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What an absolute joy it was working with Natalie; the shoot was enjoyable, productive and much more than I'd hoped for. It was a first time 'grunge-athon' for Natalie; getting somewhat messed up, wearing weird props and getting various direction from me; she took it all in her stride and the images speak for themselves.

Natalie, then, is pleasure to with with, she's interested in new ideas, throws in her own suggestions (very useful!), and is able to work with and without direction.

I have no hessitation in recommending Natalie 100%!

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Thomas Greenhaf

Had the pleasure of working with Natalie again recently.

I really love working with her, Natalie is an extremely experienced and talented model.

She was even kind enough to allow me to shoot her whilst I was receiving tuition from Alan the shoots photographer.

I highly recommend Natalie for anyone looking to work with a top class model.

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Springfield Photography

Had a complex shoot with Natalie yesterday as we wanted to do a number of different things, plus a duo session with Thomas Greenhaf as well as Natalie posing for Thomas while I gave him some tuition in studio photography.

Natalie handled all of this with her usual professionalism. She was patient while Thomas was shooting and helped him to get good pictures.

Natalie is very good to work with as she understands what looks good and works very hard to get the best results. Posing for a photographer who is learning is difficult and Natalie handled it perfectly.

The results were first class and I have no hesitation in recommending Natalie.

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Springfield Photography

Natalie is a very charming and easy to work with model. She has a natural aptitude for posing in way that looks good but also takes direction well. The shoot was with her and Thomas Greenhaf, and it was great fun, so much so that I have already booked a repeat performance for a both of them in a fortnight.

Natalie a is an excellent model and is highly recommended.

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Thomas Greenhaf

Had a great time shooting with Natalie again, she is super talented and always knows exactly what I'm looking for in a shot even when I can't always explain it out loud (clearly a mind reader).

Brilliant to duo with and shoot.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Stephane James

Excellent shoot with Natalie, she came with lots of outfits and was very good to work with. We got plenty of images that I'm really happy with and look forward to working with her again.

Very much recommend.

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Turned up and had a number of ideas to contribute to the shoot. Pleasant to work with and was happy to explore new ideas and poses. Would happily book her again.

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Springfield Photography

Firstly, thank you, Natalie for a wonderful shoot

This shoot involved a number of different ideas one of which required Natalie to do some very complicated makeup. Her attention to detail doing this makeup was total. While actually shooting she was totally involved in the process, reviewing each set of pictures and often suggesting ideas.

She strives to achieve perfection in her posing and usually achieves it. I have to say that she is one of the most hard working models I have ever worked with, always looking to improve her poses.

Finally I have to say that Natalie is very charming and a real joy to work with and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her

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Thomas Greenhaf

Worked with Natalie yesterday for the second time and she really impressed me. We worked a fire shoot with StokeParker and though Natalie admitted to being very nervous she didn't shy away from it once.

Natalie conducted herself safely and professionally throughout the shoot and was even kind enough to assist me when needed.

All in all I was pleased with her performance and willingness to try something she not familiar with.

I'm happy to say that we are currently brainstorming some ideas for the next time we shoot so there will be more in the near future.

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Springfield Photography

Had another shoot, yesterday, with this charming young lady. Natalie arrived already wearing her makeup and ready to shoot. We did a range of different pictures and Natalie was a joy to work with. She is relaxed and takes direction very well. We already have ideas for another shoot.

I thoroughly recommend her.

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First shoot with Natalie...and won't be the last! Natalie is a lovely person, great to talk to, very easy to work with, requires little direction and contributes with her own ideas for posing, ect. We had a 2 hour booking (which went by too quickly!), stills and video, and was a thoroughly enjoyable shoot. Cannot recommend her highly enough - one of the best models I've worked with.

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Natalie Vixen is a brilliant model. She knows exactly what to do. It was my first shoot with a model. I was quit nervous but she made me relaxed and confident. Eventually I have completed my first shoot successfully. I highly recommended Natalie. I am preparing to shoot with her soon.

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Trebor Draffups

Natalie is an excellent model.

She can pose freely and is very easy going. Natalie is very open minded and is happy to try various locations to shoot.

There are lots of good locations local to her area.

It would be amazing to have another session with Natalie in the near future.

Natalie is vary reliable, willing to put the effort in and is fully recommended.

Thanks again


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Thomas Greenhaf

I worked with Natalie for a calendar shoot pre lockdown.

She showed up on time and had several costume options to offer.

She was able to take direction well and demonstrated a clear knowledge of modelling with some great poses.

Would recommend and happily work with her again when lockdown restrictions allow for it.

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David Shorthouse

Excellent shoot with Natalie very professional model found here very talkative and really enjoyed working with her. One of the best models have worked with would highly recommend her and would love to work with her again and very good figure and loved the red hair in the photos took

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Bob Hardy

Brilliant home shoot with Natalie. What a great model!! I absolutely loved working with her. Great figure, looks amazing, knows how to pose and is just a joy to work with. We had lots of laughs and got some cracking images along the way. I will certainly be working with Natalie again very soon. Highly recommended.

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We had our first shoot Natalie had excellent poses and wiling to try my poses ides we also had good conversation and the shoot went far too quickly. Natalie is one of the best models I have shoot with and would highly recommend her for your shoot.


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Steve Cripps

Shot with Natalie on the weekend at her home. Excellent communication at all times and no problems arranging shoot, and easy to find. Loads of clothing to choose from so plenty to shoot with, takes direction well and offers own suggestions too, and together we got some amazing shots! Very much hope to work with again in the future, and highly recommended!

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Springfield Photography

I had another great shoot with Atari today. I love the way that she poses. She has the ability to make beautiful shapes with her body, this coupled with her very natural look make for beautiful pictures. She is very easy to direct and very quickly grasps the style that you trying achieve. We experimented with various styles and the end results were really great.

You couldn't wish for a more charming person to work with. I am looking forward to our next shoot which is already booked.

Very highly recommended.

Thank you for the shoot, Atari.

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Springfield Photography

Had my third shoot with Emily today and it was absolutely great. We had talked beforehand about the style of shots we wanted to do together and we managed to achieve exactly what we wanted and more. Emily always works hard on a shoot, to get the very best out of herself and is prepared to try new things. She has plenty of creative ideas of her own and we incorporated them into the shoot to great effect.

Emily is very easy to work with, takes direction well and is very charming. We included some shots with her boyfriend, Lewis, into the shoot and these worked very well as they were so very natural together. I shall be leaving a positive reference for him as well. This was a very creative and productive shoot with two very good models.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Emily and I am looking forward to our next shoot. It can't come soon enough for me.

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