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Martin Sotelano has 5 references; 5 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Alex Kelsey

Martin had an exact idea of the types of images he wanted to create, and conveyed them to me clearly so we were able to create some nice images. He works in a very fluid manner, and allows for creativity whilst also giving good direction. He had fantastic pre-comms, and I would recommend him to others.

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Martin is a very good photographer;he knows exactly what he wants and gets the results very quickly. He's got a great eye for creativity. Pre comms for the shoot were very prompt and detailed. Would recommend Martin!

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Had a wonderful shoot with Martin. His communications prior to the shoot were excellent and he explains what he wants thoroughly and precisely.

He is a lovely gent and made me feel at ease quickly.

I highly recommend Martin and can't wait to working a project together again.

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jessica123 said...

Loved workin with martin today. Very proffesional excellent with direction and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Can't wait to wrk with him again.

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Rosa Marie said...

I did a shoot with martin a few weeks ago and he's a lovely man, he made me feel very comfortable and i really got along with him, i also got taught a lot at the same time and he has helped me in many ways.

i love the images we produced and i cannot wait to do more!

i cannot recommend him enough to anyone =]

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