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Morticia and I had a wonderful REMOTE SHOOT between Canada and the UK. Not only does M have a great look but she is such a lovely person to work with. We captured a ton of great images that are going to be hard to choose from but better than not enough. As is often with remote a slight tech issue arose but M solved it very quickly and it did not impede our shoot at all. Can't wait to view all the images and can't recommend M enough especially if you can not shoot in person, remote is such a great alternative.

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Crossroads Studio

It was a real pleasure to be the venue for Morticia’s Christmas themed studio day today.

As always Morticia brought with her a huge selection of outfits, all matched perfectly to the theme

Morticia is a fabulous model who is friendly, chatty and very easy to get along with. She works very well. with photographers of all levels and needs no direction, but should you be looking for a certain shot, then Morticia will do her utmost to get it for you.

If you are looking for a top model and a fun shoot, then Morticia is for you.

Highly recommended

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I was fortunate to shoot again with Morticia today on her Christmas themed studio day.

She is a wonderful model who takes her work seriously but also loves to have a laugh throughout the shoot.

Morticia is very easy to get along with and easy to talk to.

Her work is always top class, and she is always fun to shoot with.

Can’t wait for our next shoot 😊

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Morticia was absolutely fantastic, a real pleasure to work with, confidant and competent, knowing her stuff. Being relatively new to working with models Morticia was great, an experienced model but happy to try a shot again if I missed something, or to try changing a little if I had an idea of where I wanted to go. She was fun to work and seemed to adapt to me being chatty when I was and focused when I was making it a very relaxed and pleasant shoot.

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Mark Searle Photography

Had a Christmas themed shot today with Morticia at Crossroads Studio. The styling was great with a selection of looks and as always the images look great.

Morticia is a pleasure to work with, organised, poses well, and is chatty and engaging, already looking forward to our next shoot.

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Murat Ozkasim

As usual Morticia Avery has created the magic again, as a model Morticia Avery has the most amazing, feel and presence on the set, very dedicated to what she does and always delivers 100%. Over the years I work with Morticia Avery on many occasions always been very creative very committed and very easy to work with. I can not recommend her enough. Already looking forward to next shoot create together with Morticia Avery. Highly recommended very talented model here in Purple Port

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Black Lemon Photography

Well, it must have been said in her previous references below, but it needs saying again. This girl is fabulous.

As a model she is professional, extremely hardworking and takes direction well. More importantly Morticia listens and engages with the shoot concepts, offering great creative ideas to the images being taken - she gets it. Add gorgeous personality, stunning beauty, beautiful muscle tone, a girl who is totally comfortable in her own skin and you have a wonderful mix that gave a productive relaxed shoot which led to stunning edgy images over and over again.

Miss Avery is a must shoot and highly recommended. Thank you Morticia.

Richard x

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My first shoot with Mortica- hopefully not my last.

This was a two hour Dominatrix style 1-2-1 shoot at the fab York Photo Studio.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of Mortica's outfit, hair, makeup and nails, her attention to detail was excellent.

Mortica was sublime throughout the shoot, many of her poses were unique in my experience. A really enjoyable shoot with plenty of quality images, what more could a tog ask for?

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Had my first shoot, with the amazing Morticia today, and I can say that it will definitely, not be the last.

Such a great model to work with. Super prepared, with an abundance of outfits and to cater for everyone and everything.

She is profession, really easy going, has a great sense of humour, and a pleasure to shoot with.

Very much looking forward the next time that we can shoot together.

Recommended, without hesitation.

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Facet Fotos

What a fabulous model Morticia is ! We shot for 3 hours at the York Photo studio and I can honestly say it was one of the best shoots I've had. Morticia is such a lovely person, easy going, fun and has lots of creative ideas with a mega wardrobe of very diverse things to wear. You are indeed a lovely chamelion ! It was an absolute pleasure, I only wished we'd had a full day to try out other creative ideas. You are amazing Morticia, can't wait to shoot with you again, you are such a very special model. Thank you so much ! :)

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What can I say? Morticia is one of the most professional models that it has been my privilege and pleasure to work with.

Comms were first class and our shoot was sorted and booked with the minimum of fuss, dates agreed, rates agreed and I never had the slightest concern that there would be any glitches ( sometimes as a photographer you just get a gut feeling !!) and there were none !

Morticia arrived prompt with virtually a mobile wardrobe and so there was no question we would produce a variety of work.

The day passed all to quickly and so we will be shooting again to continue where we left off !

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Jessica Wall

Amazing model to work with and so easy to shoot with, loved doing a duo together and it won't be our last.

Lots of love 💋

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AF photography

What can I say about Morticia that hasn’t been said already! Outstanding model, and truly a kind soul! I invited Morticia to a duo shoot at fairly short notice, she was of course happy to oblige and turned up with her usual enthusiasm all made up and ready to shoot! She totally got the brief and gave 100% as always. Can’t recommend her enough!!

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Paul Grime 1

A super group shoot at Antwerp Mansion with Mortica and 2 other models (Lia Faeric and Ellie Natasha), all models were great and the event was well organised by Mortica with plenty of costume changes and time spent with the models. Roll on the next event.

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Lia Faeric.~

I had the absolute pleasure to work alongside Morticia on the event she organised at Antwerp Mansion.

She did an amazing job with organising the shoot, she's very professional but also down to earth.

Her posing, styling and make up skills are one of the best in the industry.

On top of that she brought home made cake 😍

The shoot itself felt more like hanging out with friends than actually being at work.

I can't wait to work with Morticia again and if you get a chance to work with her... Do it!!!

Thank you lovely ❤️

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Rich Davis

Great group shoot at the amazing Antwerp Mansion with Mortica as one of three vampire themed models.

Well organised by Mortica from the very start and had plenty of opportunity to work with all three models in the many differing locations that Antwerp offers. Mortica was very friendly and full of energy, clearly having a passion in producing a variety of images.

Very much looking forward to working with her again and highly recommended.

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Morticia invited me to work with her for a group shoot which was the first time both meeting and working with her. Not only I was amazed with her organisation (structure of the event) and directing, Morticia is super friendly and easy to talk to. I would be gutted not to get the chance to work with her! Next group shoot is booked in December as we all had so much fun!

To add, she is an exceptional talented model who i'm sure inspires many in the industry :)

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AF photography

I'm starting to lose count of how many times I worked Morticia now :) This time I joined on her group event at Antwerp Mansion as a behind the scenes videographer. Much fun was had as always, and the event was well organised and planned. Morticia even baked for us all! Although I missed out on the goodies this time as they went fast!

I can't recommend Morticia enough, for both her modelling skills and now as an event organiser! Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you M xx

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Joined a Sexy Vampire group shoot arranged by Morticia at Antwerp Mansion.

A very well organised event, lots of great outfits and a superb venue.

Morticia was very professional, creative and good fun whilst shooting. Look forward to working with her again!

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Joined Morticia on a last minute cancellation for a group shoot she organized over at Antwerp Mansion. Only wish I had more time to spend shooting with her. Not a bad shot on the day, great eye contact and some fabulous and detailed outfits. Look forward to working with her again soon. Very professional and highly recommended.

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