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Elle Beth

I was very excited to get another chance to work with Michael! As he certainly is one of the best when it comes to Urbex nude shootings!

Michael had planned a really awesome location for us to travel to, and WOW the main outside of the building with all the overgrown plant life was truly magical, maybe more so after a challenging walk :) but once we had rested and taken in the environment we got down to creating some wonderful images.

it probably doesn't need to be repeated but Michael is always professional, pre comms are excellent, and most importantly for location work he really makes sure the model is cafe and comfortable.

I look forward to our next shoot!

Elle x

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Nicole Rayner

Was meant to have a shoot with Micheal but unfortunately he had to cancel, but I wanted to leave a reference as he was so very lovely about the whole situation!! He is a lovely chap indeed! One of the good ones!

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Had the great pleasure of working with Michael for the second time, early this morning, after he kindly picked me up from my house. As always, Michael was completely lovely- one of the nicest people to work with, very laid back and modest despite also being a very talented photographer. He's been super-speedy in already sending me a link to the photos, and I'm very happy with the image results we achieved, there are some real beauties. Highly recommended, and I hope we will work together again. Thank You, Michael. :) x

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I shot with Michael yesterday around London and had a FAB time! It was a really fun day and we got some great shots. We shot fashion around the streets and he took me to some really cool places he'd previously shown me. We met up with another model later in the day and shot with her and we got some really good results. I'm looking forward to shooting with Michael again..great photographer and great company :) till the next time 😘

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I had been wanting to work with Michael for absolutely ages!! So I'm so chuffed I got to work with him yesterday. Such a chilled out/laid back guy..very chatty and fun. We had an epic shoot shooting inside an old carriage. The weather stayed nice and it went very smoothly. I enjoyed it so much and I will DEFINITELY be working with Michael again💋

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Elle Beth

I had a fantastic first shoot with Michael! pre communication was excellent and the shoot was relaxed but also very productive. Michael was very easy to work with and goes to every effort to make sure you are comfortable. We shot at some really interesting derelict locations which were really cool backdrops, Michael lets you flow with your posing and he captures the best bits!

I hope to work with Michael again! Highly recommended!

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I think this was my fifth or sixth shoot with Michael and in very simple words EVERY shoot is bloody fantastic!!

He is easily one of the nicest people I have worked with so so respectful and professional but such a lovely man to talk too and get along with.

And on top of that he takes AMAZING photos!!! You cannot go wrong shooting with Michael!! If you get a chance too, just do it you won't regret it!!! 200% recommended from me! Can't wait for the next shoot!!

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Had a lovely shoot with Michael today!

He met me outside leathered station and we drove to an awesome location not to far from there.

he knew exactly what we wanted from the shoot and was absolutely amazing!

Michael is really easy to get along with and we had a great time and not to mention speedy, good quality images!

I would 100% recommend Michael and would defiantly shoot with him again!

All the best!


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Keira Lavelle

Okay, so there's this dude... Michael they call him. MODELS BEWARE!!!!!! He will make insanely epic pictures of you!!!!!!!!! ;)

I have worked with Michael more times than I can remember now and every single time, the results are brill-tastic. He's a mastermind with natural light - I think in all of our shoots we have probably experienced every extremity of weather you could imagine and had a fair few strong sunshine shoots too which can often spell trouble for the location photographer. Not Michael, he makes those rays pipe down and get off their high horse! :D :D

So as you can probably gather, I recommend this gent really rather highly. If there's one person I could say: Girls - get ready to roll around in cat-litter powder, pigeon mess, dust and puddles because it will be soooooo worth it: it's Michael. He really is my favourite urbex-nude photographer and he's got an epic versatile eye; you would think that you don't have many dimensions to play with in this style of shoot but you sooo do and the images Michael has taken of me from first shoot to now prove that completely.

This dude ROCKS!!!!!

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Lou Sky

Apologies for the late review Michael !

Pre comms were great. Michael is a very cool guy and I felt comfortable in his company right away.

We did an art nude urbex shoot despite being quite cold but we powered through ! Got some awesome images and was very pleased with the end results.

Highly recommended!

Let's get Shoot number two in the diary !!

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Nicole Rayner

Well firstly he called me short. Very offensive. Secondly he took 4 phone calls on our shoot...which was just rude.


Literally one of the best shoots ever!!

A shoot with Michael has been on the cards for a while now and I'm so pleased we got to do it!!! We were a little unlucky in that it was a really sunny day! Lovely yes, but not great for photographing!

We didn't let that stop us though!! Michael took me to a number of wonderful locations! All very different from the other! Michael doesn't overshoot.! He is quick and knows when he has a good shot! His eye for compensation is fabulous!! His shots are unique! They are beautiful and raw all at once and I am so proud to finally be part of them!

Michael himself is so easy to get on with! He obviously has a passion for photography which shines through his personality! He is a lovely chatty person! Very considerate! Always making sure I was warm and happy! He made sure to stop me climbing anything silly and made sure I stayed alive! Haha!

I had a great laugh with him! Enjoyed his company a lot! I enjoyed creating images with him as it felt like a collaboration! He was as happy to listen to my ideas as I was his! The images we did create look bloody awesome too!!! (Even if I do say so myself)

I can't really praise him enough!

I think any model would be lucky to work with him! He comes highly recommend from me!!!

P.s - I am short so it was a very valid point!

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Rose Magdalene Child

M I C H A E L . My last reference before I am finally up to date. But WHERE O WHERE DO I START??

I have admired Michaels shots for a long time now, seeing a lot of my fellow model friends featuring in them and thinking 'I NEED to work with this guy'. So after a while knowing I was down in the area I emailed Michael to tell him I'd ♥ to work with him. He came back enthused and we FINALLY arranged our shoot.

I really was super excited about the shoot and took time to think through ideas and what we could achieve on the shoot though I didn't know where we shooting until the day.

Michael knows the most strikingly awesome locations which are just my kind of bag!! really fell in love with the place we first shot as I felt a sense of freedom and peace in there to just really come into my own and pose away.

I LOVE that Michael gives you free reign to pose as you wish, but once he's got the shot - thats it he's happy! I like that - you don't ever get chance to get bored haha.

Honestly, one of my favourite shoots to date and the most memorable one for some time, I felt like we'd known one another forever and the chat and enjoyment lasted right through the shoot, through a brew after and then ALL the way driving 5 hours home. I was on such a high after the shoot, not just because the location and the images BUT because he's such a nice guy and I felt in great hands and it was all abit magical really!

The images have blown me away and I just want to come back and shoot again...NOW! :P

Thanks so much for a spellbinding shoot and here's hoping it's not too long until the next one.


Tillie x

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Love shooting with Michael! His work speaks for itself plus he is an absolute blast to spend time with.

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Ellis May

Wonderful shoot with Michael today at Pilgrims Way; perfect location and great photographer with interesting and original ideas and a fantastic understanding of light! Michael was polite, funny and kind, making me feel comfortable instantly so that we could get some wonderful shots. Very lucky to have worked with Michael and definitely hope to again in the future as I know we could bring even more interesting concepts to life!

Thanks again! :)

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Artemis Fauna


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Kristine S 🇩🇪

I met Michael down in Sittingbourne while on a London tour, the shoot was at multiple outdoor locations.

Wow and good locations they were!, what a great photographer Michael is, i absolutely loved shooting with him, he knew exactly what shots he wanted, understood the lighting and so far from what i have seen of the images, knows how to take a brilliant photograph

Michael is a loverly guy, really friendly and gives great direction, but allows the expericance to be a true collaboration of ideas

Michael is more than recommended and i hope when i am down this way again we get to shoot, it was such a pleasure

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Another great shoot with this incredibly talented man! Always listens to ideas that the model wants to do and puts this together with his suggestions and you get a truly amazing piece of art! 👌

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It was cold, I was tired.

Somehow this lovely man pulls the best out of you & soon those issues faded away.

Perfect gentleman. :D

OH and the images are AMAZING ♥

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Artemis Fauna

I got to work with Michael again last week on my short visit to Kent.

I can only echo my previous comments. I just love working with him. We ALWAYS get incredible images and have a blast despite each and every time we have shot it's been on the cooler side of things weather wise ;)

LOVE the images, LOVE shooting with him...What more can I say! I hope we can do it again in February!!

Thank you, Michael!! Can't wait to see the images! :) :)

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Had my first shoot with Michael today, which was a great experience, shooting in a derelict location, something I've not tried much before, but was creatively stimulating for me- he introduced me to a new environment and conditions, which were challenging at times, but produced picture results I've not achieved previously. Michael kindly picked me up at 7 am and nourished me with black coffee, and after a minor delay in waiting for entry, during which we conversed about Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed, we got to work at a great location he had sourced, full of interesting perspectives and light and potential, which Michael made the absolute most of.

Michael is highly creative, and a total pleasure to work with. The photo results he kindly showed me on his camera looked beautiful, and I hope we will work together again. :)

Highly recommended. :)

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