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I worked with Monica in 2013 - would definitely recommend her, good communications, very prepared, and very easy to direct. Got some great shots. Hopefully will get to work with her again!

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Berkstog said...

Worked with Monica yesterday

Thoroughly recommended-always smiling!


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mick42 said...

Great girl right on time did everything I ask her to do hard working would book again

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sailsblue said...

Had a great shoot with Monica last week, no problems at all, very communicative, very helpful in setting up the shoot and easy to direct. Would definitely recommend and work with her again!

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After some detailed emails I finally got to shoot with MonicaPurple today. The traffic was not kind to me but Monica was .. cups of tea a plenty and nice chololates too :-)

Anyway, the reference. When I arrived Monica was all ready and we got straight down to work. Monica worked to my brief with no dramas and proved herself to be reliable and responsible.

I got some good content in a reasonable timeframe so I was happy. Monica's native tongue is not English but she did very well in understanding and taking direction plus she gave some of her own input of ideas and creativity which was good.

Monica was not phased by my clients requirements, was cheerful throughout the shoot and never complained once. In all a good all round positive experience, and one I'd be happy to repeat.

Thank you Monica. Chris :-)

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