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Had my first shoot with Missy today after excellent pre shoot com's Missy came with a varied wardrobe selection and immaculate natural make up which fitted the theme perfectly. Missy is bubbly and so easy to talk and work with, and a girl who certainly knows how to flow through her poses with ease needing no direction but will take on new ideas with no problem. Certainly a lady with a professional attitude to her art and works hard to get a great image. Recommend Missy 110% to other photographers of all levels. Thanks Missy for a fun filled shoot

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Anna Edelride

I was thrilled of working with Missy von Curse , for the first time, at London International Tattoo Convention event recently, exploring different portrait ideas

Great communication, great energy, great poses, she is a very beautiful model , with an incredible unique look , beautiful eyes and amazing smile , she knows how to transmit the emotion and the never-ending creativity , to the photographer !

She has a great attitude and is very comfortable in front of the camera , she is full of life and so easy and pleasant to work with !

I would highly recommend and I look forward to working with Missy again on another interesting projects that we both have already planned

Thank you so much for everything ,


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Had a amazing first shoot with missy today and what a amazing model she was. She was fun and chatty and easy to get on with and enjoys what she does. Poses with or without direction and knows how to get the best images. Look forward to working with her again soon.

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RYGA Photography

What can I say about missy really? Aside from the fact she is great to work with,great on a group shoot,always buzzing with ideas and has a great positive energy.Not only that but she works the camera like a pro.Have worked with her on at least 6 shoots now and looking forward to more in 2019.

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Academy Photography UK

Had my 2nd shoot with Missy this week, even better than the first. Relaxed and chatty yet very professional throughout. Free poses without direction yet takes guidance well. Already planning shoot 3. Highly recommended.

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Really cool person to work with. V striking and easy to talk to. Worked on a bodyart/fashion themed shoot on location! Highly recommended!

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Had a great shoot with Missy Von Curse. She is a great model who poses very well and needs very little direction. She is a bright bubbly model who is fun to be around. Our morning shoot just flow by.

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Williams Imagery

I had the opportunity to work with missy von curse on a location shoot in London.

Pre-shoot comms were good. She was flexible as far as looks and outfits. Overall it was a great shoot with dynamic results.

I would definitely recommend working with Missy.

Happy shooting

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Academy Photography UK

I was thrilled that Missy chose me as her first PurplePort photographer to work with. She is a very beautiful model with a unique look and I think she will go far and soon have a long queue of photographers wanting to shoot with her.

Pre-shoot Comms were excellent. We clearly discussed location,levels,expectations,times. On the day I was greeted with a cup of tea :) we had a chat to get to know each other, and then we had an amazing shoot. Missy works really hard to achieve fantastic results, her posing is spot on without direction, and she brings her own ideas so the shoot evolved ,producing awesome pics I am very proud of.

Highly Recommended, and I cannot wait to plan our next shoot !

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