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A Shot in the Dark

I've worked with MissTM on MULTIPLE occasions so I thought it was about time I gave an updated reference!

There's so many reasons I work with MissTM so often. She's an INCREDIBLY versatile model with tons of creativity and such a dynamic posing machine!

She's able to do her hair and makeup to a really high standard (plus, naturally amazing skin), and also has wigs 2 which suit her look perfectly adding to her versatility!

She also has a really cool, unique wardrobe and is great at styling herself.

MissTM is super easy to work with and get along with, she's a really lovely person and I can't wait to create more of my favourite ever images with her!

Super highly recommended!

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Rebecca Gathercole MUA

Worked with this wonderful lady in July!

Brilliant model, her hair is the PERFECT length for 1920's finger waves. Patient even when hair was taking a while, really easy to get along with.

Got a group shoot booked with her in November and I'm really looking forward to it!

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Keli Cartwright HMUA

After hearing great things about Terri for a while, I finally got to work with her last weekend.

Terri was really easy going, happy to try the looks I suggested and she has such an great face to work on, perfect for creative styles!

Throughout the shoot Terri was completely professional, posing perfectly to compliment the look. She had great pre and post comms.

I'd definitely recommend Terri and look forward to working with her again soon!

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Jonny617 (prop man)

Finally got to work with this amazing lady.

Turned up bang on time with a smile and a suitcase full.

After travelling a long way in the fog.

We did a location shoot at a old hall, inside and out rain snow on the floor and very cold. But did not but her off just got on with the day.even then my mates barn owl decided to land on her head.

Fantastic days shoot with a amazing lady.

Hope to work with you again soon. Thanks John.

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Having nearly met before for a casting I finally got to shoot with the immaculately turned out MissTM on a shoot which also involved additional lighting tuition by Ian (SlikPhoto) at Silkwood.

Terri arrived bang on time with a wonderful selection of dresses, wigs etc and then applied her own make up to a high standard.

Getting Images with her is enjoyable and relaxed so a great person to work with and I recommend her to others highly.

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The shoot was perfection including the pre shoot comms where Terri listed all her many outfits and even sent photos of them. Terri arrived bang on time ready to go with the makeup look we had discussed, her makeup skills are first class and with her clear skin you really don't need a MUA.

Terri has several great wigs so with her many Pinup, Rockabilly and Hollywood dresses we were able to create some fabulous looks. The camera loves Terri, so photogenic, needs no direction, tell her what you want and she will cycle through her poses, a natural.

Terri is very friendly and good company, a very pleasant young lady with a touch of wicked humour, if she is not in your portfolio you have something missing, book her now you will not be disappointed.

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Freya Celeste

Finally got to do a shoot with the lovely Terri on Tuesday. What can I say!

Not only is she a beautiful and competent model but she's an awesome person. We did a duo shoot with amazing local photographer NEWO. Terri has worked with NEWO before and so the two of them have an established relationship but the pair of them made me feel welcome and relaxed straight away - very friendly and hospitable pair!

Terri has amazing bone structure, a beautiful figure and conducts herself in a professional manner in front of the camera. Off camera she is hard-working, energetic and a great laugh, making for a very enjoyable and productive shoot. The duo shoot was relaxed and comfortable because she is so down to earth. Solo she produced some great photos - her striking face along with beautiful poses produce unarguably good results and she follows instruction well when given. It's clear to see from her portfolio that she nails the concept every time and this shoot was no different.

She is also very competent at doing her own hair, makeup and styling, and has a great wardrobe of her own along with a wonderful collection of wigs.

Will always recommend Terri. I hope to continue to work with her on various concepts in the future. Thanks for a productive and fun evening and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the results.

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Another week another shoot with the wonderful Terri! So so glad I took her on as part of my sponsored team, every shoot we have she excels time and time again, and this time was certainly no exception!

Got some beautiful duo shoots with Terri and another model, interaction was great, direction (seldom needed) was taken really well, got amazing shots ♥

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This was my second shoot with Terri and just as before, she came with so much enthusiasm and made everyone involved feel very relaxed.

This was a huge shoot on location in York with Sigrun, a viking dress designer and Luna's Creations who is a fantasy accessory designer. Terri got on well with all the other models and the atmosphere was great, she brought four different wigs for Ashleigh to choose from which was amazing and the end result was awesome.

Terri was the Viking Queen in my shoot and so had shots with Steven our Viking King, they both got on so well and the chemistry really shows in the images, which made my job so much easier.

She never complained about the freezing cold or the fact she had to change in a museum in front of the public and was just so much fun throughout.

I can't wait to work with her again.

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I am a big fan of Terri.

I had never worked with her before and had no idea what to expect. She has an absolutely brilliant attitude and totally gets the characters she is representing. Needless to say, I was thrilled when my outfits fitted her perfectly and she did my dresses absolute justice. I would love to work with Terri again and cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Pandora Belle

The first time working with MissTM and she really is a great model! She makes the work look extremely easy and I had a really great time with her. She arrived on time and worked hard the minute she did. I hope to work with her in the future! x

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My first shoot with Miss Terri Murder and I already know I want to work with her again.

Precomms were amazing, we both knew exactly what we were doing beforehand and what we wanted the images to look like at the end.

She was on time, with makeup already done and to a great standard. She brought outfit changes, wigs and fake blood which turned out great.

We did some shots using Luna's Creations accessories and Terri knew how to direct herself so as I could get the shots I wanted and equally took direction so easily.

Such a lovely and friendly lady, couldn't recommend her enough!

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Terri came to my epic shoot day on Sunday and what can I say - I just love working with this girl!

Looks amazing in all makeups, from neutral and nude up to dark and gothic. Bone structure to die for, really natural and fluid posing, needs little to no direction to get amazing shots.

Brings bags of attitude and emotion to every shot - can't recommend her enough :)

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A Shot in the Dark

This was my first time working with MissTM, and I think 'wow' pretty much covers it!

She travelled to me and was on time with her make-up ready. Her make-up was of high quality and she was able to add to it for a later set with ease.

During the shoot she took direction perfectly, quickly and with ease and was easily able to pose herself really dynamically and inventively. We got some of the best shots I've taken, and couldn't be happier!

As a person she's absolutely fantastic, really easy to get along with, patient and relaxed, but a hard worker! Really funny and creative.

Literally don't have a bad word to say!

I would HIGHLY recommend MissTM in every aspect, your portfolio will thank you!

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This was an experimental shoot and my first with Terri. Excellent communications pre-shoot, and even though the shoot was all about experimenting with textured make-up, with no help from me, Terri had the best attitude throughout.

Defo a "Can do" / "Give it a Go" attitude and whilst the shoot was only partially successful photographically (photos to publish later) we both learned a lot about how to master the technique for a future variation.

Gorgeous face for portraits and eyes to capture are a must. Matched with a great character, highly recommended and hope to work again when I can offer more MUA support. Mike :)

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Maisie Coulbert

Working with Terri was a great experience from start to finish. Organisation and planning of the shoot was made so much easier due to Terri's excellent communication.

I feel the shoot we did was one of my absolute favourites and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to work with Terri. She was very professional and worked amazingly well considering the freezing conditions and giant dog we had on set. I would highly recommend working with Terri, she was a fab model and I'm so chuffed with the final shots!

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Make-up by Bek

Terri is such a lovely person and a professional model, very easy to work with and was commited to the shoot and style. It was a pleasure to work with you, especially in the cold conditions! Would love to work with you again the future :)

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Powdered and Waisted Corsetry

NEWO shot MissTM in a couple of my corsets recently. I'm super happy with the resulting images I've seen so far. Having chatted with MissTM on messenger, she's lovely as well as beautiful. She has a great figure and I'd be happy to recommend her and work with her again.

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Had my first shoot with MissTM the other day, and got some wonderful shots! Great pre-shoot communication, very easy going, took direction well and has a beautiful look.

Wouldn't hesitate in recommending and working with in the future :)

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