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Myk G

Awesome !That's what Jamie is so refreshing to shoot a male model but even better when it comes in the form of Jamie. He not only look great but as you'd expect me to say the tats add that extra dimension.he can pose brilliantly and matches them with his facials to create some fantastic images I highly recommend him to all togs book him you need him in your portfolio.

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I M A G E is E V E R Y T H I N G

had a shoot with Jamie on the 20/01/18, wow what an awesome model, and a great guy, He is easy to work with and great to talk to, he has a awesome edgy look, and if i can i will work with him again , thanks for a great shoot Jamie and hope you like the images

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RYGA Photography

Had a fantastic shoot with Jamie,hit up an old bando for some edgy images.Communication wa fantastic up until the shoot and after as well.Jamie is really easy to work with,takes direction easy but needs very little as he knows what he is doing in front of the camera,and as well as being great to shoot,he’s sound to have a laugh with. Will deffo be shooting with him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great male model.

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Had the privilege of doing a shoot for Jamie today, it was my first photo shoot for a model and I can honestly say he made me feel very comfortable and made me loose any nervous feelings I had.

He helped choose some perfect places to shoot and knew exactly how to look etc.

Would definitely recommend him to any photographer!

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Jamie is easy going and very easy to work with on a shoot, i shoot with him quite regularly and i can safely say the shoot always flows and he always brings something to the table. He may be new to modelling but has taken a lot of advice from myself and other models and this really does show. Dont hesitate to book him, you wont be disappointed.

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KR Photography

Ive worked with Jamie on a street shoot last year and I highly recommend, great guy and great model

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