The shoot went off flawlessly, helped along by Anna's lovely personality and her professionalism. She has a really good understanding of the process of making photographs, and made many valuable suggestions as to poses, costumes and lighting. All in all, a joy to work with, and I can heartily recommend her to photographers of all experience levels. I will be working with her again in the not to distant future.

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Storm Kitty

I got the opportunity to photograph Anna, whilst assisting on a shoot earlier this summer! She was so lovely to be around and comfortable shooting with a beginner such as myself, as well as giving contact and attention to both of us taking photos. The photos I got of her I absolutely adore and she has great posing ability!

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I met and worked with Anna on a night shooters course in Brighton, Anna was charming, friendly and a pleasure to work with, she has a very beautiful but natural look with amazing flaming hair.

Her posing and input was great and she is a very nice person to be around, great sense of humour and I would love to work with her again, highly recommended

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Anna is an exceptionally lovely person (with lots and lots of gorgeous ginger hair, which is always a big plus in my books!) who has a very positive and professional attitude. Pre and post comms were excellent. The shoot was very relaxed and Anna used her extensive experience to help me achieve images which I am truly over the moon with. I would recommend Anna to photographers of all levels of experience. I will certainly be looking to work with her again in the future.

Cheers m'dear, it was an absolute blast. Please let me know if you intend to get back up north again.

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Richard Spurdens

I worked with Anna for the first time during her mini tour of Yorkshire. I really enjoyed working with her as she is easy to get along with and works hard to make the pose you ask for and free flows when required. She has some great red hair which light well and she can do come great hair flicks with it too.

Good pre shoot coms and she brought some good outfits that shot well.

I was pleased to have had the chance to work with her, and would certainly recommend her as a person to work withas you will get some great images.

Thanks again Anna.

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Had my first shoot with Anna today and it was a blast. She is such a great model to work with and super talented too. The shoot was part of her Leeds/Yorkshire tour and pre-shoot comms were spot on with regards to locations and outfits and Anna was happy even a late change of location on the day.

The locations varied from an abandoned industrial complex, waters features and even a snake and the shots we achieved look amazing. Really can’t recommend Anna enough.

Anna is really friendly, we chatted throughout as if we were old friends rather than just having met and had some good laughs that made the shoot fly by way too quickly. I would have no hesitation in working with Anna again if ever we are in each others neck of the woods.

I hope you enjoyed your curry - can't have you coming to Bradford and not trying one!!!!

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