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Steve Jenkinson Photography

I hold photography workshops in Sussex and teach photographers from all levels, Nao was asked to model for our workshop. She was on time, reliable, professional and engaging with each photographer, helping them get the best image from her. I would highly recommend Nao, she wont let you down or disappoint. Also she has a very unique beautiful look and its difficult to get a bad photo from her.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Naomi, she's a real pleasure to work with and an absolute professional. Poses very naturally and takes direction well and knows just how to compose a shot to best effect. Highly recommended.

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sk images

Had a great shoot with Nao yesterday, she is a natural to say the least!

Relaxed and easy going, she takes direction well, is a pleasure to work with, and has a great look.

Recommended for sure!

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I was lucky enough to work with Naomi on a group shoot arranged by Maximus Power.

Not only is Nao extremely pretty, she is very accomplished. She knows how to work with light, which poses suit her, & takes direction easily. She will willingly help with suggestions so that working with her is a great collaboration. Not only that, but she is easy going, & great to talk to.

I would happily recommend her to anyone who wishes to work with her

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Not long finished a most enjoyable and highly productive shoot group shoot with the lovely Naomi and co. We managed to fit in a couple of locations around Brighton. Plus a session in studio.

Naomi is a delight to work with, total natural in front of the camera moving effortlessly with great poise from great pose to great pose. a beautiful and natural model had a great time shooting with her and llook forward to working together again. :)

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J Dunville photography

I had a fantastic shoot with Nao on location in Eastbourne. Her pre shoot comunications were very good and we managed to plan a great shoot. She arrived on time and with make up done to a good standard. She also had plenty of outfits with her to cover the various different styles of the shoot, she adapted to each style with ease.

Nao is a great person and she had some great ideas for the shoot as well as my own, She worked very hard.

Thank you for a great shoot.

I hope to work with her again soon and I highly recommend her for any portfolio

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Max Power

I just had a great shoot with Nao.

Arranging the shoot was very smooth and her pre-shoot comms were good.She arrived on time and was a delight throughout the day.

Nao is a versatile, charming and beautiful model and - on the top of this - she is a multi-talented artist so the amount of creativity she brings into the shoot is simply unbelievable. Thanks to this not only I was able to turn into images the visions I had but letting free our creative flow, and often following hers, I got out of the shoot much more than what I was hoping for.

Thanks to Nao's personality, the atmosphere in the studio and throughout the shoot was relaxed and at the same time photographically and artistically stimulating ,I really enjoyed it.

I hope to work with Nao again very soon. Thank you Chicken.!!

Highly recommended.

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Neil Philip Whitehead

Had an excellent shoot with Nao. She was happy to get stuck in and was filled with enthusiasm. She was warmed up and posing fantastically straight away. Would happily work with again.

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Bournemouth Photography

This was my second shoot with Nao, I just love working with this girl. She is a natural model with a very different but highly commercial look. She is friendly and chatty, confident and just a pleasure to work with. This shoot we had fun trying out some coloured gels but we also did some more moody black and whites. Its hard to take a bad photo of Nao, we got some stunning images, will definitely be working with Nao again soon and I’d highly recommend her to others. Thanks Nao

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Bournemouth Photography

Had my first shoot with Nao yesterday, wow, she's a natural model with a great personality and unique young and fresh look. It was a beach location, sunny and windy, Nao was happy to help carry the equipment and was full of enthusiasm and energy. She brought all the changes of clothing that we had discussed before the shoot. She was relaxed and posed easily without direction, and despite the wind we got some excellent images. Nao is friendly and chatty and easy to work with, she also has a near perfect complexion so very little in the way of post-editing required. Really great model, highly recommended and hope to work with her again soon.

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Alice James

My second shoot with Nao I acted as Hair & Make up Artist as well as stylist and second camera shooting behind the scenes.

As a makeup artist she was a pleasure, turning up fresh faced and clean, same with hair. Styling her was a dream as she worked every outfit and gave it all she had.

Photography wise i'm blown away at how amazing the behind the scenes photos look!

Will be working with Nao again and thoroughly recommend her to every creative talent in the industry.

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Yesterday was the third time of working with Nao - the shoot had been envisaged as a late-summer, sporty vibe at an outside park location, with two models, a MUA and a stylist - in the end the weather was so atrocious that the whole shoot had to take place indoors at Nao's flat (so big thanks to her flatmate for going out for the afternoon and leaving us all to it!) - Nao is fun, witty and quickly established a good rapport with the other model - Highly recommended!

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Andrew Newson Photography Courses

My shoot with Nao was really great. Not only is she smart and artistic but very easy to get on with. She understood very well the brief for the shoot and we created some great images together. I would definitely recommend her and I hope to work with her again soon. Andy

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Had a great day and shoot with Nao.

Didn't have to give her any direction. Very easy to get on with. She is a friendly and chatty person. Communication before the shoot was good.

Hope to work with her again soon.

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Nao may lack experience, but she is a natural in front of the camera. Very inventive with posing, and likes to inject a sense of fun and humour into a shoot, which is always refreshing.

Perhaps it's because she is half Italian and half Japanese, but she is able to produce a great variety of moods and looks. Being both charming and self-effacing, she underestimates her own natural beauty and considers herself more suited to 'alternative' modelling styles.

I've worked with her twice (first introduced through Talentell) and very much look forward to working with her again.

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