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Mucha has 13 references; 13 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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I absolutely loved the photoshoot and the pictures i got from them, i would deffinetly recomend booking a session ,thank you 😃

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Ivy Vxlentine

Worked with Mucha again this year and he's improved so much since we first met! He now has his own studio set up, he knew what he wanted to shoot and gave me a mood board as well as guidance when needed! Communication before and throughout was amazing and I couldn't have asked for more! I'm so excited to show everyone these images and show the progress he's made!

Thank you Mucha!

I 100% recommend him to models! He is very talented!


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Sylwia Szumielska

I had location shoot with Krzysztof. Not that he found the perfect place for it but from the first message to the actual meeting he was very professional and very friendly. This was my first photo session so it was even more difficult as I didn't know what to expect and had zero experience in posing. Krzysztof made sure I was comfortable, he guided me all the way with posing and even what clothes would be best for certain shoots in certain places. The pictures I've seen so far are amazing!

Would recommend Krzysztof to anyone %100. Definitely book session with him you won't be disappointed 👌👌

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Paula Adamczyk

I am very impressed, after having photo shoot with Mucha. He is very talented, creative and he has such a lovely personality. Krzysztof is very profesional, and experienced. I was feeling confident and comfortable working with him. He knows what position suit model the best and he has a great sense of style. Working with Mucha was such a pleasure, I am sure we will have a lot of photo shoots together.

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I had the pleasure of having an afternoon shoot at Mucha's newly built home studio, and he was kind enough to pick me up from the station also.

We had discussed at length a few ideas to try out, a mix of portraits and lingerie. Mucha was easy to work with and SO creative, and he appreciates detail as I do. The shots we got were amazing and I hope to work with him again! Totally recommended!

Shannie :)

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Christopher Davies

After managing to get a suitable date, we finally got together and had a very successful studio session and got some great shots together! Krzysztof is a very talented and creative photographer who made me feel at ease and relaxed the whole time...the finished photos were excellent:-)

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Chloe Elizabeth

Very good photographer, i highly recommend. Full of creativity and is able to direct you within the shoot to look your best, i will be working with him again!

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Had a great photo shoot with Mucha. Krzysztof is very talented photographer with excellent communication skills before and during the shoot. Opened to new ideas and easy to work with, and provides with very high quality images. Definitely recommend Mucha photography

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Ivy Vxlentine

After so long, me and Mucha finally got to shoot together and honestly, it was amazing. We had great pre-communication and managed to get some beautiful shots. He gave me full control of how I wanted to shoot and allowed me enough independence to pose freely with the styles we both wanted.

Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot and I'm so excited we are planning to do another one!

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I had my first shoot with Mucha, I felt very comfortable and confident shooting with him. He is very professional. I had a fun day and would happily do it all over again :) Also the photos came out amazing! Highly recommend

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Mucha was on time well prepared for the shoot. He had good ideas to make incredible photos. This guy is very chatty and knows exactly what he is doing. Highly recommend!

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Thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together and didn’t mind giving direction when needed. Very professional, highly recommended.

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Very professional. Great ideas. Loved our shoot together and look forward to working with him again. Highly recommend Mucha.

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