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'Mjaro Boutique' is established in 2010 by talented artist and designer Michail Jarovoj. I am here to serve everyone, who is looking for trendy fashion accessories, as well as original interior products. I am giving you a luxury at affordable prices. I can offer best customer service and ready to assist you fluently in any of five european languages which I use. Ask for more information. I am ready to collaborate with other highly creative or talented people and to offer them my fashion accessories or design special pieces for their photo shots and events. Michail Jarovoj Biography: - I am an emerging Artist and designer obsessed of beautiful nature and magic of Art harmonized in aesthetical, ethical and philosophical life principals. During my early age before I even learn the limitation of alphabet and other symbols, I have had started to play some imaginary drawing and painting games. They were and still are the essence of my life. The existence of a little Artist, who felt an absolute freedom in his enormously fantastical world freed from talking and counting. When I was five years old, some educators from the town stimulated my creative interests in the Art of mosaics. In 1985 I had done some compositions of raising suns, dogs, and raiders, which technique of creating involved higher concentration, improvisation and artistries. Soon after that, I participate at UNESCO’s International Children Assembly named ‘Banner of Peace’. My talent shined and was awarded with a first place and special diploma for the best artistic mosaic. Year after year, during the lessons at my primary school, I used every moment for creating my magical images. When I reached thirteen, I took special examines in Life drawing and colour composition and achieve best grades, which where enough for entering an Art and Design school. In these times my popularity at the college was growing and the Director gave me the opportunity to create few murals, executed on the external walls and inner corridors of the school. Most of the specialist teachers were exhibiting and giving my work as an example for students to follow. In 1997 I finished the college with final show and excellent diploma as a textile specialist. Before offering me a place at the University I had four very tough exams in graphics and illustration, painting, History of Art and an interview with the examiners. I passed all tasks with best results and become a part of “The Art of the Book” four years course of Internationally awarded and widely known graphic artists and illustration academicians. In 2002 I graduated with ‘A’ grades in BA - Illustration and Fine Arts from my first home country respecteful University. The years between 1997 till 2000 I was working as a spatial, interior and graphic designer. Also, produced commissioned artwork for companies, their exhibition halls, offices and apartments. In 2000 I founded a firm named ‘Jarovoj Interiors’ and based in United Kingdom. The same and following year I created variety of interior designs for ‘Mamilanji’- Nightclub in Chelsea, London. I have done my own experiments and projects for steel structural waterfalls covered with stone, some artistic mosaics and plasters on internal walls and columns, carved tiles for bathrooms and bar stands, UV painted colourful murals in lounge area and staircases, stained glass, 2D blueprint of their building, 3D interior drawings and some typography and logo designs. The year after, I had an exhibition at ‘Lite’ – London Institute of Technology and English. The owner at the Institute commissioned several paintings for their conference hall and offices. Moreover, I created many murals and stained glass windows at their building at Piccadilly Circus in London. Following years I broaden my life skills and knowledge of languages, as well as contacts and professional experience related to my core business. Some years later I decided to expand my practical creativity and turned back to Art, fashion and textile design. Analyzing and realising that I need to learn more and connect my previous educational and practical experience with my present one, I logically found a suitable speciality at ‘University of the Arts of London’- ‘London College of Communication’. In 2007 I was offered a Postgraduate diploma study in ‘Digital Surface Design’ and two years later finished it with best grades. During the time of my course I had learned and developed various printing techniques on different surfaces, such as textile, ceramic, wallpaper, glass, metal and so on. In addition to that, I mastered my skills not only in printing but also in digital and manual designing for Fashion and Interior Industries. Between 2007 till now I had being working as a freelance textile, surface, print, accessories and graphic designer in fashion industry. I created some commercially successful and challenging designs for 'Florian Jayet'- Fashion Company, 'Holly Fulton' - Fashion Company, 'Liz Black' - Fashion Company, 'Michiko Koshino' – Fashion Company, 'Jasper Garvida' – Fashion Company, 'Mirjam Rouden' - Textile Company, 'Rodnik Band'- Fashion Company, 'Ion Tail' – Fashion Studio, 'Anomalous Visuals' - Multimedia company, 'Jarovoj Interiors - Interior Design Company', 'Stanley Reid' - Interior Design Company, 'Sagita' and 'Estate Investment' – Bulgaria, etc. In 2010 I decided to host some work on my online boutique and personal website named [url removed], where everyone can browse or buy my artistic products and unique creations. In 2013 I give a birth to my fashion and interior accessories, jewellery, which I exposed for sale at: [url removed] You can also find more creations on my other pages: Personal Brand website with more than 200 fashion and interior design products: [url removed] https://[url removed] https://[url removed] https://[url removed] https://[url removed] http://[url removed] http://[url removed]:21015/ More than 300 women and menswear designs, clothes for sale at my shop on: https://[url removed]://[url removed] https://[url removed] http://[url removed] https://[url removed] https://[url removed] http://[url removed] Published & Interviewed in: British Vogue and 'London Fashion Week' catwalks - five times with my work for various fashion houses, 'Sheeba', 'Dark Beauty', 'Ellements', 'Freque', 'Elegant', 'Photo Professional', Scorpio Jin' and 'Creative Talent' Magazines, 'Jasmine', 'Estyler', 'Black Beauty & Hair', etc.

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